Braintree BLM Activist Smears Local Cupcake Shop For Baking Cake For Braintree Police Officer, Joins Husband Accusing TB Of Pedophilia And Being A Ginger


Last week we published a blog about Braintree School Committee member and 9/11 truther Kelly Cobb-Lemire, after she and her progressive friends mocked a veteran she was delivering groceries to because he’s conservative.

The soup kitchen she was volunteering for has since distanced themselves from her. Kelly posted an update on her page, clarifying her comments, claimed it was all a joke, and deflected blame onto TB Daily News for reporting on the horrible things she said. The post was quickly removed and she shut her page down after I shared it.

“A repugnant, misogynistic blog infamous for publicly humiliating.”

You mock elderly veterans. You have no moral high ground to stand on and cast judgement on what I do for a living. I defend people who are being attacked and expose people like Kelly who are abusing them. I won’t apologize for exposing you for the person you are.

Notice how she went right to the “muh death threats.” It’s what they always do when they get exposed for their behavior. I would be money no one sent her any threats of rape or murder. It’s just what these people to do in order to deflect from the horrible things they say and do.

The post was shared in a Braintree Facebook group.

And pretty much everyone was in agreement that she was awful.

However, one person named Denise Lindelof was much more concerned with the messenger than the behavior that was being exposed.

See Denise, that’s what is called “defamation.” You’re just making up lies about me being a pedophile to harm my reputation. If I thought you were worth my time or mattered I could sue you. What you should be doing is sticking to verifiable facts. For instance, Denise Lindelof is a bloated sea cow with low self esteem, who feels the need to project happiness and self confidence on Facebook by telling herself that she’s “beautiful,” before crying herself to sleep in bag full of deep fried Oreos.

Girl, the only thing salivating over you is COVID.

Her husband Kieren McDonough chimed in as well.

You can call me soulless, and you can call me a psychopath, but don’t you DARE call me a ginger!

Let’s be honest, if you asked 100 people who was the pedophile, Kieren or Uncle Turtleboy, I think we all know I’d lose that election.

As it turns out Denise is Braintree’s biggest bully. In a town full of woke white women who say and do ridiculous things, she takes the cake. ALL the cake! She’s got her pronouns listed in the bio.

Constantly craps on the police while also praising them for not making her take down her hideous Halloween display.

She’s been leading the charge to force Braintree to change it’s mascot from the Wamps because she claims to be 40% Native American, and often writes long winded ratchet rants that make you wonder how someone this Brockton ended up in Braintree.

She has a BLM mural painted on her window, which she claims her young daughter was inspired to create on her own.

She’s also a notorious terror in town. Earlier in the week a local cupcake shop posted a picture of a cake they made for a Braintree police officer who received his MBA, and Braintree PD posted a picture of a retirement cake they made for another officer.

And since Fupazilla never misses a post about anything involving flour and sugar, she decided to declare war on Boss 10 Cupcakes with vague, unexplained posts about women abusers and “Asian hating school children mocking c***s.” She ranted about this on the business page, as well as her two personal Facebook pages.

And yes, she does go by Denise McDonuts. Can’t figure out why.

She vowed that her friends and family would no longer be getting cakes from there anymore because they made a cake for a cop and therefore support police brutality and racism.

In fairness, Denise is vital to the health of the cupcake industry in Braintree, so the prospect of losing her business could be financially devastating.

The post was apparently deleted and the store owner never responded, so Denise came back with a screenshot of her original post.

The owner of Boss 10 cupcakes has been known to help families that can’t afford nice cakes for their children, she’s donated to local schools for bake sales and fundraisers, and she certainly doesn’t deserve to be attacked by Patty Pillsbury because of that.

Anyway, this woman is an absolute menace and apparently is allowed to foster kids. I’ll leave you with this crazy email she sent the Mayor of Braintree, alleging that her daughter found her brother hanging in the backyard and called the cops. She alleges that the cops broke his bones for no reason and charged him with attempted murder, which seems to be why she hates them so much. She’s also upset about the officer who got the cake because he runs the social media account and hasn’t virtue signaled about George Floyd, and was leading the charge to ban the thin blue line flag in town. Enjoy the madness and have a great Friday.

