Canton Cover-Up Part 116: Listing All Of Michael Morrissey’s Lies From Video Demanding Concerned Citizens Stop Peacefully Protesting


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On Friday Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey publicly spoke about the Karen Read case for the first time, and instead of addressing the undeniable evidence that millions of people are now aware of, he used it as an opportunity to blatantly lie and repeatedly told peaceful protesters to “stop” exercising their First Amendment rights.

Let’s break this down quote by quote to debunk every lie this man told the public.

1. “The harassment of witnesses in the murder prosecution of Karen Read is absolutely baseless.”

No witnesses have been harassed. Not one. There have been multiple peaceful demonstrations, all of which were voluntarily filmed by me, other turtle riders, or members of the media. Canton TV and a reporter from Boston Magazine followed us throughout the entire July 22 rolling rally through Canton. Not once is there any sort of harassment. We don’t even come in contact with anyone we were peacefully protesting against. The only “harassment” or threats have come from supporters of the Alberts, and people like Sean McCabe, who threatened to kill me and bury my corpse in Judge Beverly Cannone’s Cape Cod backyard.

The protesting is not “baseless” either. It is an undeniable fact that Jennifer McCabe Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM, which is evidence that she was involved in a conspiracy to murder John O’Keefe. As a reporter I have every right to ask her about that, and I have done so. Both times I encountered her I was outnumbered by her friends and family, who attempted to use physical force to prevent me from asking her why she Googled that.


2. “What evidence does show is that John O’Keefe never entered the home at 34 Fairview Road.”

Evidence shows the exact opposite. John’s Apple health data extracted from his phone shows that he ascended and descended stairs from 12:21 to 12:24, which was only possible if he was inside the house.


3. “Location data from his phone show that his phone did not enter that home.”

Location data shows that John did enter the home, and his phone was moving at 12:31 – long after the prosecution contends Karen struck John with her car.


4. “Eleven people have given statements that they did not see JO enter the home.”

Only 6 people have given statements to police that they didn’t see JO enter the home – Brian Albert, Nicole Albert, Jen McCabe, Matt McCabe, Julie Nagel, and Sarah Levinson. Nagel and Levinson were not interviewed until almost a year later. The McCabes and Alberts have good reason to lie – if John came in the house it implicates them in his murder. Julie Nagel is Brian Albert Jr’s girlfriend. Sarah Levinson is a nurse who did nothing to help save a dying man. All of them could have their lives ruined if they admitted John came inside the home. All of them had ample time to get their simple story straight – JO never came in the house.

Most importantly, it was who Michael Proctor never interviewed that is most telling. Colin Albert, Brian Higgins, and Brian Albert Jr were all in the home when JO arrived. Brian Albert Jr slept there. Higgins clocked into work drunk at 1:30. Colin Albert is the only person who had an issue with John. None of them have been interviewed by police to this day. Nor has Mary Kent, Kathryn Doody, Emily Fabbiano, or Caitlin Albert, who were all inside the home at one point.

There could be more people inside the house too, but we will never know that because Detective Proctor failed to apply for geofence data which would show definitively each and every person who was inside the house that night. It’s much easier for a conspiracy to work when less people are left out of it.


5. “Zero people have said they saw him enter the home. Zero. No one.”

Karen Read is also a witness, and she said that she witnessed JO going in the home. Ryan Nagel pulled up behind Read after she arrived and he told police that JO was not in her car, or on the ground outside her car, therefore the only place he could be is in the house. So one person saw him enter the home, and the other person gave testimony backing up her statement. Both houses across the street from 34 Fairview Road have Ring cameras that would show whether or not JO went inside the home, but police did not ask for either of them.


6. “Some, without any evidence, pointed to 18 year old Colin Albert and accused him of attacking JO.”

There is no evidence that Colin Albert attacked JO because the house wasn’t searched and Colin was never questioned by police or photographed. There are pictures of Colin two weeks after the incident in which he has a black eye, and four weeks after the incident with scabs on his knuckles.

We don’t know where those came from because Michael Proctor never questioned or spoke with Colin Albert in his reports.


7. “Testimony from witnesses tells us that 18 year old Colin Albert left his uncle’s home before JO and Karen Read arrived at the residence.”

Brian Albert arrived at 34 Fairview Road at roughly the same time as KR and JO. Brian Albert told the grand jury that when he arrived home Colin Albert was there, and that he stayed for part of the party. No witnesses have testified that Colin wasn’t there – this is merely Internet speculation, which Morrissey ironically went on warn citizens about participating in.

The Alberts and McCabes lied constantly throughout the investigation about times. Jen claimed that John’s car did not arrive until 12:31, even though he was ascending stairs 10 minutes earlier. Jen claims that she saw Karen Read’s car drive away at 12:45 (but didn’t notice a body, hear him being hit by her car, or hear him scream for help), but the missing Canton Library footage was from 12:37-39, and there is Ring camera footage showing Karen arriving home at 1 Meadows Ave at 12:41.

