Brockton High School Mom Demands Police Be Suspended For Fighting Back After Being Assaulted During 100+ Student After School Brawl


According to the Brockton Enterprise, parents are demanding that the police suspend certain officers involved in arresting some Brockton High School students after a 100 person brawl took place after school.

For the second straight day, a large fight broke out away from the Brockton High School campus on Thursday when more than a hundred teenagers gathered on Florence Street. But unlike the previous day, the events late Thursday morning ended with four teenagers under arrest – and people calling for some of the officers involved in the arrests to be suspended.

Sonya Lopes has lived in the city for more than three decades and says she has never seen anything like what she saw in a video posted on social media Thursday. The video of the fight involving students on Florence Street following a half-day of school appears to show a police officer throwing a punch at a teenager, moments before taking him to the ground to arrest him. 

“When I saw the video, I was extremely upset and posted it right away. It was totally uncalled for,” said Lopes, who has a freshman at the high school. “These are kids, they don’t know any better. We are here to teach them, not act like them.”

Police say they initially received a call from a teenager who reported a large group of teens was trying to beat him up on Florence Street. Officers were also dispatched to the same street for a report of a large group fighting.

“When officers arrived, they observed at least a hundred teens walking in the middle of the street,” said police spokesman Darren Duarte. “Many were causing a disturbance and refusing to get out of the road.”

Police say some of the teenagers yelled “several” expletives at the officers. School police officers believe many of the teens involved in Thursday’s incident are linked to other assaults that have occurred earlier this week, Duarte said.

“The Brockton police are investigating the case and all actions taken by the officers and the defendants,” Duarte said. “Investigators are following up with school officials and parents.”

Lopes said the first officer’s actions weren’t warranted, no matter what happened before the person who took the viral video began recording.

“The police officer should’ve restrained himself regardless of what the child had said to him,” she said. “It did not give him any right to smack the kid’s phone out of his hand and then hit the other kid. Clearly he must be dealing with some outside issues for him to react that way.”

Another “police brutality” video that starts right when the cop hits a criminal, but doesn’t show anything that led up to that moment. How original.

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As you can see in that tape one of the students who can’t spell GED wound up and punched a cop in the face after the police officer pushed him (we didn’t see anything that happened before that).

We also saw another member of the National Dishonor Society step up to a police officer in a menacing fashion, swing at him, and then try to wrestle him to the ground with a bear hug.

The tape cuts to another young man whose life goal is to live to see 28, actively resist arrest while yelling that he “dindu nuffin,” as two of his friends stand by filming while yelling productive things like “let him go,” and “World star.”

Because no Brockton fight video would be complete without someone yelling “world star.”

Funny how videos like this never get sent to us from East Bridgewater. It’s almost as if parents there would have no tolerance for behavior like this from their fruit of the womb. But in Brockton the President of the Ratchet Chapter of the PTA was making excuses for the savage behavior displayed by these 17 year olds.

“When I saw the video, I was extremely upset and posted it right away. It was totally uncalled for,” said Lopes, who has a freshman at the high school. “These are kids, they don’t know any better. We are here to teach them, not act like them.”

They don’t know any better? In fairness, she’s probably right about that. Because that’s what happens when you’re raised by an XBox. You don’t learn that it’s not OK to hit cops and resist arrest. Looks like the cops just did the job their parents failed to do.

This woman the Enterprise interviewed, Sonya Lopes, says she’s lived in Brockton for three decades. This tells you everything you need to know about her. If you live in Brockton and your longterm plans don’t include moving out of Brockton, then I’d tell you to give up on life, but it appears as if you’ve already done that. She also said she’s lived in Brockton all this time and had never seen anything like this before, which is how you know she’s lying since  this is your average Wednesday afternoon in the City of Champions.

This is what we’re dealing with here.

Door knocker hanging from her nose. Nuff said.

Sonya put on a good front for the newspaper, acting like a concerned but dignified parent. But on Facebook her true colors came out, often in sentagraph format.


Good point Sonya. Can’t kids just brawl 100 deep in the middle of a public road after school?

According to her these kids were stereotyped, presumably because they’re black.

Yea, it’s because they’re black. Not because a frightened student called 911 when a mob of other students was trying to assault him. Good point.

She also really doesn’t like Cape Verdean people.

Classy lady. Glad the Enterprise asked her for a quote. Her opinion should definitely carry some weight.

You know you gone full ratchet when your biggest concern was how many times your anti-police video got shared on Facebook.


According to her behavior like this is normal because it happens at every school.

Yea, they probably do have fights at Whitman-Hanson too. Except they don’t involve 100 kids and when the cops arrive everyone runs because they come from homes where this sort of garbage pail lifestyle is unacceptable. But all is forgiven because she saved France from the terrorists a few years back.

Now she’s out here to save Brockton teenagers from personal responsibility.


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