Bristol Library Announces That Cop Hating Communist Drag Queen Will Be Reading To Kids On Saturday After Social Justice Mob Blowback 


For the completely uncensored version of this story, click here to read it on TBS. Because of the graphic nature of some of the Facebook posts it violates Google AdSense’s content policies and can’t be published on TB Daily News.

This past weekend I published a blog about Namoi Chomsky (real name Josh Kilby), the communist drag queen  who posts about inappropriate, sexually explicit things on Facebook, along with anti-police rhetoric and calls for violence against people who disagree with him politically. My issue wasn’t with his chosen lifestyle because I’m tolerant and accepting. My issue was with the fact that the Fall River Public Library chose someone to read to children who posts stuff like this on an open Facebook page.

For the sexually explicit content you’ll have to read that on Turtleboy by clicking here

Again, my larger issue wasn’t that Josh chooses to dress in drag, it was that he was chosen over doctors, small business owners, and other well respected members of the community, simply because he is a man who dresses as a woman for entertainment purposes. Although I do have an issue with the fact that drag queens are nothing more than modern day blackface. Drag queens are mocking femininity and by reducing womanhood to be nothing more than a scantily dressed prostitute with too much makeup on. But this is a free country and Josh should be able to dress as he wishes and express his opinions freely. He just isn’t owed a platform at the public library to read to children.

As a student of history I was most offended by his lack of understanding of history. His ideal view of what happened in Cuba and the Soviet Union when the communists seized power reflects his ignorance. People who get chosen to read to children should be intelligent and worldly. Josh seems to not understand that homosexuals and drag queens like himself were imprisoned and killed under the regimes of Castro and Stalin.

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The Bristol, RI library cancelled once they found this stuff out and activists complained loudly. And then yesterday they changed course:

Just a few days after canceling a Drag Queen storytime event, the Rogers Free Library in Bristol says the event is back. Last Friday the library director canceled the event amid “threats of protests.” In the statement announcing the cancelation, the library said the director was concerned how it would look to have a police presence because it would not be a “welcoming or appropriate context for children and their families.”

But NBC of course isn’t reporting the real reason (the disturbing Facebook posts) why so many object to this choice of reader. Instead they’re framing it as some sort of coordinated attack on the gay community during Pride Month:

That reading in Fall River was also held under increased scrutiny after Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin asked Catholics that weekend not to support “Pride Month” events. That controversial tweet drew national attention to Southeastern New England and sparked counter-protests by the LGBTQ Community. On Tuesday, Rogers Free Library seemed to have a change of heart saying it was now “confident” it could “ensure a safe environment for children and their families.”

The event wasn’t cancelled because of the ridiculous and ironic comments made the Bishop Tobin.

No rational person took his tweet seriously. He is a Bishop in the Catholic Church, which covered up and encouraged sexual abuse of children for decades. The Catholic Church mastered the art of causing harm to children, and the Bishop was deservedly criticized by the vast majority of people. So then why is NBC pretending that the blowback to this cop hating communist came from religious fundamentalists, when in reality it came from people who saw the disturbing Facebook posts and though the library could choose a better role model?

If you CLICK HERE you can comment on the Bristol Library’s Facebook page and ask them why they capitulated to the outrage mob.

Naomi Chomsky was not happy about being featured on Turtleboy, and suggested that we posted his phone number.

He wants people to report these blogs and have them removed by Facebook, because communists believe that speech that is critical of the state should be outlawed.

Some of this friends want to track me down and fight me for having opinions.

Let me be clear – my name is Aidan Kearney. I do not publish all the blogs on Turtleboy, but I do publish most of them on TB Daily News, and I stand by everything on Turtleboy. TB Daily News takes the Turtleboy blogs and presents them in a more family friendly fashion, but the sentiment is the same.

I’m also not scared of Josh or anyone else, nor am I an unreasonable person. If Naomi Chomsky is in fact a reasonable person interested in engaging in reasonable debate, then I would gladly have him on the podcast to discuss my objections to the Bristol and Fall River libraries choosing him as a speaker. Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested.


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