Burlington Man Lashes Out At Woman After Being Told Unsolicited Images Of Genitals Were Not Welcomed 


This is David Buxbaum from Burlington.

As you can see, he is a grown man in his 30’s with a chinstrap, which means he could probably get you really crappy weed and used his Nextel phone like a walkie talkie until 2012.

David is quite impressed with his own genitals, and thinks that strange women want to see them because it will turn their lady bits into Indonesia during monsoon season, which is why he doesn’t ask before sending images of his junk to strangers on Facebook. And on the rare occasion he gets rejected he usually doesn’t take it well.

“I’m the type of guy that truly doesn’t give a f*** and I do what I want, when I want lol.”

You know who else said that? Bill Cosby. So he’s in great company.

“You’re a miserable, damaged c*** if you ask me.”

Yea dude, you’re the one sending your junk to to women on Facebook, so maybe she’s not the damaged one here. Just a thought.

“You’re f***ing fat and ugly as f***. I just wanted to get laid but I couldn’t hold it together long enough.”

The only thing more embarrassing then having your dick pics rejected and being featured on Turtleboy, is getting rejected by a woman you think is fat and ugly. Apparently he thinks so little of himself that he wouldn’t even bother doing this to a woman he thinks is attractive. Yes, David is the winner here.

“You’re nothing but a mooch off the government, you’re f***ing nothing. If it wasn’t for your welfare check you wouldn’t have had the shit you own. Go f*** yourself you disgusting good for nothing c***.”

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Well, he’s certainly charming. Maybe that explains his 2011 arrest for domestic violence.

In fairness, he did say that he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t give a f*** and does what he wants, when he wants, which includes domestic battery and malicious destruction of property.

I reached out to the Burlington Bone Ranger for comment but he didn’t feel much like talking and I ended up getting blocked.

Guess he doesn’t appreciate unsolicited messages either.


Pro tip  – if you’re not willing to whip your package out in front of a woman in person then don’t send pictures of it to them on Facebook. There’s really no difference, and they’re not nearly as impressed with it as you are


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