Canton Cover-Up Part 103: Canton DPW Admits They Plow All Roads In Town, Refuses To Answer Questions About John O’Keefe’s Death, Chief Rafferty Refuses To Meet With Turtleboy


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Yesterday I went to Canton with the intentions of speaking with DPW Superintendent Michael Trotta, Police Chief Helena Rafferty, and any Canton Police Officers who reported finding no tail light fragments near John O’Keefe’s body on the morning of January 29, 2022. I was doing this in light of:

  1. My interview with Canton DPW plow driver Lucky Loughran, who told me that had plowed Fairview Road and that there was no body on the lawn at 2:30 AM.
  2. A report written by Michael Proctor stating that a company called “By The Yard,” which was not a registered company with the Secretary of State’s Office at the time, was responsible for plowing non-major roadways like Fairview Road.
  3. A report written by Michael Proctor stating that the GPS data in the plow trucks was not functioning on January 29, 2022, despite Lucky Loughran’s testimony that the FBI confronted him with GPS data from the truck showing that he had plowed Fairview Road.
  4. Chief Rafferty’s comments at the Board of Selectman meeting that I had violated the law by holding a peaceful protest in Canton, which she claims terrorized Jennifer McCabe.
  5. Michael Proctor’s claim of finding tail light evidence and John O’Keefe’s missing shoe 12 hours after the Canton Police failed to find either of those things in their initial search.

We began by going to DPW headquarters on Bolivar Street. I spoke with Billy Walsh, who is in charge of coordinating what streets his drivers will plow. He would not speak to me in his office and told me to leave because it wasn’t a public place, despite the word “public” being printed on the door I was standing in front of.

When I asked him if he was the one who dispatched Lucky Loughran that night (he was) he said he had no comment.

TB: “You’re the one who sent Lucky Loughran out that night, right?”

BW: “I have no comment.”

TB: “Do you guys use a company called By The Yard (to plow the roads)?

BW: “I have no comment.”

TB: “Does the Canton DPW plow all of the roads in Canton.”

BW: “Correct”

TB: “So there’s no company called By The Yard that contracts?”

BW: “I have no comment.”

TB: “Would Fairview Road be under the purview of (the town of Canton DPW)?”

BW: “I have no comment.”

TB: “But you said you plow all the roads.”

BW: “I have no comment.”

TB: “Why not?”

BW: “I just have no comment.”

By admitting to me the Canton DPW plows ALL of the roads in Canton, it means that Fairview Road was plowed by the Canton DPW. Yet he wouldn’t admit that, as he has clearly been directed to say “no comment,” to any legitimate questions asked to him about the most memorable and consequential night in the history of the Canton DPW. Why would you have no comment about such a serious matter if you weren’t hiding something?

From there we drove to Town Hall where I intended on speaking with Superintendent Michael Trotta.

First I spoke with Trotta who told me that:

  • Canton DPW does subcontract to By The Yard, but Trotta doesn’t assign who plows what road, and he believes By The Yard would do the roads around Fairview
  • Lucky Loughran doesn’t work for By The Yard, he works for the Canton DPW, so clearly this was a lie
  • When I confronted him with this contradiction he changed his story and told me that both the Canton DPW AND By The Yard do the non-major roads, which apparently need double the treatment that the main roadways get
  • He says the plow GPS went down sometime in January, which is an obvious lie that is contradicted by the FBI agent who confronted Loughran with that data
  • When I told him that Billy Walsh told me that Canton DPW plows all the roads in town, Trotta told me that they were merely responsible for plowing the roads, which includes delegating responsibility to sub-contracted non-registered companies By The Yard

After that I tried to find Charles Doody with no luck, and then I swung over to the Clerk’s Office to ask for Chris Albert’s voting records. He did not vote in the Town Selectman race the year before I began, which confirmed to me my suspicions that his sudden desire to be involved in running the municipal government (including the police and DPW) happened after his son was accused in open court of being involved in a murder.

