Braintree Woman Demands Holbrook Restaurant Be Punished After Coming Within 2 Feet Of OtherHuman Being, Barely Surviving  


This is Kimberley Brooks Holbert from Braintree.

She recently had a very disturbing experience at the Connection Cafe in Holbrook, where she was attempting to eat breakfast, and decided to tell Facebook about it.

Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious.

Thots and shares.

How did she ever survive this traumatic experience? There were other human beings just TWO FEET AWAY FROM HER!!! Human beings!!! And they were (gasp) BREATHING!!!

Luckily for those around her she is exempt from spreading COVID, so they need not worry about the fact that she was not wearing a mask when this happened. Luckily for her she was able to make up just in time. However, she will no longer be helping out local businesses, which will inevitably lead to the collapse of Holbrook’s entire economy.

I can’t even deal with these people anymore. They’ve taken over our country, and they’ve been winning for 10 months now. They have destroyed restaurants like this one, and now pretend to be their saviors because they ordered some French toast. They don’t care about the struggles these people have had to stay open and pay their bills. She doesn’t care that the Breakfast Connection burnt down in 2014 and the owner thought all was lost. This owner got a new job but began rebuilding the restaurant, which she renamed the Connection Cafe. Things were finally looking up and business was good until Charlie Baker decided that restaurants like her’s needed to be shut down in order to protect the morbidly obese from catching a cold that could kill them.

“I’ve been crying, but then I think ‘Wait a minute, this is happening for a reason,’” she said. “This gives me a chance to get a new perspective. We’ll get to make it through.”

Now, after all this, Kimberley Brooks Holbert wants them to be more regulated, because she has an irrational fear of a virus that has no chance of killing her.

Newsflash – if you don’t want COVID then don’t go out. Sit in your home, smother yourself with your face diaper, and rot away until viruses no longer exist. It’s not the job of the government or businesses to protect you from catching COVID, and the world does not have to cater to your delusions Karen. Now go update your profile picture to another selife, shut your piehole, and leave small businesses alone.

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