Canton Cover-Up Part 101: Jill Daniels Says In Exclusive Drunken Interview That Colin Albert Left Fairview Road Prior To John O’Keefe Arriving, Urges TB To Investigate Brian Higgins


If you missed it last night on the Live Show, Jill Daniels, the godmother of Colin Albert, sister of Julie Albert, sister-in-law of Chicken Parm Charlie, current boyfriend of geriatric carpet man Nick Marathas, rumored ex-goomah of Brian Albert, and Courtney Proctor’s best friend since high school, was briefly interviewed by this award winning journalist. She came on at the 51 minute mark, and our conversation was quite revealing to say the least.

Well, that was interesting. It certainly showed us a lot about who these people are at their core, and their current state of mind. That is a HARD Canton 43 right there.

This is not how people act when they think that things are going fine. She said she wanted to have a conversation, but she did 90% of the talking (which mostly involved her swearing at me in Canton English), and ironically accused me of “never shutting the f*** up.” Her, Chicken Parm Charlie, Jen McCabe, and others are panicking because the walls are closing in. The facts are not on their side, which is why they resort to ad hominem attacks, and repeatedly refer to yours truly as a “f***ing loser,” which I suppose is better than what they’re calling Karen Read.

By far the most revealing line of the night was this one:

“Colin Albert was in the house, but prior to when John, and Brian, and Higgins…actually one question, why is it guilty until proven innocent? What about Higgins?”

She came so close to saying that John O’Keefe went inside the house, but even in a state of drunken hysteria she knew that she was saying too much. But I took two other interesting things out of that quote:

  1. She claims that Colin Albert was in the house, but left before the crew from the Waterfall Bar came back around 12:15-12:20.
  2. She’s upset that we’re not looking into Brian Higgins.

Here’s my question – if John O’Keefe never stepped foot in the house then what does it matter if Colin Albert was inside the house? The entire town of Canton could’ve been in there and it would make no difference, because it was all blamed on Karen Read anyway. But if Colin was in the house he would’ve been questioned by his lifetime friend Michael Proctor, and unlike the adults who met Proctor at the friends and family meeting at the McCabe’s house, Colin might’ve been too stupid to stick to the script. To this day he has still not been questioned by Canton or State Police.

The only reason they’re suddenly trying so hard to say that Colin wasn’t in the house is because the feds likely confronted them with proof that John was in the house. Colin suddenly decided to drop out of school and give up football last week. He wouldn’t do that if he wasn’t in serious trouble. There was no rush to find an alibi for Colin prior to this, but suddenly they’re claiming that Colin was picked up by an unnamed female friend at 12:10, that her Life 360 app confirms this, and that there is video footage of Colin with the girl at the Canton Library at 12:14 (because the Canton Library cameras only break when Karen Read drives by). According to these people Colin never saw Brian Albert, Brian Higgins, or any of the other people who left the Waterfall Bar and Grille. Colin clearly was a self disciplined 18 year old who respected his curfew and decided that he didn’t want to be there to party when the uncle he idolized got back from the bar.

As I tried to explain to Jill during the brief moments when she allowed me to speak, I do have evidence that Colin was there when Brian Albert, Higgins, and John arrived – Brian and Nicole Albert’s grand jury testimony.

If Colin had left before they arrived then they never would’ve seen him.

Let me be clear – if Jill Daniels or anyone else has evidence that Colin left 34 Fairview Road prior to Brian Albert arriving, we will take down all the blogs about him and issue a full retraction. I will beg for forgiveness from the Chris Albert family, and will order 50 mediocre chicken parms for the Canton PIP shelter. Since they claim to have the Life 360 data and library surveillance this should be easy to do.

Several people have contacted us in the last couple weeks with reports that Brian Higgins has flipped on everyone else. We cannot confirm this, but he has lawyered up, and is reportedly not returning phone calls or messages from the other co-conspirators. This would be wise of him to do, because as I said last month on a Live Show – when Karen Read is exonerated someone is going to go down for this, and Brian Higgins will be the one they all turn on. He is not family, he has no kids, and therefore is expendable, just like Karen Read was. He’d be a fool not to turn on them first. If he did flip, it would explain Colin Albert’s sudden decision to drop out of school.

This would also explain why Jill Daniels would suddenly ask me, “what about Higgins?”

In this picture from the May 3 hearing are the lawyers for Jen McCabe (Kevin Reddington), Brian Albert (Greg Henning), Colin Albert (Joe Krowski), and Brian Higgins (Bill Connolly), along with the Tik Tok lawyer who is not involved.

Why would any of these people need lawyers if they’re not under federal investigation? Higgins’ attorney previously worked for the US Attorney’s Office.

This would be the ideal attorney if you were subpoenaed to appear in front of a federal grand jury that asked you probing questions about who was inside 34 Fairview Road that night.



I still can’t believe she answered though. When I first called her I said “this one’s definitely not answering.” But she did, and she announced to the crowd she was with that she was speaking to me. She rebutted my question about Colin going to jail by telling me that I was actually the one who would be going to jail for the crime of…something. She claimed she wanted to have a conversation, but then put the geriatric carpet man on the phone who called me homophobic slurs.

I called her back and she assured me, without evidence, that someone named “Jen Albert” wasn’t guilty, before accusing me of being in a sexual relationship with Karen Read (this is a common tactic of the Alberts and McCabes when cornered). I told her about the grand jury testimony from Brian Albert, and her response was “No, no, shut the f*** up for once in your life, seriously you don’t know how to shut up. You have no life, and no clear friends,” before bringing up my personal life.

So clearly she won that argument.

Jill hung up on me, but the Fireball she was likely drinking gave her the confidence to call me back to really let me have it. She really lost it on this one, so I had to give her the “easy pussycat” to calm her down.

“Go get a new name you f***ing turtle douche. Colin didn’t do it, Brian didn’t do it, Jen didn’t do it, no one did it. Your f***ing bitch Karen did it, so f***ing lay on that and figure that out, go f*** yourself.”

Honestly, there’s really not much difference between what she just said and what Adam Lally rambles on about in court. It’s basically the same thing (Karen did it because we said so), it’s just way more fun when she says it.

JD: “Karen Read f***ing ran him over.”

TB: “You keep saying that, but I don’t see any evidence of that.”

JD: “Yea, I do keep saying that, because that’s the f***ing truth.”

OK. Let’s see how that plays out in court.

I called her back one more time, but instead of just not answering she figured she would try to diplomatically make her case again. Just kidding, she attacked Tom Beatty and his 17 year old daughter, told me that I was the biggest piece of trash in the world, and told me to “shut the f*** up for once in my life” as she talked over me.

But the most important thing Jill wanted to confront me about was my claim to be an award winning journalist. She was REALLY upset about that.


“Where’s your award? You’re an award winning journalist, where’s that award?”

Since you asked Jill, Turtleboy was voted best Local Blog in the prestigious Worcester Magazine Best of Worcester County awards in 2015 and 2016, back when I was “anonymous.” They eliminated the category the next year because I was such a shoe in, so the people of Worcester County voted Turtleboy Best Local News Outlet in 2017 instead. Two of them are hanging in my office.

Anyway, I let her sober up a bit and texted her this afternoon with a followup, but I haven’t heard back yet.

We will keep you posted with any updates.


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