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Canton Cover-Up Part 126: Karen Read Files Motion Showing Lucky Loughran Told Private Investigator On February 15 That John O’Keefe Wasn’t On Front Lawn, Michael Proctor Visited Loughran Day After Blog Was Published


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Seven motions were filed in the case of Commonwealth vs. Karen Read today – three by the defense, and four by the Commonwealth. The first two were the defense’s motion for all GPS data from Canton DPW plows on the morning of John O’Keefe’s murder, and an affidavit from a private investigator. My interview with Brian “Lucky” Loughran is cited heavily throughout the motion.

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Last month I interviewed Loughran on the record during a phone call, which I transcribed using my photographic memory. Lucky told me that he had plowed Fairview Road at around 2:30 and said that John O’Keefe’s body was not on the front lawn of Brian Albert’s house. When he came back an hour later he was going to plow Fairview again but couldn’t because a Ford Edge was parked where the body would later be found by Karen Read at 6 AM.

During our interview Loughran told me that he had been confronted by the FBI with GPS data from his plow, proving that he had gone by the house at 2:30 AM. He told me that they had recently picked him up, and had him retrace the route he took that night. He also told me that he had told this same thing to Karen Read’s private investigator over a year ago.

We are now seeing that PI’s report for the first time.

Paul Mackowski retired from the Medford Police Department in 2021.

Like a lot of retired LEO’s, Mackowski started his own PI business. He was hired by Karen Read, out of her own pocket, shortly after she was charged and realized she was being framed. One of the first things he wanted to do was speak with whoever plowed Fairview Road. On February 14, 2022, he went to speak with Billy Walsh, the Highway Department supervisor I met with two weeks ago, who told Mackowski something Walsh had been instructed not to tell me, but I already knew – Lucky Loughran plowed Fairview Road that night.

Mackowski knew that the conspirators would likely say that just because Loughran hadn’t seen John’s body, it didn’t mean John wasn’t there. For that reason he specifically asked Loughran if he WOULD HAVE SEEN a body if it was there. Lougrhan unequivocally stated that he would have seen the body, and explained that this was because he “always looks in front of him and from side to side.”

When asked about where he saw the Ford Edge parked he clearly stated – “exactly where the body was found.”

Since Mackowski interviewed Loughran we have learned that Colin Albert also drives a Ford Edge registered to his mother Julie, and he has been served with a federal grand jury subpoena by 2 FBI agents.

Michael Proctor is on record in an official police report stating that Canton DPW Director Michael Trotta told him that the GPS on plow trucks was broken on January 24, and not fixed in time for the blizzard on the January 29. This is at odds with Loughran’s testimony to me, because he said that the FBI confronted him with GPS data from January 29, indicating that it was not broken.

Attorney Alan Jackson summarized in his motion just how damning this testimony is for the Commonwealth and the State Police. He also cited my interview with Loughran corroborating this story several times, and emphasized how Colin Albert regularly drove a car matching the exact description of the Ford Edge that Loughran saw parked in the exact same location where O’Keefe’s body was later found.

Additionally, Attorney Jackson pointed out that Loughran’s testimony aligns with the testimony of Matt McCabe, Jen McCabe, Sarah Levinson, Julie Nagel, and Brian Higgins, who all said that they left before 2:30 and did not see John O’Keefe’s body on the lawn. The body did not appear on the lawn until AFTER the Ford Edge matching the description of the car Colin Albert drives was seen parked outside the house at 3:30.

Not a single witness saw Karen Read back up into John O’Keefe with her car.

Not a single witness saw John O’Keefe lying on the lawn.

Not a single Ring camera video from the neighbors homes were looked at by police.

But at a MINIMUM of 8 times, witnesses testified that O’Keefe’s body was NO on the front lawn.

Lucky Loughran told me that he had never spoken with lead investigator Michael Proctor, but that he would be happy to tell him everything he told me. On the day after I published my interview with Loughran, two sources from the Canton DPW contacted me to alert me that Proctor had visited Canton DPW headquarters that day and was seen interviewing Loughran.

This “blog” forced him to do that. We gave him no choice. Once he realized that Loughran was no longer going to be muzzled by his bosses he realized that it directly contradicted his report:

The fact that Proctor interviewed Loughran the day after we published parts 93 and 94 in our series, proves that he regularly reads our award winning news stories. He realized that the only way out of this for him was to play dumb. His report says that Trotta told him that Canton DPW drivers like Loughran don’t plow Fairview Road, so he would be able to plead ignorance and throw Trotta under the bus. Either Proctor or Trotta is lying about who plows Fairview Road. We know that Trotta lied directly to my face about the broken GPS.

