Braintree Mother Yells Racial Slurs And Threatens To Assault Cops And Principal, Gets Car Towed From Middle School For Having No License Or Registration


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This is Antonia Rodriguez from Dorchester.

According to her she “got out the hood” and moved to Braintree with her litter of children, one of who attends East Middle School. On Tuesday she went to drop off this morbidly obese and neglected offspring, but intended to confront administration, teachers, and students over “prejudism and racism.” According to Seniorita Snail Trail her son was called the n word because she doesn’t make $100K a year.

“Im not filming you sweetheart, I’m on live.”

It’s not filming if it’s on Facebook Live.

She was also there to confront the 6th graders who thought they could just go to school without being punked by a grown woman covered in tattoos, tongue rings, and failure.

“These kids be walking around here like they have some type of whatever because they’re white. Well I’m gonna be that woman to be over here and make sure they don’t have that.”

After that she started streaming again, this time confronting the school resource officer and principal in the main office and yelling the n word at the top of her lungs in front of children, before being removed from the building. According to Senorita Snail Trail and the Principal she almost ran over the crossing guard and was parked in the bus lane. Once outside she calls the principal a “white cracker,” before finding out that her car was going to be towed because her license was suspended (of course).

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These kids are nothing but pawns for her.

You couldn’t create a ratchet like this in a lab if Tony Fauci gave you $1 million for gain of function research.

“My license is suspended? Since when? I’ll put it right on Facebook.”

Ratchets love to pretend that they have no idea that their license is suspended, because the idea of going down to the RMV, paying off tickets, and following directions in general is completely foreign to them.

She actually felt justified doing what she was doing too:

“Scaring the children? My language is atrocious?”

She thinks this is normal. And why wouldn’t she? She knows that if you scream racism loud enough and whip out your cell phone then everyone will be afraid to call you out for what you are. Everyone except Turtleboy.

After that she went to her car to await the tow truck and film round 3. In front of her kids she repeatedly used racial slurs and vulgarity, and even interviewed them and coerced them to say that their schools were racist so they could get on Fox 25 News.

“That right there is the bitch ass principal.”

Imagine your Mom called your middle school principal a bitch ass principal in front of you? Or imagine she said this in front of the cops:

“It would’ve been f***ed up if I had beat the shit out of that cop, right? Maybe I should just catch a whole new case and beat the f*** out that bitch!”

These kids have no shot at life. None.

“I know y’all is saying that being called a n***er is against rights, but police in Braintree don’t think so.”

Literally nobody said that it’s OK to call anyone the n word. It’s not illegal, but if the principals heard it they wouldn’t tolerate it. Trust me, this never happened.

“The only thing they can use against me is that my car isn’t insured and I don’t have my license.”

Oh, is that it?

“Ain’t not one black cop. Just straight caucasian.”

Except there was an Asian cop.

“Oh look, they Asian, but they ain’t black. I bet their kids are probably on percs or xanax.”

Imagine calling people white crackers, assuming that all white kids are on drugs, and telling Asian people that they don’t qualify as minorities, and thinking that you’re in any position to call other people racist?

Then she forced her kids to participate, because that’s ultimately all they are to her – useful pawns.

“Fox 25, I’m adding you, Channel 4 I’m adding you. Let’s tell Fox 25 News what’s going on in school.”

“They keep bullying me because of my fat and everything.”

“Because you’re fat, right?”

LOL. She just called her kid fat for Facebook clout. She’s not wrong.

I won’t pick on a kid for being fat, but I will call out their parents for it. Guaranteed that kid eats nothing but fried food, goes to the dentist rarely, and can destroy you at Fortnite. Their mother could care less about their health because she has no understanding of how to properly raise civilized children. She was likely raised like this and thinks it’s normal, and the cycle will continue. All these kids are learning from their mother is that it’s OK to break the law, yell racial slurs, lie, berate cops, disrespect authority, pretend to be victims, and then scream racism on Facebook Live to try to get yourself out of trouble.

Finally she went home for Round 4, which is 15 minutes of her swearing and complaining about how racist everyone is, so I summarized some of the highlights below.

