Candidate Looking To Run Worcester County Courts Skips Online Forum Due To Contracting COVID But Campaigns With Worcester Mayor Despite Illness 


With the upcoming election in less than two weeks a lot of people are obviously talking about Biden vs. Trump, but nobody is talking about Worcester County Register of Probate, because quite frankly nobody cares or knows what that even is. This job is basically to oversee the administrative aspects of our courts, including processing paperwork for estates, divorces, adoptions, and child custody cases. Sexy stuff, for sure. But this particular race is an interesting story involving lies, COVID, and corruption.

Republican incumbent Stephanie Fattman, the wife of vocal law enforcement supporter State Senator Ryan Fattman, ran for this position in 2014 at the age of 26, and it was widely assumed she would lose.

But due to a massive get out the vote campaign she defeated well known Worcester Attorney Stephen Abraham, and people were upset. Since then you’ve never heard a thing about her, because nobody cares about the Worcester County Register of Probate, so long as it doesn’t burn to the ground.

The position is a six year term, and Fattman had two challengers from the democratic side. Katia Wennerberg is a probate lawyer who threw her hat in the ring after her friend John Dolan encouraged her to do so. Dolan happened to be one of the employees Fattman inherited when she took office. He’s also an opportunistic man who seemingly only looks out for his best interests. For instance, he was a registered Democrat until 2014, and according to OCPF records he donated to entrenched politicians such as Jim O’Day, Dan Donahue, Tim Murray, Deval Patrick, and even disgraced convicted criminal Sal DiMasi.

But in 2014, the year Fattman and her husband Ryan were elected, he suddenly decided that he was a Republican, and began donating to Republican politicians including disgraced mentally unstable former City Councillor Michael Gaffney, Jennifer Caisse, State Rep Kim Ferguson, Charlie Baker, Karyn Polito, Sheriff Lew Evangilidis, and Senate candidate Geoff Diehl. But the politicians that he and his wife gave more money to than anyone were Ryan and Stephanie Fattman, who received $1,850 and $4,000 in total campaign contributions respectively.

This happened to coincide with the fact that Stephanie Fattman was now his boss, and according to him, “I did what I did to keep my job.”

So obviously then he is a man of integrity.

In 2018 Dolan decided that four years of sucking up to his boss and being a Republican was enough time put in to switch back to being a Democrat. However, despite urging his “friend” Wennerberg to take out papers and run against Fattman, he decided to jump in and challenge her in the Democratic primary, much to her dismay.

“I was dumbfounded,” she said.

Dolan runs his campaign like Joe Biden – he hides as much as possible and rarely speaks because he is a slovenly looking man who is bound to say stupid things.

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In August, while running against Wennerberg in the Democratic primary, Dolan was to attend a virtual debate, but backed away because he claimed to be recovering from surgery for “dizziness.”

Apparently surgeries fix dizziness now.

However, his health issues were not grave enough to keep him from virtue signaling at black lives matter super spreader protests in Worcester.

He cares.

Dolan’s strategy worked though, as he defeated Wennerberg with 53% of the vote on September 1. Since then the entrenched Worcester attorney with quite possibly the most Irish Catholic Democratic Worcester name possible, has been endorsed by entrenched Democratic politicians, attorneys, and former judges galore. For instance, real world bumper car driver and State Senator Harriette Chandler has endorsed her long time friend.

Clinton State Rep Harold Naughton, who betrayed law enforcement officials by voting to defund the police and end qualified immunity, believes that this disheveled elderly man should replace a 32 year old woman credited with returning $5 million in abandoned escrow accounts to rightful owners and creating an adoption program.

Also endorsing him is Worcester School Committee member Molly McCullough, who has voted to continue the racist practice of keeping the Worcester Public Schools closed, despite going on vacation this summer with her teacher’s union hack friend Jocelyn Coughlin, where they partied in close quarters without masks on.

Speaking of COVID, John Dolan frequently posts about this very dangerous virus that is a threat to people like him on Facebook.

But much like Molly McCullough he does not practice what he preaches, and on the rare occasions he is seen in public he almost never has a mask on.

On Saturday October 17, the town of Oxford had a virtual forum for political candidates and John Dolan was invited. However, despite the fact that it was virtual Dolan said he could not attend because he was sick and sent Harriette Chandler in his place, because God forbid he speak publicly. According to Chandler his illness was COVID, and a specific question she was asked was if he’d be able to do the job considering he has a pattern of not attending events due to sickness.

Shocking that Harriette Chandler, who has big plans for her upcoming 100th birthday bash, cannot park in between straight lines, and illegally uses handicapped spots despite not being handicapped, would think that someone as sick as John Dolan could still perform a job that pays $150K a year.

However, on the same day that Dolan was sick with COVID and could not attend a virtual forum, he was out in Worcester at a standout with Mayor Joe Petty and supporters of Jim McGovern.

Keep in mind, Joe Biden cancelled a debate with President Trump due to the fact that Trump had COVID. According to Charlie Baker’s edict, anyone with a positive COVID test must self-quarantine for two weeks, as must anyone who comes in contact with them. Either Mayor Petty and John Dolan are violating this order, or John Dolan is lying and is too much of a political liability to participate in a virtual forum.

A commenter asked about this on Dolan’s campaign Facebook page, but it was removed immediately.

Dolan is either a bald faced liar, or is intentionally spreading a deadly virus responsible for killing over 200K Americans so he can win an election. Feel free to post this link on his Facebook page and see how quickly your comment gets erased.

Normally a candidate this weak would have no shot at taking down an incumbent, but this is Massachusetts in a Presidential election year, and Stephanie Fattman has the disadvantage of being a Republican. Voters for Biden are likely to vote for Democrats down the entire ballot, and since Biden will win Worcester County easily this is a huge advantage for Dolan (even though he was a Republican less than 2 years ago). For that reason his campaign has intentionally latched itself to established well known Democratic incumbents like Congressman Jim McGovern.

Why would someone in Dolan’s condition even want this job? Simple – so he can double dip by collecting his pension and the $150K salary for Register of Probate. The McGovern Crime Family seeks a complete monopoly on every elected position in Worcester County, and the fact that this one position is held by a Republican woman is unacceptable. Instead of endorsing a younger, more qualified Democrat in Wennerberg, they got behind an old decrepit white man because they know a name on a ballot like John Dolan will do better than a name like Katia Wennerberg.

But the fact of the matter is that John Dolan is a crooked, corrupt old man who Chandler, McGovern, and others are propping up. He’s clearly not well, and they want this job so they can continue using the courts as a cash cow for their friends and family. Stephanie Fattman is too young, too Republican, and too much of a reformer for their liking. I strongly urge anyone interested in rooting out corruption to like Stephanie’s Facebook page, and vote for her in 12 days if you live in Worcester County.



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