Cancelling The Boston Marathon Because Of A Virus Proves Boston Strong Was Always Just A Marketing Slogan, Team Lockdown Ratios TB For Saying This


The Boston Marathon is officially cancelled after initially being postponed until September. This is a ridiculous and rushed decision that could’ve been made in July. It defies logic and reason since studies are showing that the virus doesn’t transmit easily outside, and sunlight helps kill it. No one would be forced to attend the marathon, and as you can see on the news in Minneapolis, coronavirus has already been cancelled.

People who run marathons are in peak physical condition and thus are not in any sort of realistic danger if they contract COVID. The data doesn’t lie.

Nor does the fact that states that opened up found on major increase in hospitalizations or deaths.

COVID is on the decline everywhere. There is no reason to believe that there will be an outbreak before then, and they could easily make a decision in July. There is no reason to cancel right now.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Boston Strong was a meaningless, feel good slogan that was designed to sell t-shirts. The individual people who lost limbs and have recovered are pretty strong. But everyone else who was sitting at home tweeting about the Watertown manhunt wasn’t. If any other city was bombed by terrorists they would’ve done the exact same thing. We are not special or strong.

What we’re doing by cancelling the event that Boston is most known for is the exact opposite of strong. There’s nothing strong about hiding from each other and being scared to go out in public. I know it probably makes you feel good because you think you’re saving lives, but all you’re really doing is just sitting on your ass.

I got destroyed by Team Lockdown on the Twitter machine last night for stating this.

I got ratioed for the first time on my new account because Team Lockdown doesn’t let people go around pointing out facts.

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“I am #BostonStrong”


“We are strong because we do what the government tells us to do.”

It’s really unfortunate how COVID only spreads at fun events like weddings and marathons, but doesn’t spread at places like riots.


Hardo alert!


“We lost loved ones.”

No, you didn’t lose anything. And therein lies the problem – people who had no ties or relation to the bombing are appropriating the pain of those who did.

Excellent point. Taking up arms against the King is the same thing as hiding in your home four months from now because you’re afraid to get infected with a virus that hardly ever kills people under the age of 70?

This guy was my favorite.

It’s always “lives.” If you’re not afraid of a virus then you don’t care about “lives.” Then again, this is what we are dealing with.

Pronouns he/they listed in bio, morbidly obese, and oldest looking 30 year old in world history. I don’t blame him for not wanted to be seen outside or get exposed to a virus that preys on people like him who have made one poor life decision after another.  

How bout we stop cancelling fun stuff that makes life worth living in the name of saving lives?


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