Canton Cover-Up Part 123: DA Michael Morrissey Hired A Dozen Detail Cops To Hide From Peaceful Protesters At Campaign Event In Quincy


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Yesterday I made a pit stop in Canton to hold a one-man, hour long impromptu protest in front of D&E Pizza to demand the resignation of Chris Albert from the Board of Selectman, before heading to Quincy to protest Norfolk County DA Michael Morrissey’s annual BBQ at the Adams Inn. I knew that if I announced it ahead of time that he would make sure he got there before us and have extra police details in case I tried to crash his circlejerk event on the Neponset River. If I went alone I could’ve probably gotten in, but I wanted to let people know so that he could see and hear how disgusted people are about the fact that his office is covering up the murder of John O’Keefe.

The primary reason we were holding this protest was because Morrissey made an announcement on Friday demanding that we stop protesting the blatant corruption we’re all seeing with our own eyes. He claims that the people involved in the cover up – Jen McCabe, Brian Albert, Matt McCabe, Colin Albert – are witnesses for the state who don’t deserve to be asked questions by the media, despite being inside a house where a Boston Police Officer was beaten to death and thrown out on the lawn to die like trash.

But Michael Morrissey is not my Mommy, and I’m his Daddy now. We are free people living in a free country, so we laugh at his demands and vow to protest even harder.

By the time we arrived Quincy Police had already established a perimeter, checking cars that were going in to make sure they were invited guests.

Detail cops were all stationed outside of other entrances, and undercover police took pictures of us and made sure nobody attempted to go inside.

I arrived right about 4:30 and began streaming.

Others picked it up as well.

There was about 50 of us, including people of all ages, none of whom know Karen Read. These are just concerned citizens who are unwilling to remain silent in the face of an obvious injustice.

Michael Morrissey is the most cowardly, despicable politician alive today. At least Rachael Rollins would actually go on hostile programs like Howie Carr and face questions from her opposition. Morrissey wouldn’t even hold a press conference because he was afraid of answering any questions from the media. He told a bunch of blatant, easily disprovable lies, like when he said that Michael Proctor was not at 34 Fairview Road the entire day. Or how he stated that John O’Keefe and Colin Albert were not inside the house. He sent this stooge out to make sure his corrupt donors got in, who hid behind police because he’s not man enough to come out and face us.

A couple turtle riders did get in covertly and got some pictures and video of people sipping stiff drinks with a man who appears to be a functional alcoholic.


Just look at this man:

Look at his filthy, wrinkled pants, with his new balance shoes and ten gallon tumor protruding from his stomach. Look at that poor belt, just begging to be put out of its misery. This is the best Norfolk County has to offer? This slob, who can’t even take care of himself?

Look at the shmucks around him, looking for their chance to rub elbows with a powerful politician so their kids can get a summer internship.


These are the people who blindly give money to his campaign in case anyone dares to run against him. None of them care that this man is trying to take an innocent woman away from her family in order to protect a bunch of cop killers from being held accountable for what they did. None of them lose any sleep at night knowing this human being is being sacrificed by the man they’re sucking up to.

Those images are from last June when Karen Read was arrested again at her home by Michael Proctor, after her charges were upgraded to murder. They made her wear disgusting used jeans and a grandmother sweater in order to embarrass her and take away her will to fight back. She was alone in court that day, except for her immediate family. Jen McCabe and other co-conspirators sat on the other side of the courtroom with their justice for JJ buttons, knowing that the DA would protect them from having their crimes be made public.

But Karen Read will never be alone again. A year later and she was greeted with this on the courthouse steps.

She is the face of resistance to tyranny. She is up against people who are pure evil, all of whom will rot in eternal Hell, after hopefully rotting in a jail cell. And we will, never, ever stop protesting the injustice that is playing out in front of us.


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