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Bouncers At Worcester Bar Rob Unconscious Victim After Allowing Mob To Viciously Beat Him In Street 


Dubai Restaurant and Lounge in downtown Worcester lost its liquor license after a video was released showing a vicious and disturbing beating that took place outside of the bar two weeks ago. The behavior of the individuals in this video is a microcosm of how animalistic human beings can be.

Evidently a Worcester Zoo is part of the imaginary “renaissance” I’ve heard so much about it. This is literally right in the heart of downtown too. This is how Worcester becomes Springfield.

Granted, the victim wasn’t exactly innocent and looks like he started the fight. But, a) he started the fight with one person, not five.

And b) he was probably drunk out of his mind. We’ve all been around sloppy drunks. Just let them be sloppy outside so they can sober up while you go on with your night.

Every single person involved in that beating should be in jail right now. The victim thought he was fighting yellow jacket, but ended up getting surrounded as they inched him into traffic.

They knocked him to the ground and began punching and stomping his head into the pavement.

Then they rifled through his pockets, because they are degenerate animals.

Orange jacket took what appears to be the victim’s cell phone out of his pocket, walked away, and then launched it down the street.

The bouncer proved to be completely useless, and should be arrested because not only did they let it happen, they provided cover for the assailants.

No offense to bouncers, but I hate bouncers. Easily the most self-important, least talented neanderthals on earth. They love putting on tight black security shirts, getting touched up at the barbershop, and exercising the very small amount of power that they have. Then when an actual brawl like this starts they stand around and do dick. Here they are walking back inside after leaving his body in the street.

Wait, scratch that. One of them actually robbed the kid. You can see him going through his wallet here.

And then you see him take money out and put it into his pocket here.

Then he helped move the body so it wouldn’t attract the cops’ before going right back inside like nothing happened.

Each and every person that stood around and let that happen could die tomorrow and the world will be a better place. Especially the guy in the sweatpants who gave his friend daps like he actually accomplished something. .

The one decent person who got out of their car and tried to stop him from getting killed nearly got beat up for doing so.

Bars like this should be shut down because they attract this crowd on purpose. I guarantee you there was some DJ or themed night that specifically bring in people like this. Cretins of this nature are not entitled to have a venue to consume alcohol at. If they insist on living this lifestyle they are free to drink 40’s in Great Brook Valley and beat the crap out of each other.

The owner is of course blaming the cops.

Newsflash  – it’s 100% your fault if you attract this crowd. They’re there for a reason. Stop turning your bars into degenerate magnets and they’ll stop showing up.

The last time Worcester had a problem bar like this it was Mambo Drink. The license commission was afraid to shut them down for fear of being called racist. I’m glad to see they, like millions of other Americans, stopped taking accusations of racism made in bad faith seriously. Now Attorney Hector Pineiro, who makes his money ambulance chasing the cops on behalf of career criminals, is representing the bar. So expect more race baiting to come.


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