Brookline Man And Elderly Girlfriend Blame Racism For Town Not Letting Them Use Her House As Air B&B All Year Round, Claims Police Falsely Arrested Him For Trespassing 


This is Chiuba Obele from Brookline.

And this is his spicy young girlfriend Heleni.


Heleni is an Occupy Wall Street legend.

This virbrant couple lives in her house, and apparently they wanna rent it out all year long on Air B&B but can’t because Brookline only lets homeowners do that for 90 days in a year. This of course is somehow a racist policy because he’s black, even though he doesn’t own the house.

Not so sure about that 76% number, but coopting the death of George Floyd and the black lives matter movement in order to try to profit by renting out your elderly girlfriend’s house for the entire year is a power move and a half. Sure, Air B&B policies in Brookline have absolutely nothing to do with race, but if you think this fat bastard isn’t gonna take advantage of all the chaos and piggy back off of white guilt for his own benefit then you’re gonna be disappointed.

People don’t want Air B&B’s in their town to operate 24/7 because it causes a lot of problems when strangers are constantly moving in and out of your neighborhood. But Chipotle here has no choice because he’s “disabled” and black, and his girlfriend is a senior.

Because apparently being black is a disability now.

Heleni is suing the town of Brookline for the right to rent out rooms in her house all year round,

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Thayre, who is 76, also claims the ban on short-term rentals disproportionately affects older residents who need to bring in extra income in order to age in place.

“I couldn’t afford to have it be empty,” she said of her home. “I have to rent all the time.”

Here’s an idea – find a boyfriend less than half your age who isn’t a stay at home lardo and can actually help you out with the mortgage, instead of a guy who doesn’t work and ironically was pushing for a bill to be passed that would ban workplace bullying.

Chipotle had been posting about this issue non-stop on the Brookline Facebook group and it really wasn’t getting much traction because it’s not something most people care about.

So that’s why he decided to co-opt black lives matter – because he might as well take a tragedy and attempt to mobilize woke white people with it for his own personal benefit.

Someone pointed this out, but he insisted it was OK because income inequality serves the same purpose as police brutality for marginalized people.

Whatever that means.

He kept calling himself a homeowner.

But the thing about that is, if your 76 year old girlfriend owns the home, then you’re not a homeowner. You just don’t want her to sell the house because you’d like to inherit it when she dies in the not so distant future.

Chipotle isn’t stupid though. He knows that according to the new rules you’re not allowed to call a black person out for scamming if you yourself are white. Just ask this Becky with the hyphenated last name.

How dare you white folk attempt to stop this portly gentlemen from using a social movement to guilt you into supporting his attempt to rent out his elderly girlfriend’s home all year round!! So speaketh the white woman.

She was far from the only one to have his back.

If you’ve ever started a phrase off with “as a white woman I am in no position,” before expressing an opinion, you are officially in a cult.

Someone rightly pointed out that it seemed a little bit racist to assume that financial insecurity only affects black people, but they ended up getting kicked out of the group for not editing their “personal attack” on Chipotle’s character.

Does this look like the kind of woman who will just ALLOW you to post your opinions on the small town Facebook group she admins?

F*** around, get blocked. That woman right there gets purpose in life from making sure everyone in her Facebook group follows her rules.

Chipotle was at it again yesterday when he posted this long diatribe about a run in with some cops and his elderly girlfriend. It’s a long story so you can skip it and read my explanation at the end, or just enjoy the madness.


  • He was trespassing at a house they’d previously told him to stay away from and were obviously familiar with him and annoyed
  • He started problems with some guy they had previously told him to stay away from and may have hit the guy
  • The cops are well aware that his situation with the elderly girlfriend is bizarre and believe that he’s most likely using her for something
  • After he was uncooperative for a while they decided to arrest him for trespassing, at which he point he actively resisted and blamed it on being bipolar
  • He claims one of the cops threatened to pull a gun on him if he tried running away

No sane person would read that and take it seriously. If it were a white guy everyone would just kind of laugh at it. But because he’s black and Brookline is a woke town all the white guilt people feel like they have to believe anything a black person says.

But in reality he’s just an unemployed man who likes to get the senior discount when he goes out for dinner and blames all of his life failures on racism.


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