“We had to move out the hood. You know what we need to start doing as minorities? We need to start taking over the suburbs. It’s not like niggas don’t get money!”

I welcome anyone in the suburbs of any race, so long as they obey the law, act civilized, and mow their lawn. But ratchets like this destroyed Roxbury and Dorchester, and now they want to destroy the places where normal people fled to get away from people like her. This is why you don’t let Section 8 in your town.

“They said to me, you got money to tow your car, you got your nails done. Really bitch?”

Yea, how dare they point out that you’re a welfare collecting maggot who has plenty of money for completely unnecessary things but won’t even attempt to do the bare minimum to ensure that you’re not breaking the law.

She justified her lardo son’s assault against another student too.

“When Christian got his shirt pulled and called him a fat f***, he banged the kid in the face because the kid hit him. And it’s his fault?”

Yea kids, it’s OK to punch other children in the face if they call you fat.

“I’ll get arrested and go away for my kids. Trust and believe that.”

She’s not wrong. Normally I would argue that going to jail would not be considered something you do “for your kids,” since they won’t have a caretaker around. But I think we can all agree that these children would be much better off taking their chance in the foster home lottery.

I lost one mother f***ing son, I’ll be damned if I’m gonna have these f***ing cracker mother f***ers sit there and make my kids wanna kill themselves because they don’t feel welcome in the f***ing school.”

So I guess her other sone was murdered.

I don’t know the first thing about him, but I do know that his death is entirely her fault. You raised a gang banging kid who vowed to die for his homies in his Facebook profile and ended up doing just that. That is 100% a result of your shitty parenting.

“Tell me I can’t go back to the school? Well a bitch like me, I’m gonna go back to that school, and I’m gonna keep going back.”

Of course you are. Rules mean nothing to you.

“If it was one of their cracker ass kids, it would be their problem.”

Totally not racist.

Next was a history lesson.

“Those slaves fought for us, so we can read and we can write. And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let someone take that from my kids!!

Aside from the obvious lack of a basic understanding of American history, she’s also glossing over the fact that she’s not black, and thus is not the descendent of slaves.

Now the kids won’t be going to school, but they have a plan.

“They’re gonna stay home and do their Google shit.”

I’m sure those kids will be much better off sitting at home doing their “Google shit” while Mom makes Facebook videos than they would be in school.

Her 4 year old feral baby was walking around with no clothes on yelling about how angry she was about this all too.

“For my 4 year old daughter to keep saying she’s angry…”

She’s saying she’s angry because you’re her role model, you’re angry, therefore she thinks she is too.

For a non-black woman who’s offended by the n word she sure seems to use it a lot though.


That’s OK though because she be speaking her mind and getting that money!

That’s why she’s living off the government and firing out neglected feral babies left and right.

Believe it or not those videos were actually an improvement on the old Senorita Snail Trail.


Despite being an attention seeking clout chaser she’s really upset with this generation for doing the same.


Since every guy who dumped a load of baby gravy in her ended up skipping town she seems to believe that this is what all fathers do.


And these are all normal things for a mother to post on social media.

The scary part about this is she actually seems to think she’s a good mother.

“The best mother my kid ever have.”

You ended up on Turtleboy and will likely be a top seed in ratchet madness next year. I could pick out any 5 crackheads on meth mile and they’d all be better mothers than you. You’re not overwhelmed because you don’t have a job, nor do you raise your kids. You’re a waste of space and your children should’ve been removed from your home years ago.


This is why you should never believe anyone when they say they were called the n word unless they have evidence. It’s become socially acceptable to assault, and even kill people for using it. So what do you think someone like this is going to do when they’re backed into a corner?

Anyway, this is all the result of liberalism. An entire political party caters to people like this by giving them your tax dollars, incentivizing their poor life choices, and allowing them to control the narrative on race. Statues of Thomas Jefferson are coming down because of the BLM rhetoric you heard in that video. People move to places like Braintree to get away from them, but then liberals invite people like Senorita Snail Trail to move in and destroy the town. You reap what you sew.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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