BSU Barstool Sports IG Account Deletes Post Spreading Lie About Black Teen Getting Lynched In Hopkinton After Blowback


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Today a Barstool Sports Instagram account tweeted out disinformation about 16 year old Mikayla Miller being lynched by a group of racist white boys in Hopkinton.

It has been confirmed by police sources and town officials that Mikayla Miller committed suicide and was found by a jogger on April 18 at 6 AM. The lies about her death should’ve been instantly dismissed due to the fact that the primary source was Monica Cannon-Grant, a woman with a long and documented history of lying and stirring up racial tensions for her own benefit. The town of Bridgewater knows better than anyone, as Monica did something similar in 2017 by blindly believing a lying parent who misrepresented a class presentation put on by Plymouth Plantation.

Now the Barstool Sports affiliated state university in this same town is using its platform (16,000 followers) to amplify this lie, and in doing so are encouraging a mob of Antifa to descend on the quiet town of Hopkinton Thursday at 4:30.

This is just what Huffstool is now though – a radical far left wing media outlet that still pretends to be edgy because Dave Portnoy is still involved in 1% of the content. Some tried to claim that the Barstool BSU account is not affiliated with the company itself:


  1. They’re using Barstool’s trademarked logo.


2. Like all of these college Barstool accounts they have are required by the company to have a link to the Barstool store in their bio, so that the company can profit off of the account.

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3. They frequently advertise Barstool merchandise and events in their posts.

The company intentionally created a network of accounts in order to build and promote their brand and maximize their profits. I have 2 affiliated fan run Twitter accounts. If either of those accounts tweets something out that I don’t want associated with the brand I alert them and they remove it. Because when you have these affiliate account you are responsible for what they say and do.

But the fact of the matter is that a post supporting Monica Cannon-Grant is par for the course with Huffstool. This is a company that promoted the Minnesota bail fund last June and held podcasts about how to go to a BLM protest.

They’ve since removed the post after we called them out for it on Twitter, likely because the company contacted whoever runs the account and said that it’s not a good look for them to be inciting riots and violence by spreading misinformation while using the company trademark.

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