Cam Neely Issues Press Release Saying Bruins Were Protecting Charlie Coyle By Photoshopping Boston Police Logo Off Shirt, Have Removed Image From Social Media


The Boston Bruins media department emailed me at noon today with a statement from Cam Neely in regards to the story we broke last week. As we reported, the Bruins, who have a philanthropic relationship with BPD, photoshopped a Boston Police logo off of a shirt worn by Charlie Coyle during a shoot-around in Toronto.

Here is the email I received from a Boston Bruins verified account, which contains a statement from Cam Neely.

“Last week the Bruins removed a BPD logo from a t-shirt that a player was wearing. We were trying to protect this player from unfair criticism. This was not meant as a sign of disrespect in any way. We are sorry that the logo was removed and we apologize to the BPD and the player.”

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They didn’t mention Charlie Coyle’s name, the person responsible for making this decision, or what the consequences would be. Instead the organization is taking blame as a whole and the Bruins have deleted the tweet that contained the poorly photoshopped images. It appears as if they’ve realized how divisive and duplicitous this made them look by attempting to do it without being seen.

This statement is a coverup for VP of Marketing Matt Chmura, who sources tell us was responsible for the shoddy photoshop job. It’s not the job of the Bruins to protect Charlie Coyle from “unfair criticism.” If they cared about criticism they wouldn’t post anything in regards to black lives matter.

But they do. Because they are cowards who will proudly associate themselves with BLM, but feel the need to “protect” players who don’t openly have a disdain for police.

Instead of trying to “protect” Charlie Coyle from Internet outrage mobs the Bruins should have posted the picture as it was and defended him if anyone not named Matt Porter pretended to be outraged by it. They weren’t trying to protect Charlie Coyle. They were trying to disassociate themselves with police. And when I say “they,” I mean Chmura, who did this on his own. Cam Neely supports law enforcement, would never sign off on this, and likely ordered the doctored photos to come down.

The Bruins should fire Matt Chmura for gross incompetence as he presented his employer as an anti-police organization, which they are not.

Remember though, according to Boston Globe Bruins beat reporter Matt Porter, who has never shied away from discussing issues related to BLM, our coverage was “quite clearly fabricated,” and he feels sorry for anyone dumb enough to believe TB.

We’ve reached out to Matt Porter for comment but he has not responded. I would argue that condescendingly laughing at people who believe aren’t as smart as you isn’t the best course of action for an alleged reporter. Perhaps he should try doing his job instead of attempting to make an issue out of Tuukka Rask wearing a Boston Police hat and getting owned by Marchand on Twitter.

The Boston Police Department should issue a press release of their own condemning the Bruins for their actions and demanding that Matt Chmura be disciplined. Until they do so they should end their relationship, since members of upper management are ashamed to be associated with them.

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Nothing is happening to Porter or Chmura because they have liberal privilege. When your politics are right, and you openly support BLM, you can get away with gross malfeasance like this. If they were half as woke as they pretend to be both of them would give up their jobs to a woman of color, since literally anyone could do their job better than they currently do it. But instead they will pretend this never happened, but we all know it did. And the mere fact that Cam Neely felt the need to have the Bruins contact me personally is a testament to the fact that they consider TB Daily News to be real news.

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