Bristol Crew Investigates Live: Will Turbitt Arrested On 2017 Felony Larceny Warrant, Sham Nonprofit With Joe Hart, Anselmo’s Felony Domestic Violence Cases

Last night the crew went live to discuss Friday night’s takedown of “Auditing America” Anselmo Morales-Torres’ subservient little lapdog, Will Turbitt. He told a lot of lies that we effortlessly debunked – the warrant was 100% his, not a misspelling, and he has a court date to address the charge, by his own admission.

I was also able to get out one of my major talking points without Willy there to interject his conspiracy-laden nonsense every time I opened my mouth. His “nonprofit” Open Minds Alliance, started in cooperation with local ginger weirdo Joe Hart – is a sham.

Despite representing themselves as an “official nonprofit” accepting “tax-free donations” on their website, the corporation was revoked in August of 2019 for failure to maintain a registered address, and they’ve never filed one annual report. Zero transparency or legitimacy. So much for demanding the truth, Will.

We also revealed the disturbing police reports from Morales-Torres’ 2010 and 2012 felony domestic violence cases. You can see the reports we went over below.

2010 AMT 2012 AMT

We really hope that Will isn’t being beaten down like a bad dog who got into the garbage by Anselmo, because clearly, he doesn’t treat his ladies well. And make no mistake, Will has accepted the role of being Anselmo’s little lady in return for a few extra YouTube clicks. Sad stuff. If you missed the show, you can see it in the link below.




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