Bridgeport Woman Trashes Gas Station Store, Gets Naked, Tries To Steal Car With Baby Inside, Threatens To Jump Off Highway Overpass


Last night in Bridgeport a naked woman threatening to jump off a highway overpass was located unharmed by police close by.

According to the comments section it all began at a gas station, where the woman trashed a convenience store, disrobed herself, and attempted to steal someone else’s car with a baby in it before being dragged out kicking and screaming.

The videos are pretty wild.

Welcome to Bridgeport, I suppose. We don’t see how it started, but methzilla ended up behind the register grappling with the clerk.

For some reason there is a man wearing one of those puffy hoodrat coats and Timberlands on an 80 degree evening, and he wasn’t have none of this crazy biznatch disrespecting the gas station.

But there was no stopping her, as she systematically destroyed the store by flipping over the chip racks and raiding the fridge.

It’s unclear what set her off, but she seemed to be most upset when she saw her losing Keno numbers, at which point she began to get undressed and show the world her granny panties and gerber servers.

She didn’t waste any time when she left the store, immediately attempting to steal the first car she could find, but it ended up as most Bridgeport blind dates do – with a naked woman being thrown out of a running vehicle onto the gasoline covered concrete.

Luckily no children were harmed and she didn’t get a chance to jump off the bridge, but several Funyuns lost their lives in the carnage and she’ll probably be doing this at a different gas station in New Haven next week.

In all seriousness, I hope it’s just the drugs causing this and not depression. Either way, she needs some serious help because she’s a danger not only to herself, but to everyone she comes in contact with.


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