The “witnesses'” version of events, including who was there at what time, cannot be trusted.


8. “There was no fight inside the home.”

There is no way Morrissey would know this because the house was never searched for signs of a fight, and the people being accused of fighting (Colin Albert) were not questioned by police.


9. “Colin Albert, the young man being vilified, was not present in the home when JO and Karen Read arrived on the street.”

Colin Albert has no alibi and doesn’t need one because he was never questioned by police. Morrissey repeatedly referring to him as “18 year old,” and “young man,” is his way of infantilizing a legal adult. Colin Albert would be able to prove he wasn’t there if Proctor submitted the geofence data, but he didn’t because Proctor has known Colin since he was a child and is actively protecting his close family friend.



10. “Colin Albert did not commit murder. Jennifer McCabe, Matt McCabe, Brian Albert – these people were not part of a conspiracy and certainly did not commit murder or any crime that night.”

Morrissey says these things as a statement of fact, yet he has not investigated any of these people as potential suspects. He has no idea what they did or did not do, yet he states with 100% affirmation that they did not murder John O’Keefe. The DA is supposed to represent John O’Keefe, but instead they are acting as defense attorneys for “witnesses” who filed motions opposing their phone records being made public. Morrissey himself is chummy with disgrace police chief Ken Berkowitz, and attended his retirement party with Brian Albert and Brian Higgins.


11. “They have been forthcoming with authorities.”

Jen McCabe deleted over a dozen phone calls, texts, and Google searches before handing over her phone. This is the opposite of forthcoming.

Brian Albert could clear this all up by handing over his phone if he did nothing wrong, but instead he’s done the exact opposite. The Commonwealth, which does not represent Brian Albert, has nonetheless filed motions on his behalf to prevent the defense from accessing his phone.


12. “They are not suspects in any crime – they are merely witnesses in the case.”

If JO didn’t come inside the house and they didn’t witness Karen Read hitting him with her car, then what are they a witness to? They are only “not suspects” because his office has failed to treat them as such, even though they would be under any other circumstances. The only “witnesses” are the people who live across the street and have Ring cameras, which were never looked at as part of the investigation.


13. “To have them accused of murder is outrageous.”

Lynching Karen Read and protecting cop killers is outrageous.


14. “To have them harassed and intimidated based on false narratives and accusations is wrong.”

The Commonwealth has ruined Karen Read’s life based on false narratives and accusations. Whatever discomfort Jen McCabe is feeling for finally being held accountable for her actions pales in comparison to the emotional pain and suffering that Karen Read and her family have felt for the last 20 months. More importantly, the issue of “harassing and intimidating witnesses” has already been litigated in Stoughton District Court, where a judge found that our peaceful protesting of Jennifer McCabe was neither harassment nor witness intimidation.


15. “The ME further found that the line of abrasions on JO’s arm was consistent with blunt trauma, not an animal attack.”

These are quite clearly scratches and bites from a dog.

Brian Albert owned a vicious family dog, which he suddenly decided to rehome months after the JO’s murder.

If John wasn’t attacked by a German Shepherd then why did the Commonwealth oppose a motion from the defense asking for animal control records? Instead their opposition was defeated and ACO records showed that Chloe sent multiple human beings to the emergency room. Morrissey’s office also ignored a court order for more than a year to test John’s clothing for dog DNA.

According to Dr. Frank Sheridan, the medical examiner for San Bernadino County with more than 12K autopsies performed, he concluded to a scientific certainty that John’s wounds were from an animal attack.



16. “A grand jury of every day citizens heard the documented evidence and testimony before making its decision.”

A grand jury only heard from the prosecution, and several of those who testified – Brian Albert, Brian Higgins, Jen McCabe, Nicole Albert – were inside the house when John O’Keefe was murdered. Karen Read and her attorneys were not allowed in the grand jury session and could not cross examine witnesses. The grand jury did not hear testimony from the hundreds of people whose homes with Ring cameras Karen Read passed by with an allegedly broken tail light, because none of them were questioned by Michael Proctor. Nor was plow driver Lucky Loughran, who plowed Fairview Road at 2:30 and said that JO’s body was not on the front lawn.


17. “Karen Read enjoys the constitutional protections of innocence. Why should the witnesses, who have committed no crime, be afforded less by members of the community?”

Karen Read is being treated by the state as if she is guilty, and her right to a fair trial has been impeded more times than I can count. According to the forensic evidence the “witnesses” did commit a crime, and then took steps to cover it up.


18. “I am asking the Canton community and everyone who feels invested in this case to hear all of the actual evidence at trial before assigning guilt to people who have done nothing wrong.”

We’ve heard and seen the actual evidence, and it’s clear as day that there is reasonable doubt at worst, along with strong evidence showing John was murdered inside the house. Quite frankly, this is all the evidence we really need to see.


19. “We try people in the court and not the Internet for a reason. The Internet has no rules of evidence. The Internet does not know all the facts.”

