Brookline Communists Can’t Stop Talking About Turtleboy At Official Town Meetings, Suggest We’re Working With Police To Silence Critics


Earlier in the week we blogged about how BLM communists in Brookline spoke out at a public safety meeting and demanded that Turtleboy be blocked from the town’s Police Department page for writing unflattering things about the ridiculously stupid things they posted in the comments. One of the people featured in the blog was a socialist carpetbagged he/him named Ryan Black, who claimed that people who left dumb comments on the BPD page voluntarily were being “targeted” by online alt-right toxic sex cults like Turtleboy.

For some reason Turtleboy seems to be the only thing ever discussed at Brookline town meetings, and Wednesday night Ryan Black once again talked about the blog he was featured in that day (39:30)

“Multiple people in town who have been critical of the department have been targeted by right wing personalities, specifically Turtleboy, whose followers harass and threaten the police’s critics. At last night’s meeting we made this observation, and in less than 24 hours after that meeting Turtleboy had a blog up targeting us. This incident echoes what happened to Dr. Fernandez last year, where the day after 2 high ranking members harangued him in public comment, Turtleboy put up a blog that led to racist harassment and death threats.”

So basically I’m being accused of being the official online hitman for the Brookline Police Department. Although I do appreciate being credited with getting that blog up within 24 hours of the meeting, it was kind of a slow news day and I just thought it was funny that this town I avoid like the plague because it’s filled with high rent communists, can’t stop talking about my blog during official town business.

But again, we don’t harass or target anyone, and I’m getting kind of sick about hearing this nonsense from every person we criticize or expose. This idea that because we can’t criticize you, but you can run your mouths about Turtleboy because we have a large platform and you don’t, is garbage. I’ll call out whoever I want if they’re behaving poorly in public. Don’t wanna get blogged about? Don’t do communist things online.

As for “Doctor” Fernandez, he’s an elected official who constantly says and does dumb things, like tell the police they can’t vote for Donald Trump, or extort the Boston Marathon by making them rename Columbus Day in order to allow 25,000 runners through Brookline. Turtleboy exists to punch up at people like him. I know the communists aren’t used to this sort of critical coverage of the dumb things they do, but someone around here has to call the powerful out.

To be clear, no one got death threats, no one was harassed, and no one was the victim of racism because of our blogs. None of that ever happened. It’s just a way for the communists to try to blame free speech for violence as a pretext to banning free speech entirely. Communists hate “dangerous” media that questions the ruling class. Twats like Ryan Black have gotten away with it for too long, but play time’s over now, and the Turtleboy the Commie Hunter isn’t falling for it anymore.



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