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Poor Behavior

BU Professor Accosts And Harasses 3 People For Exercising At Malden Pond Without Masks On


Fern Remedi-Brown is a Malden resident, “senior lecturer” at BU, an instructor at Northeastern, and a former Bentley employee.

In other words, people like her are why tuition rates are so high, and she adds nothing of value to society.

Fern recently went for a bike ride at Fellsmere Pond In Malden, went full Karen on not one, not two, but three people, and then quickly ran to a community Facebook group to brag about being terrible.

Are you OK? Did you make it? Thank God she survived this harrowing experience.

Fellsmere Pond sounds more dangerous than Lawrence on buy one get one half off fentanyl day. First she intentionally walked up to a man (gasp) walking his dog, and confronted him about why he wasn’t wearing a mask in case someone like her came up and got in his face over not wearing a mask.

But she survived.

Then she interrupted someone’s morning exercise because they were breathing heavily due to the fact that they were jogging, and demanded to know why they didn’t put a piece of fabric over their face and smother themselves some more.

But she survived.

Finally person #3 was attempting to get out of the house, breathe in some fresh air, and enjoy a Saturday walk around the pond, when suddenly she was accosted by a short haired BLT-123 woman with a hyphenated last name who lectured her about the importance of using condoms, despite never being in a scenario where a condom was required. Person #3 told Fern/Karen that she’s been married for 30 years so the idea of having sex was foreign to her anyway.

And she still survived to tell the story.

Stunning and brave.

Fern is the kind of woman who wears a mask for the sole purpose of virtue signaling, which is why she feels the need to take selfies while doing basic errands and posting them on Facebook for likes.

That’s all masks are at this point – a status symbol for woke white suburban women.

If you wear a mask while exercising that is your right, but just know that you look like an idiot and everyone with a brain is laughing at you. You might as well cover yourself in bubble wrap. You have reached that level of crazy.

What’s really unbelievable is that people like this are taken seriously instead of being mocked relentlessly for being so comical.


“You disagree with my need to have a virus-free environment.”

That’s not how air works Fern. Fresh air and sunlight kills the virus. It doesn’t transmit outdoors. The idea that you can catch a deadly virus by walking by someone 5 feet away from you makes my brain hurt. Viruses don’t just sit in place. That’s not how science works. 

Fern reveals her ultimate goal there – she wants everyone else to conform to her irrational delusions, rather than just staying home. She has the option to stay home, but she chooses to venture out into the world because that’s what we do – we take chances.

None of that matters to Fern though because she “thinks that the breath travels.”

But Fern, you’re wearing a mask – doesn’t that protect you from getting it? And if not, why are you wearing it? Have you been tested today? Shouldn’t you do so before going out in public? And could you point me to the studies that show that air we breathe out stands in place? Or how about the study that shows that when people wear a mask while running they don’t breathe at all? And if they don’t breathe out at all, then how exactly do they not suffocate? This is all very confusing.

Nevertheless, anyone who suggests the very rational advice that she could just stay home is being cruel.

Smothering yourself with a rag while exercising in order to make Fern feel better about herself isn’t cruel at all though.

Then again, this is the same kind of person who thinks the biggest problem facing this country right now isn’t COVID; it’s imaginary racism against Asian people.

Calm down Karen.


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