Brass Junkie Grandma Previously Arrested For Assaulting Elderly Man Can’t Stop Making Up Lies About Her Grandson To Scam People On Facebook


This is Heather Collazo from Worcester.

We blogged about Brass Junkie in 2019 after she lied about having a sick son to raise money for herself, and we exposed the fact that she previously was arrested for robbing an elderly man.

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Like most of these scammers she always had a long sob story and nothing was ever her fault.

Welp, a ratchet hardly ever changes its stripes, and Heather has been active on a page called Mutual Aid Worcester, which I was banned from two years ago due to the fact that I kept blogging about the jackpot of SSI magnets on that page scamming good hearted liberals of their money. This week she asked people to send money to her CashApp because she can’t afford to buy food for her pregnant daughter (of course her daughter’s pregnant) and grandson. She doesn’t want food though because conveniently her stove is broken, so just send cash.


People tried to come up with alternate ways she could make or buy food. For instance, maybe use her daughter’s food stamps, or cook using another device. But as it turns out neither she nor her daughter are good at budgeting their EBT, and she had an excuse for everything.

Translation – she needs drug money and Diego doesn’t take cucumbers and Goya. Stop offering food, she has plenty of that. She just wants your money.

But the problem is that she lies so much, and tells so many sob stories that she forgot that she had already used the broken stove story a few months ago.


And then a few months before that.

Just shut up and hit her up on the CashApp.

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All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause and the news you love.

Of course everything is her landlord’s fault because despite receiving all forms of government assistance Brass Junkie still doesn’t pay her rent and has multiple evictions.


This was just her latest scam though. Throughout most of August she constantly needed money for cab rides and her cell phone bill because she somehow got a third degree burn. She also needed stuff to fix that because…why would she pay for anything herself?



Two weeks before that her grandson needed a birthday cake, which she couldn’t pay for because she had to pay her rent, which she never seems to pay anyway. Ya see, she paid some unnamed guy to make her a cake, but then he stopped returning her messages.


In June her cell phone was shut off again.


She also can’t afford toilet paper or shampoo, and instead of going to get stuff from you she would prefer if you just sent her money because she doesn’t feel like walking or driving either.


Last year she needed someone to deliver her a free vaccuum, because of course she can afford to have multiple cats.


She can afford to pay for a photographer though.


But she pretty much can’t ever afford anything else required to live, like heat and food.

Notice how she uses the baby formula and birthday cake angle a lot. She knows that although she might get some idiots to donate to her, she can make a lot more if she hides behind an unseen grandchild who for some reason she is solely responsible for tending to. Why can’t two generations of women take care of one singular child while not paying rent or heat bills and collecting every form of government assistance known to mankind? Stop asking questions! That’s what Republicans and racists do!

Anyway, I remember when people had this thing called “shame.” It prevented them from asking for handouts because it meant that they were admitting they are failures. But now victimhood is currency, so ratchets like Heather Collazo have turned shameless begging into a way of life. Sure beats standing on the street corner with a sign I suppose.

Bring public shaming back and half of our problems will start to disappear.