Braintree School Committee Member Shares 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, Mocks Needy Veteran She Delivers Food To For Supporting Trump, Votes To Close Schools Because Of METCO Kids


Kelly Cobb-Lemire is a member of the Braintree School Committee.

Two years ago we received an emailed about her with a story tip that she was allegedly involved with the Girl Scouts of America before being removed from her position due to some indiscretions with cookie sales and an ugly tantrum. I never followed through on that story because I can only write so many Girl Scout cookie scandal stories, but she’s been doing a lot of things lately that have people in town upset.

Kelly is an incompetent virtue signaler who only got her seat because three people ran for three seats, which is another example of what happens when smart people don’t step up and run for office. For example, she is a 9/11 truther who used her platform on September 11 to spread easily debunked myths that she saw one time on a YouTube video.

This woman is in charge of setting policy for the Braintree Public Schools. She hires and fires the superintendent and gets to decide when schools reopen.

Kelly does volunteer work delivering food from the food pantry to veterans in town, but she also posts demeaning and condescending things about the people she delivers too. Here’s something she posted about a Trump supporting vet this week.

Openly mocking a veteran on Facebook because you don’t agree with him politically. These are the people who want to lecture us about decency, norms, and civility.

If the name Katie Kenny McMullin (still unclear who cheated) sounds familiar it’s because both she and Kelly appeared in a blog in 2018 after leading the charge to force the school resource officer to remove a thin blue line flag from his office because they are racists who assume that black METCO students from Boston will be offended by a flag that honors murdered police officers like Michael Chesna, who lived one town over.

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Her friends all joined in the pile on, dumping on and mocking a man who served his country, and who they allegedly wanted to help. Kelly laughed at the fact that he is in need yet still supports the President, as if his financial troubles are the fault of his own ignorance in voting for Donald Trump.

Unfortunately for people like Kelly it’s hard to keep up with what is and isn’t racist. For instance, six years ago Kelly posted the most racist thing imaginable in her quest for wokeness.

All lives matter? That’s hate speech! Is Kelly Cobb-Lemire afraid to say black lives matter? Why is she co-opting white nationalist verbiage? Is she in the Klan? Everyone she hangs out with seems to be white so I think it’s a fair question to ask.

Despite this racist statement Kelly still is leading the charge in town to fix racism by changing the high school mascot from the Wamps because her non-existent Native American friends and the white woman on the School Committee claiming to be Native American are offended by it. You can hear her comments about this at the 22:22 mark of this meeting.

Braintree does not have high COVID numbers, but Kelly is very worried about the mostly black METCO students, who she assumes will come to school covered in disease. At the 2:17:15 of this meeting she refers to these children as “kids that come from METCO, the Boston area, and they may not be in white or green maps,” in reference to the color code system of the maps Charlie Baker gives each city and town for COVID rates.

Her message is clear – she’s worried about black kids from Boston getting white kids from Braintree sick with a virus that cannot possibly kill them.

Kelly really seems to dislike METCO kids and doesn’t care that the racial achievement gap will continue to grow as long as we don’t have in person learning in schools, because she was part of a 4-3 minority that voted to do exclusively remote learning. She explained her reasoning for siding with the teacher’s union at the 2:55:15 mark.

This woman not only is in charge of policy in the BPS, she’s also respected enough in the party to be featured as a speaker at a recent all white Ed Markey for Senate event.

You get the democracy that you vote for people. We have gang members out of Springfield getting elected to the State Senate, lockdown Nazis running places like Lawrence, Boston, and Somerville while allowing massive protests, and 9/11 truthers who mock needy veterans running the Braintree Public Schools. Register to vote and make your voice hear this November, and every local, state, and federal election moving forward. If you don’t then you have nothing to complain about.


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