Brockton Woman Orders Violent Group Assault Led By Korey Gallager-Lee On Elderly Man And Friend After Knocking Glasses Off His Face, Hitting Parked Car


Brockton Police posted a video over the weekend of a violent beating that occurred on September 24 on Walnut Street, showing a 35 and 69 year old man getting nearly stomped to death by a pack of wilde junior hoodboogers. Trigger warning – this is difficult to watch.


Everything you just saw in that video is worse than anything that happened on January 6, and it should be treated in the same manner. But it won’t, because the lives of regular people like the victims in that video don’t matter as much as the lives of politicians. And unlike January 6, which happened one day, crime like this happens across the country on a daily basis, most of the victims are black and brown, and the people who pretend to care about violence and black lives do nothing about it.

Every person involved in that should never be in jail for the rest of their lives, no questions asked. You can’t reform people like this – they are animals. Their parents all failed to raise them to value human life, and now that they’re adults it’s too late to change them. If someone is capable of seeing a man on the ground beaten and bleeding profusely, and they decide that it’s a good time to curb stomp him, then they are beyond rehabilitation. This is just what they will always be – animals.

According to Brockton Police they’ve charged 3 in the attack, but it should be a lot more. Anyone who even watched this go down and didn’t immediately turn them all in should go to jail too. First they attacked 35 year old Mario Barros and dragged him away to the sidewalk.

Then the 69 year old Carlos Cardoso, a well-respected owner of a Brockton cafe, put his hands up and begged them not to assault him. But the pregnancy plantation in the booty shorts yelled “f*** him up,” and “him too” in regards to the elderly man, so this maggot punched him in the face, knocked him to the ground, and repeatedly kicked his head into the street anyway, leaving him for dead. When she realized that the hoodbooger she unleashed was about to kill a man and that she would be an accessory to murder she yelled “alright Korey,” and he stopped like the trained animal that he is.

Meanwhile, the younger man’s body was dragged to the side of a car where multiple animals punched him and stomped on his face as he pleaded with them to stop. One of them had a bat. And while this was happening the pregnancy planation, who should also be charged and imprisoned for the rest of her useless existence, was yelling “You hit me – now you’re crying?”

All of these people are horrible, but the worst person by far is the woman. She is the reason this all happened. She’s too much of a coward to do anything her self so she called in the overdue child support patrol and they did as she commanded them to do.

According to family members Cordoso and Barros did absolutely nothing wrong:

Stephanie says her father, his wife and their friend Mario Barros were on their way home from running errands. When the two cars passed each other, they heard a boom. But when they inspected the cars, they saw no damage.

“The other party had hit a parked car,” Stephanie said. “She picked up the rearview mirror and she started asking my dad, ‘does this belong to you, does this belong to you.’ My dad answered no and she’s like OK then mind your business and then she shoved my father, causing his glasses to fall.”

Stephanie says that’s when her dad drove away but then returned to the scene two minutes later to pick up his glasses. That’s when the attack happened. Stephanie says the injuries her dad received caused a stroke. “He’s suffered from internal bleeding, and he has a swelling in the same area,” Stephanie said. 

Like I said, it was all her. She is the most guilty of anyone involved in this. She didn’t realize they had hit a parked car and blamed the other driver, who hit nothing. She attacked the elderly man first. She orchestrated the whole thing when he came back to get the glasses that she had knocked off his face. The only reason she didn’t stomp on his face is because she had someone else there to do it for her. When someone hires a hitman to kill another person the person who ordered the hit gets a stiffer sentence than the hitman himself.

Luckily she yelled “Korey” enough times during the incident that it was easy for the police to find and arrest 19 year old Korey Gallagher-Lee, who suddenly wasn’t so tough when he was arraigned and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a person aged 60 or older, assault and battery on a person aged 60 or older/elderly or disabled person, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and assault and battery on a person aged 60 or older/disabled with serious injury.

He should also be charged with attempted murder, since he stomped the old man’s head into the ground and then began to do the same to the lifeless body of the other man. I don’t wanna hear about his upbringing or the fact that his sperm donor didn’t hug him enough. He’s a grown animal who’s been trained to kill and he can no longer live in civilized society. I don’t care if he didn’t have a previous criminal record because he’s only 19 and has his whole life ahead of him. There should be no deals from the DA’s office and they should demand the maximum sentence.

As you can probably tell by looking at his Facebook page, Kumshot Korey is destined for a life of selling mediocre fentanyl while he pursues a failed YouTube rap career.

Newsflash Korey – you’re not a tough guy, you’re just a woman’s bitch. You do what she tells you to do, when she tells you to do it. You would never fight someone one on one because you’ve probably never been in a real one-on-one fight your whole life. I’m not exactly a hardo, but I’m quite certain that I, and 95% of the men reading this right now, could kick your ass. It’s why you hide in groups and don’t fight fairly.

If you know the pregnancy plantation’s real name please feel free to email [email protected] or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook. If she has social media screenshot everything and send it as well, because she will be taking it down.

I don’t know why BPD hasn’t announced the other 2 people who have been charged, but they should. There should be at least 7-8 hoodboogers charged as well, not just 3.

The real question is, what is the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office going to do about this? Crime is out of control in this country, particularly in urban areas. Decent people no longer want to live there because of progressive DA’s who are weak on crime and let people like this walk with minimal punishment. If you want crime to stop then start ruining people’s lives who commit crime. No more second chances when you act like this. Let it be known – if you do something like this you will spend the rest of your life in a box. It will stop real quick.


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