Canton Cover-Up Part 104: Karen Read’s Motion To Compel Evidence Shows Adam Lally Has Been Hiding Potentially Exculpatory Evidence From DNA Testing 


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Yesterday Karen Read’s Attorney David Yannetti filed a motion to compel discovery that the Commonwealth has been refusing to hand over for over a year now. Here’s a list of all the evidence the prosecution has kept from the defense.

If John was killed inside 34 Fairview Road then his clothing would be covered in Albert and dog DNA, but Adam Lally keeps avoiding having any of it tested. John also was wearing a navy blue hat that night, which was not found outside next to his body. Keep in mind, he had a gigantic gash in the back of his head and it would’ve been covered in blood. But the hat wasn’t “discovered” until February 3, almost a week after he was killed, and it is NOT listed in the evidence log.

The motion goes on to explain that in mid July the defense asked for John’s clothes to be tested by an independent expert, but that Lally still hadn’t had them tested yet for DNA. Additionally Michael Proctor only selected four of the items the defense requested to be tested.

In short, Lally and Proctor are intentionally not testing his clothing for DNA and are giving the defense the runaround.

They know that the tests will come back positive for Albert and dog DNA, and their plan is to bleed Karen Read out of all her money by making her attorneys file motions to compel like this one. We’re not going to let that happen though, which is why we encourage people to donate to the legal defense fund.

The defense still has not been granted access to the tail light pieces that Michael Proctor planted, so they asked for it in an email. Lally wrote a response email that rambled on but never addressed when he was handing over the tail light evidence.

The Commonwealth claims to have some “bombshell” from the Lexus black box, showing that she backed into O’Keefe driving 27 mph in reverse, so naturally the defense asked to see that. Lally not only hasn’t given it to them, he just ignores the requests for the EDR data in his emails.

Additionally, John O’Keefe’s death certificate was apparently amended, and is not the original death certificate. The defense still has not received the original death certificate from the Commonwealth, which says something different than the amended death certificate.

We also found out that some of John’s clothing has been sent to a lab at UC Davis to determine whether or not dog DNA is present. UC Davis has strict guidelines for testing clothing, and requires police to follow protocol with all evidence before handing it over for testing. The defense wants the Commonwealth to show that they have followed these protocols, particularly because an unnamed State Police criminalist working on the case “failed certain competency tests immediately prior to analyzing evidence in this case.”

It’s unclear who that criminalist is, or what the competency test was that they failed, but Lally has yet to provide the defense with reports showing State Police followed protocols before handing over evidence to be tested in the UC Davis lab.

Additionally, the defense asked for Lally to make sure that the testing looked for “the presence of animal DNA and K-9 markers such that the dog DNA profile would be preserved for later comparison.” Lally ignored them again.

The defense is also asking for an email that Proctor sent MSP Criminalist James Short, which contained an attachment the defense can’t read.

Lally claims that Karen Read isn’t handing over her phone, which is untrue. The defense is happy to let the Commonwealth rummage through Read’s phone, as long as they can protect text messages between Read and Yannetti, and Read and another attorney. But when Lally first sent over the USB containing all of the data in Karen Read’s phone so that they could determine what was privileged, the defense couldn’t view it because Lally didn’t send a password.

The defense is anxious to get the clothing tested for DNA, but the Commonwealth keeps stalling.

It’s little things like this that Lally does to intentionally delay the proceedings and make you realize what his plan is here.

But most egregiously we learned that Lally never preserved the tissue samples from John’s arm, despite being ordered by the court to do so by the court.

This would be like Marcia Clark not preserving OJ Simpson’s glove to hand to the defense. It’s evidence that can prove Karen Read is innocent if there is dog DNA on it.

I don’t know what the Commonwealth’s plan is, or if they even have one. I believe they initially hoped that by overcharging Karen Read it would get her to take a plea deal that would have her serve a couple years in prison, and would further protect the actual killers from being held accountable. But now that it’s clear that Karen won’t be taking an plea, and that she has an army of people behind her who aren’t going to allow them to pervert justice in front of our eyes, it’s like they don’t know what to do. They don’t have a theory about how John was killed, how the scratches got on his arm, where all the blood went, why the house wasn’t searched, why there was no tail light fragments at 6 AM, or a plethora of other questions they’d have to be able to explain at trial. And they definitely don’t want to have his clothing tested for DNA.

They just want Karen Read to give up, but she won’t.


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