Dear Mayor Kokoros as well as All Town Officials. I am writing with deep concern over the state of our community and those that not only represent our great city but also those that are supposed to protect and serve our community with law and order. It seems as those who serve our community are choosing to either remain silent with what our country is facing, or reverting back to civil war days. With comments from their personal pages on other community pages like “Covid isn’t real.” “Police brutality is media driven.” Etc. After speaking with multiple community members of all backgrounds, from Muslim to BIPOC even police officers, all of who, unfortunately want to remain anonymous because of the fear of retaliation to their safety and employment. As well as many other reasons.

With that said I have absolutely no fear of anything currently and I do not mind being an active loud voice for a community I have raised my children in for almost 20 years. A community that I thought would fight for equality and keep good law and order. Unfortunately our police department, our fire department, even the local gas station are setting back our community to civil wars days, of oppression, child sex trafficking, hate, murder, inequality. The list goes on and on.

Mayor Kokoros, I had the extreme pleasure of attending your party the night you were elected as our mayor. It was, and still to this day, the highlight of my now 13 year old daughter’s political life. My daughter, although a white American Irish descendant with Native American blood, knows the difference between basic human rights and politics. There is nothing more true and simple than a child’s voice. Many of her friends, actually all but one, attends East Middle school and are part of our BIPOC community. She is pure, wise, an activist and one of your greatest supporters. She believed in your words. She believed in your protection. She sat at your party holding up your face, clapping, wanting a picture with you and ate all the candy! She was proud of our community. That night she truly felt as though we had a different community surrounding her, unlike what goes on across our country with the man in the white house. Despite what the Braintree Police department has done to her mentally disabled brother. She had faith in you. Our community leaders. She had faith this community was different. This community was diverse and would protect each and every single human in our community. Even after she found her brother hanging (he was suicidal as he is mentally disabled) and ran to tell us to call for an ambulance.

Then the Braintree police wrongfully arrested her brother, proceeded to break his bones, refuse him his life saving medications, stuck him in a jail cell and charged him with crimes beyond anyone’s wildest dreams! Although we are still fighting for him and will never stop and eventually pass the torch onto our daughter, she still had hope in our community. Hope that one police officer, who has called DCF 14 times on us, would be properly trained eventually.

She believed it was one officer who was bad. She believed in our law and order. She believed in the men and women who protect her. Then George Floyd happened. Our country entered into a civil war. She painted our big window in solidarity with a beautiful black fist and “Black Lives matter” then proceeded to hang our pride flag behind it. If you have not seen it I welcome all of you to come and admire her 12 year old (at the time) art! She wants justice. She started asking hard questions. That I as her mom should be able to answer but cannot.

Which leads me to asking on the Braintree Police page numerous times, in many ways, in many forms. Where are they and their statement of equality? What does the “40 hours of training” which is a slap in the face by the way, what is involved in that training? Why are they still to this day covering up their evidence room situation and the fact an officer took her own life over it? How about how they are arresting and beating our mentally disabled? Why are they still, after numerous veterans have told them, after numerous community members have told them, how our very own code of the United States of America and its flag is not to be altered in any way and they decided to take that and fill the property of our police station with all these little flags. Not including our own stars and stripes not altered and touching the ground. Again against the code of our beloved flag.

I would strongly suggest speaking with true veterans, not just those on our extremely racist department. Possibly call our neighboring towns as well that have made their stand on this situation. You see it isn’t just about the fact it is unlawful (because the code of the flag was implemented into law in On June 22, 1942, the Public Law 77-623; chapter 435.) So now technically our own community police department is breaking this law. Are they not to hold true to law and order? Are they exempt from this code? Why is our police department only receiving 40 hours of training a year?