It dawned on me before we left that Trotta told me that the sub-contracting of plowing services went out to bid, and that someone in Town Hall had access to this. So we went back to the Clerk’s office, who directed me to the Finance Director, who sent me back to Trotta. He told me that:

  • I would have to file a written public records request for that information
  • Lucky Loughran was lying when he told me that a directive was sent via a printed memo (not emailed) instructing DPW employees not to speak with me
  • Lucky Loughran was “not in trouble at all”
  • To be subcontracted for plowing services you don’t have to be registered with the Secretary of State’s Office
  • The Town of Canton somehow doesn’t have the resources to plow their town of 25K people, and instead of just asking the Board of Selectman for the funding to do so, they pay outside companies like By The Yard to plow
  • He was adamant that the GPS in the trucks were not working right around the time that John O’Keefe was murdered, but had no idea when they were fixed or what caused them to allegedly stop working (something the FBI contradicts)
  • Lucky Loughran was plowing Fairview Road by 2:30, which he said was normal because Canton DPW AND By The Yard double team all the side roads. But this contradicts what Proctor claims that Trotta told him – Canton DPW trucks would NOT travel down Fairview Road.

Even if the town does subcontract with By The Yard, it doesn’t change the fact that Proctor lied in his report when he wrote that Canton DPW drivers wouldn’t travel that route. Proctor just used this as an excuse NOT to speak with a witness who would tell him that John O’Keefe’s body wasn’t on the lawn at 2:30 AM. Proctor also never followed up with any plow drivers from By The Yard who allegedly would have plowed the roads in combination with Lucky Loughran. By The Yard says they employ 2-5 employees in the paperwork they filed when they incorporated on April 25, 2023, a week after we began our reporting.

From there we went to the Police Station to speak with Chief Rafferty. But despite spending a significant amount of time chirping at me on Twitter (while bragging that I follow her), claiming to want transparency, and threatening to arrest me for exercising the most basic, fundamental rights of all Americans, she wouldn’t meet with me.

Chief Rafferty doesn’t have time to speak with me, but she does have time to interact with people on Twitter posting that I am running a “Russian backed extortion pyramid scheme pedo ring where they drug judges and ranking police at exclusive resorts, record them on video, and then charge 10K a month until they bring another judge to the resort.”

I asked the desk sergeant if I could speak with Lt. Gallagher, Lt. Lank, Sgt. Goode, or Officers Saraf or Mullaney, but he said that all of five of them were unavailable. He confirmed that Lt. Lank was working, but was unavailable. He wouldn’t explain to me what that meant or where we could find him.


If I could speak with any of these five officers I would ask them how the State Police could have found tail light fragments and John’s missing shoe, if they all were on record that there were no fragments or shoes when they searched the scene. I planned on asking Lank why he responded if he wasn’t on duty, why he didn’t order the house to be searched, why Brian Albert didn’t come outside that morning, what he saw when he went inside 34 Fairview Road, and what Jennifer McCabe told him when she personally called him back at 9 AM to change her statement about Karen Read’s comments. Unfortunately it appears as if the Canton Police don’t mind being called incompetent morons by the State Police, which they would have to be if they somehow missed all that evidence 12 hours later after a foot of snow had fallen.

Finally I traveled to 340 North Main Street in Sharon to speak with Duncan Calvin Seaman at the registered address of By The Yard. Since the town of Canton apparently doesn’t have the resources to plow the roads in town by themselves I wanted to see what their operation looked like. Surely there must be a fleet of trucks, or why else would the Canton DPW trust them with such important work? What we found was a farm that sells eggs vegetables, run by an elderly woman and two children who don’t speak English. There were 3 plow blades in the driveway, but just one truck.

By The Yard is owned by Duncan Calvin Seaman, the uncle of Colin Albert’s good friend Danielle Seaman, and the brother of Chris Albert’s biggest campaign contributor Dwight Seaman. I would like to know if Michael Proctor ever spoke with him, and why he decided to wait until April 25, 2023 to incorporate. But at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter because Lucky Loughran plowed that road and said there was no body on the front lawn. 

All this trip did for me was confirm what I suspected – the Town of Canton is actively trying to cover up what happened on the morning of January 29, 2022, and in doing so is protecting the people who murdered John O’Keefe.


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