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“Bucketboy” Is Brought In To Replace Josh Abrams While He’s In Jail, Shows Why He Was The Backup In Debut Auditing America Video Harassing Providence Police


Self-proclaimed “First Amendment auditor” Josh Abrams is in jail for 90 days after his arrest at the straight pride parade. Consequently his fellow unemployed auditors Anselmo (the convicted domestic abuser) and Joa Orga (the guy who looks like he’s always on his way to a Magic convention) are a little shortstaffed and had to call in a backup auditor from Pawtucket for their most recent video harassing Providence police officers during a call. He goes by “Bucketboy” and he is everything you imagined the guy who rides the bench behind Josh Abrams would be and more.

Auditing America. So simple a caveman can do it.

He looks like the villain at the end of Super Mario 5. Not the main boss, but the guy you had to beat at the end of one of the lower worlds by just jumping over him.

Incisors are so overrated anyway.  Kind of like jobs. All I ask is that he just save some ladies for the rest of us.

I can just taste the Big Mac sauce oozing out of his pores.

Evidently “Bucketboy” has his own auditing channel found here, that contains two videos. One is 20 minutes of him holding the camera the wrong way outside of a jail, and the other is him yelling at a Pawtucket cop responding to a call about him smoking weed outside. Times are tough with poor Josh sitting in jail, hoping that Billy Tibbetts doesn’t take his donated commissary money from hot tow truck girl.

They’re obviously lacking for content for these videos now too, which is why they have to resort to harassing three cops on a call at an apartment complex for (checks notes) wasting gas by leaving their cars running outside. I’m no Mona Lisa Vito, but I was under the impression that stopping and then starting your car was worse for the vehicle and wastes more gas than leaving it idle for a minute or two. Either way, this is reaching even for them. Other people who are normally fans of harassing the police seem to agree.

The best part of these videos is when they accuse people who actually pay taxes of “wasting taxpayer dollars,” when this is a pot that Anselmo and Chewandscrewbacca have never contributed to.

“You think it’s funny?”

Yes. Yes he did. We all did. Because your very existence on earth is in and of itself unintentionally hilarious. Thank you for completely letting yourself go, wearing a pony tail, boycotting the dentist, having a specialty made “F*** 12, Bucketboy News 401 Straight out of Rhode Island” shirt in 4XL, and allowing your face to become a refugee camp for migrant pubic hair.

The police are getting better at this too, because sadly dealing with people like this is now part of the job. It probably will be part of training too if it’s not already. It’s really simple though, you just do what this cop did and ask them, “What is the criminal issue?” When they have none you just ignore them and walk away.

This of course angers the “auditors” even more because they’re not there to audit, they’re there to harass, insult and provoke.

“F***ing scrub a** kid, f*** your mother.”

Chewandscrewbacca is in a fine position to call other people scrubby.


My favorite line from Chewandscrewbacca was this one after the cops left:

“They tell me to walk away. I’m not walking nowhere b****. Now I am, but I wasn’t then. I was standing my ground.”

Yes sir. You definitely stood your ground by walking backwards away from them before giving them the middle finger after they were a comfortable distance away, and he had moved to where they wanted him to move.

Hate to break it to you Chewandscrewbacca, but the Providence Police now officially owns you. There was a reason you were riding the bench behind Josh Abrams in the first place.


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