When I offered to sit down with them and discuss our mentally disabled community, they informed me on their facebook page that “We have a licensed mental health clinician embedded within the department so we respectfully decline help with mental health training. Its covered.” I am very aware of Megan’s role as our community Health care worker. Is she still working only 2 days a week? Is she still serving other communities? I only ask because mental health doesn’t just happen Monday-Friday 9-5. On their social media page they refused more training and things we were offering as a community to them. Refused. They believe their 40 hours a year (which THEY posted is what they get) is false and they are “all set.” Yet back on July 23rd 2020 they talked about the 40 hours. So not sure where that communication was lost?

Let’s move on to something even more shocking. The Braintree police officer that runs the facebook page also said to me via a post, “Our department is made up of veterans from every branch of our armed forces. Many who served in multiple combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. They do not have a problem with the thin blue line flag.” This is concerning on many levels. Why do you ask? Well number one he had to point out it was COMBAT training. Why does a suburb of Boston need combat trained individuals patrolling our streets? Is combat training the reason they broke my sons bones? They were worried and in combat mode? Why else would they have to do that when my son was properly restrained from hurting himself? Also why did they have to say things like “He is 18 now. We are arresting him.” “Oh we are arresting him because we won’t be babysitting him in the ER all night.” Why would you have to babysit a suicidal, mentally disabled man? That is what our hospitals are for? That is what our nurses, our doctors, our EMTs everyone in our community’s hospital is trained to do. Is it because he was 18 and this officer, who again called DCF 14 times on us (all unfounded by the way. So unfounded we are licensed foster parents now.) had a vendetta with us? Charged him with assault and battery with intent to murder a family member? Yes Some serious charges.

You see he has done this in the past. Most recently in the news is a woman he did this to who was severely beaten by her abuser and when defending herself from death she struck him to get away. Beaten, bruised, bleeding in front of her children at what was K-mart and then arrested. She is so brave she now has a lawsuit against this officer. Please answer me this? Why do we have COMBAT veterans roaming our streets, defacing our flag, putting down our community on social media, arresting innocent men and women? Perhaps a modern combat veteran should speak with my 68 year old master Chief of the United States Navy Special operations Uncle? Again offered the service and was declined. There is NO reason for combat on our streets. They are here to protect with law and order. Nowhere is combat, killing BIPOC, beating the mentally disabled, arresting battered women, killing their brothers and sisters in blue, backing a man who is turning our country to civil war part of their jobs.

Most importantly why are they remaining silent on the happenings of this world? They said “Were cannot answer for something that was done by a police department hundreds of miles away. We are not white supremacists because we didn’t answer your question.” Like what? If hundreds of thousands of communities across our country and their police departments can make a statement that they stand AGAINST police brutality? Why can’t our community make the statement? How about the cops that do beat our citizens? It would be nice to hear them say they won’t do it again. This community has ruined itself. This community is showing how truly privileged and white they are. How has our Chief of the Braintree Police Department let officer Peter Gillis respond in such a manor to our community on their very public facebook page?

How has he not made Peter Gillis, our social media officer, make a statement on such a powerful platform, that they indeed do NOT support police brutality and they stand with our BIPOC community! Instead they are wasting time making condescending and rather rude comments with no denial of police brutality. It would be nice if the police department announced they would stop their social media officer, Peter Gillis for 8 mins and 46 seconds to reflect on how our Braintree Police Department can simply just say “We support BLM. We Believe In Human Rights and Equality. We believe in making a change, starting within our own walls.” Instead he’s making racial comments via his own personal FB page and issuing the Braintree police page as a platform for injustice, racism and hate. Denise Resident of Braintree I have attached some of Peter Gillis personal comments from his personal page. Yes it’s a fake name, of which he said police officers in our community don’t use fake names on Facebook. However here he is with a rather disturbing view on how covid is fake and a racist comment about our Asian community. Oh and let’s not forget the new fresh comment he made about one of our students who was so brave to call in last night!


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