He posted this on the Internet.


20. “Conspiracy theories are not evidence.”

If you believe this car caused these injuries, then it is you who is the conspiracy theorist.


21. “The idea that multiple police departments, EMT’s, fire personnel, the ME, and the DA’s office joined in a vast conspiracy should be seen for what it is – completely contrary to the evidence and a desperate attempt to reassign guilt.”

We are not suggesting that the Canton Police Department conspired to frame Karen Read. In fact, the Canton Police Department’s own testimony is the strongest evidence that the State Police framed Karen Read on their own. Their officers reported finding no tail light fragments on the scene at 6 AM.

Later on the State Police would find several pieces and JO’s missing shoe at 5:45, after more than a foot of snow had fallen.

We are not suggesting that firefighter Katie McLaughlin is in on the conspiracy because she claims that Karen Read said “I hit him,” even though she is close friends with Caitlin Albert. We are suggesting that Michael Proctor cannot be trusted, and has a proven, documented history of lying about what witnesses told him in police reports.

We are not suggesting the medical examiner is involved in a conspiracy. We are suggesting that Proctor told her prior to the autopsy that John was killed by Karen Read, and the ME worked backwards from there in order to reach her incorrect conclusion.

We are certainly suggesting that the DA is involved in the conspiracy, and Morrissey’s Friday rant, filled with easily disprovable lies, only confirms those suspicions.


22. “Michael Proctor was never at Fairview Road on the day of the incident.”

Morrissey’s own charging documents state that Proctor was at the scene on the day of the incident, and secured JO’s phone. The fact that he would state such an easily provable lie like this shows how arrogant and untouchable he believes that he and the other conspirators are. If it was true that Proctor never was at the scene of the crime Morrissey would be admitting that his lead investigator never responded to the actual crime scene, which would be the grossest incompetence in the history of law enforcement.


23. “Proctor and his MSP partner traveled together the entire day while other officers were processing 34 Fairview.”

The area where O’Keefe’s body was discovered was not sectioned off and treated like a crime scene. Throughout the day gawkers contaminated the crime scene before tail light fragments were later discovered. No state troopers were present at 34 Fairview for most of the day.


24. “Trooper Proctor was not there and did not plant evidence at 34 Fairview Road.”

Trooper Proctor has never been questioned or investigated for planting evidence.


25. “Proctor had no opportunity to plant evidence.”

Trooper Proctor wrote in his report that he had Karen Read’s car towed from Dighton at 5:30, which would mean that he had no opportunity to plant evidence. But Dighton Police records show that Proctor and the car were gone by 4:17, giving him ample opportunity to tow the car to Canton, break the tail light, and plant it at 34 Fairview Road where it was found on top of (not below) a pile of snow.


26. “Trooper Proctor had no close personal relationship with any of the parties involved in the investigation.”

Proctor’s mother called the Alberts here “second family.” Colin Albert and Jill Daniels were in Courtney Proctor’s wedding party, along with Michael Proctor. Courtney Proctor loves Colin Albert and posted about him on Facebook since he was a little boy. Michael Proctor was photographed with two of Jennifer McCabe’s daughters at his sister’s house in 2017. Chris Albert, McCabe’s daughter, and Proctor’s mother were photographed at a 2016 family event at Courtney Proctor’s house.


27. “What is happening to the witnesses is wrong. It is contrary to the American values of fairness, and the Constitutional value of a fair trial.”

What is happening to Karen Read is wrong, and is contrary to the American values of fairness, and the Constitutional value of a fair trial. The witnesses should be considered prime suspects based upon the totality of the evidence. Instead they get to go on living their lives normally while Karen Read has lost everything and faces life in prison for a crime she clearly didn’t commit.


28. “I am releasing this as a recorded statement rather than holding a new conference.”

You released a recorded statement because you are a coward who is petrified of answering tough questions on matters of public concern because you have no answer for them.


29. “It needs to stop now.”

We will never, ever stop. Our beautiful country was founded on protesting and revolution. Our founding fathers established a judiciary that was so fair that John Adams himself represented and helped acquit the Boston Massacre soldiers. Morrisey’s office is trampling on the foundation of the democracy those principled men created just miles from Canton. Throughout history protesting has been used to right countless wrongs and make this country a better place. Protesters were not willing to wait for a corrupt government to suddenly decide to do the right thing. They took to the streets and demanded it. It’s why we no longer have segregation, it’s why labor unions exist, and it’s why we pulled out of Vietnam.

How dare he demand that we stop protesting an obvious injustice when we see it.

How dare he respond to accusations of corruption and coverup with more lies and coverup.

How dare he respond to legitimate concerns about cop killers walking free amongst us by telling concerned citizens that they must voluntarily give up their First Amendment rights.

How dare he act as if his office, or any government body, is above reproach.

We will not stop. We may have toned things down in the last week or two, but thanks to Morrissey he has ensured that many more will join in the streets and on the steps of the courthouse as we demand justice.


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