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Breaking News: Josh Abrams Was Held Without Bail For 30 Days For Straight Pride Parade Arrest After Judge Denies DA Rachael Rollins Attempt To Drop The Charges 


Breaking News: Anti-police agitator Josh Abrams has been held without bail for 30 days by a judge in a Boston courtroom for his arrest at the straight pride parade.

This was a list of his dockets prior to his arrest this weekend:

Generally judges don’t give you the benefit of the doubt when this is your rap sheet:

0606CR003401 BMC West Roxbury poss class A

0650CR001978 Malden DC larceny motor vehicle

0622CR001512 possession false/stolen RMV documents

0653CR001223 Woburn DC disorderly conduct

0653CR001682 Woburn DC minor possession alcohol

0653CR001970 Woburn DC violation abuse prevention order

0753CR002173 violation abuse prevention order

0753CR002432 Larceny from a building

1051CR000107 Waltham DC A And B Dangerous Weapon

1053CR001075 Woburn DC Assault and Battery

1053CR001889 A and B Dangerous Weapon

1053CR001964 assault dangerous weapon

1053CR001973 witness intimidation

1053CR002037 assault and battery

1081CR00445 Middlesex superior court armed assault to rob

1151CR001748 Waltham DC witness intimidation

1153CR001127 Woburn DC witness intimidation

1401CR006099 BMC Central Trespass

1586CR000084 Peabody DC threat to commit a crime

1586CR001106 assault dangerous weapon

1811CR005937 Lowell DC Armed assault to Rob -indicted

1811CR006048 Armed Robbery indicted

1836CR000050 Salem DC operating license suspended

1850CR01900 Malden DC A and B household member

1853CR001971 Woburn DC evading taxi fare

1853CR001992 violation abuse prevention order

1853CR001993 violation abuse prevention order

1853CR002014 violation abuse prevention order

1853CR002455 violation abuse prevention order

1853CR002456 violation abuse prevention order

1853CR002457 violation abuse prevention order

1886CR000031 Peabody DC operating on a suspended license

1886CR000875 possession class A

1981CR00053 Middlesex superior court 2 counts unarmed robbery, armed assault to rob , 2 counts witness intimidation

Generally criminals like this don’t get the benefit of the doubt, even in Massachusetts. Turns out he was currently out on bail for robbery and armed assault to rob, but instead of keeping a low profile he elected to continue to confront police officers for YouTube likes. Then he screwed up by trying to befriend Antifa while they were violently assaulting police, refused to disperse, and as a result he was the only defendant who did not receive bail today.

Watching his friends complain about it on his YouTube channel is making my day.

I love life.

But it gets better. DA Rachael Rollins, who is notorious for not prosecuting criminals like this, attempted to have the charges dropped against all defendants today. The judge denied her leniency.

Judges normally meet somewhere in between what the defense and prosecution ask for. But since Rollins essentially acts as a public defender, the Judge had to overrule her. Thank God he did, because if it was up to her we’d be living in a lawless society. It’s rare that two people as terrible as Josh Abrams and Rachael Rollins get destroyed like this in a courtroom, which makes this such a beautiful day.


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