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Braintree Mother Defends BLM Activist Son After He Drives Moped Into Shooting Crime Scene And Intentionally Strikes Boston Police Officer


There was yet another shooting in Dorchester over the weekend, but you didn’t hear about it because the only time the media thinks that black lives matter is when a cop (preferably a white cop) kills a black man. While Boston Police were investigating a 19 year old from Braintree on a moped intentionally drove through the crime scene and struck an officer.


This deep fried douche donkey should be charged with attempted murder, and clearly was fueled by a hatred of the police, despite the fact that the cops are the only people who seem to care about getting justice for victims of gun violence.

Who raised this savage? That would be this woman.

Sueellen Medina showed up and proudly proclaimed that that Giraldy Guerrero was her son.

She evidently did not appreciate people who were judging her parenting skills.

Only God can judge, and if you even try to then you’re a pedophile.

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason her child is using ISIS tactics to disrupt crime scenes and injure police officers.

She posed a lot of thought provoking questions to the critics, such as, “was you there?”

Unless you was there you are not allowed to have an opinion on this matter.

Anyone who had anything negative to say about her grown son was offered a chance for a face to face meeting.

And if they declined she would call their work.

They could call her work too, but, ya know.

As the comments dragged on she got more and more ratchet, calling them middle school playground names while invoking social justice warrior terminology such as “white privilege.”

That’s the reason her son is on TB. He doesn’t have white privilege.

Turns out her son Giraldy is actually a great kid.

He just made a simple mistake. Who amongst us hasn’t driven a moped into a crime scene for the sole purpose of striking an officer of the law with it?

She also doesn’t like it when you assume she’s a single mother.

But odds are that Giraldy could find an unregistered handgun a lot faster than he could find the winner who dropped a batch a baby batter inside his mother 20 years ago.

Speaking of the son, he showed up in the comments too when someone suggested that he had a gun on him.

He left his gat at home. This was strictly a moped suicide mission.

From the looks of his Facebook page Gee Spanky is actively involved in black lives matter activities, particularly the looting and overall hatred of America.

Luckily for him he committed this crime in Suffolk County where the District Attorney is also his court appointed defense attorney, and she really hates the cops so Rachael Rollins will probably give him a medal for using a moped to destroy systemic racism.


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