Canton Cover-Up Part 121: Michael Proctor, State Police, Ken Berkowitz Found At Least 35 Pieces Of Tail Light Near John O’Keefe’s Body That Canton Police Missed


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The Canton Police Department did not find a single piece of tail light when they searched the area around where John O’Keefe’s body was discovered. Three veteran officers, including a lieutenant and two sergeants, only found a broken cocktail glass and six blood samples in the less than 2 inches of snow that had accumulated by 6:30 AM.

Yet 12 hours later, after more than a foot of snow had fallen, the State Police SERT team located a black Nike sneaker (that would have stood out in white snow at 6:30 AM), two red plastic pieces of tail light, and a clear plastic piece of tail light ON TOP OF the snow.

Throughout the following week Michael Proctor and Canton Police Chief Ken Berkowitz (whose department had nothing to do with the case) found more pieces of plastic that Brian Albert himself missed despite living in the house. According to the defense’s recent motion to compel discovery and access evidence, there have been at least 35 pieces of tail light entered into evidence by the Commonwealth.

Last night on the Live Show I mistakingly said 47 pieces were entered into evidence, although there may be more pieces that the defense has already examined. But in this motion they asked to examine 35 pieces of tail light – all of which three veteran, higher ranked Canton police officers missed.

At the time of the initial CPD search Lucky Loughran testified that he had only plowed Fairview Road once, at 2:30, and that John O’Keefe’s body was not on the front lawn. John was also lying close to a fire hydrant, and Loughran would have made sure not to cover it in snow. The Commonwealth wants jurors to believe that 35 pieces of tail light light would’ve been hidden from three Canton police officers, only to be discovered 12 hours later, after more than a foot of snow had fallen, by the State Police.

Surveillance video from John O’Keefe and William Read’s house both show Karen’s right tail light barely broken at all.

The Commonwealth wants a jury to believe that there were at least 35 missing pieces of plastic from that vehicle sitting in the front yard of 34 Fairview Road while those images were taken. This would mean that their strategy would be to convince 12 people that Lt. Gallagher, Lt. Lank, and Sgt. Goode are blind and incompetent. Let’s see if they believe it.


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