Canton Cover-Up 129: Microscopic Tail Light Fragments “Found” In John O’Keefe’s Shirt After 18 Months Of Withholding Evidence From Karen Read’s Defense


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In a motion filed Friday in the Karen Read murder case, the Commonwealth includes another shocking allegation – they found “microscopic pieces of red and clear apparent plastic” on his shirt.

The few remaining bad faith actors clinging to the fairy tale that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe are celebrating as if this is some sort of bombshell. It’s not, and it means very little. Karen Read’s entire defense is predicated around the theory that Michael Proctor planted tail light evidence, which is backed up by Canton and Dighton police reports. Planting tail light evidence in his clothing would align with that theory.

The Canton Police’s report from January 30, 2022, lists all of the witnesses and evidence from the scene.

Today is Brian Albert’s birthday. Hopefully his last as a free man.

A few things are notable from this:

  • Karen Read is not listed as a witness, despite not being charged with any crime on this date
  • Brian Albert’s name is simply listed as B Albert – the only person whose entire name isn’t listed
  • Caitlin Albert and Tristin Morris are listed as witnesses despite allegedly leaving at 12:15
  • The list excludes Colin Albert, Sarah Levinson, Allie McCabe, and Ryan Nagel (the most important witness who got the closest to the Lexus)
  • Despite being listed as witnesses, State Police and Canton Police did not interview Morris, Caitlin Albert, Brian Albert Jr, or Julie Nagel (who was finally interviewed 9 months later)
  • Proctor and Bukhenik extensively interviewed bartenders and other people who were at CF McCarthy’s and the Waterfall Bar, knew every move Karen Read made at those places, but did almost no interviews with the people who were inside 34 Fairview Road
  • There is no tail light evidence listed because the Canton Police did not find any tail light fragments when they searched the scene after John’s body had been removed
  • John’s clothing were not entered into evidence until March 14, 2022

From January 29, 2022 to March 14, 2022 the whereabouts of John’s clothing were unknown. On several occasions Karen Read’s attorneys have asked to inspect John’s clothing. On May 22, 2022, Attorney Yannetti sent an email to ADA Lally requesting to inspect the clothing, which was ignored. As a result they were forced to file a motion on August 11, 2022 to inspect the clothing, which was allowed by Judge Krupp.

But the clothes were never tested or inspected by the defense. They emailed Lally on December 16 asking again. On January 5 they had a Zoom meeting with Lally in which he said he would let them know by January 16 when they could inspect the clothing, but he never got back to them. On February 1, 2023 they were once again forced to file a motion asking to inspect his clothing.

At a February 8, 2023 hearing Lally responded to the motion to compel by promising to give the defense access to John’s clothing within 30 to 60 days, but he never followed through. On April 26, 2023, the defense filed yet another motion to compel that Judge Cannone still has not ruled on.

Why would Karen Read’s attorneys fight so desperately to have John O’Keefe’s clothing tested if they thought any of it had tail light on it? As the lead investigator Trooper Proctor had access to the clothing this entire time. Why did they wait a year and a half to finally test the evidence? Are we to believe that the man who has been caught repeatedly lying in police reports in an effort to frame Karen Read would suddenly be above planting more tail light on John’s clothing? The Commonwealth has provided no pictures of the clothing, and Karen Read’s defense team has not been able to inspect the clothing. Now they are asking the publicly to blindly take the word of a stat agencies that have been caught lying a plethora of times throughout this process.

And please, explain to me the physics of how microscopic tail light fragments ended up on John’s shirt without his chest having any sort of bruising? A Lexus LX weighs close to 3 tons. If an object that large, made largely of metal, was traveling 27 mph when it struck John O’Keefe’s chest and embedded tail light fragments into his shirt, then how does he not have any broken bones or bruises below his neck?

The new evidence is not a bombshell. It’s just more confirmation that these criminals are determined to frame Karen Read for murder.


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