The PI’s report may help Proctor blame this all on Trotta. If PI spoke with Trotta, then Trotta may have steered him away from Loughran. But luckily Trotta was not available, and the PI was referred to Billy Walsh, who was much more forthcoming and said something he was later directed not to say – Lucky Lougran plowed Fairview Road.

None of this would have come to light without the work of Karen Read, her defense team, and your favorite local award winning journalist. It’s horrifying to think that we live in a society where the people tasked with arresting and prosecuting murderers are actively covering up for murderers. I was disgusted on Wednesday to see people in suits and polo shirts going to a function with Michael Morrissey, knowing full well what he has done to an innocent woman and John O’Keefe, and sipping cocktails with him like life was normal.

What’s horrifying is their willingness to put an innocent woman in jail for the rest of her life, knowing full well she committed no crime. In doing so they are willing to allow these dangerous psychopaths to go on living amongst us, knowing that they can kill again with no consequences.

It is not my job, Karen Read’s job, or Alan Jackson’s job to pay with our time, money, and/or labor, to solve murders in Norfolk County. But unfortunately we had no choice, because Michael Morrissey, Adam Lally, Michael Proctor, Michael Trotta, and many others deliberately gave false testimony in order to frame an innocent woman.


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  1. I bet if you add up what the state actually paid them to not do their job, or be completely incompetent. Your head would explode. Doctor should get a fucking statue on Boston common for this.

  2. It must feel like the walls are closing in with every passing day. Looking forward to hearing the DA explain the testimony of 8 people saying there was no body there until at least after 2:30-3 AM.

    And the theory would make some sense. It’s a fact that Colin was there for at least some of the party. How did he get there? He likely drove himself to his uncle’s house. He left after the altercation when somebody (who is now an accessory to murder) picked him up. Why? Maybe to get Colin out of the crime scene and to keep O’Keefe’s blood and DNA (which would be all over Colin) out of Colin’s car (IF any of O’Keefe’s blood or DNA was in the car of anybody attending the party, it’s game over).

    They then use Colin’s car (which he left behind) to shield the street from any cameras or drivers so they could place the body on the lawn, then eventually get Colin’s car out of the crime scene. Way easier to use Colin’s car to shield than having to explain why a car moved from the owner’s driveway, to where a body was found, back to the driveway, in the middle of a snow storm.

  3. The Albert McCabe clique adults behave like obnoxious teens none of them ever matured.

    Hos long till we learn Jen and her adult mom friends have been having sex with teen boys?

  4. If Colin did indeed return to 34 Fairview later that night, no doubt he would have been told not to bring his phone, smart watch or any other GPS-enabled device, with him.

    1. I don’t think he came back. He has cops advising him to never, ever return to the scene of the crime. They just used the car he left behind for a shield so they could drag John O’Keefe to the front lawn without being seen by a ring cam, or so John’s body could sit out there for a bit without somebody seeing it right away.

      If not, and that car truly showed up in the middle of the night, I’d guess maybe Chris comes to the house to help clean up the mess, but no way Colin leaves and then comes back.

  5. If Colin Albert was home at the time J.O. arrived/went into the Albert’s home, where was the Ford Edge then? I’m confused about his car showing up later (~3a) when Lucky said he saw it, but the car wasn’t there on Lucky’s first route (~2a).

    To be clear I’m Team K.R., and I would think that if Colin was allegedly home at the time J.O. arrived, wouldn’t the Ford Edge have been parked out front already? Any clarification here is appreciated.

      1. PS, it was likely moved then because they waited until they knew the plow had gone by so they could possibly claim he was hit by the plow saying he must have fallen down drunk and the plow hit him. That could explain why it was done at that time (between 2:30 and 3) and I bet Lucky figured that out. Karen’s hysteria at finding him changed the plan I bet.

    1. His cousin the McCabe girl that is his age came and picked him up and drove him home where his car was and he drove it back,

  6. I’m sure Lucky knows he lucky they didn’t try to pin it on him. He’s going to be as forthcoming as possible knowing, “there but for the grace of God go I.”

    I wonder if this is the final straw that gets them scrambling for deals? There’s no way they can get a conviction now unless the jury is made up of members of the families. An independent eye witness puts a car exactly where the body was found at 3am? Game, Set. Match.

        1. Look what they are doing to Karen, after they initially planned on framing Lucky. Chris Albert already has one murder on his resume. I wouldn’t put anything past these animals.

  7. This story is just insane and the fact that Proctor is still on the job investigating murders is mind boggling. The only way this so called investigation was not thrown out is if the MSP and DA’s office were asleep at the switch or complicit. Which was it? If he testifies, we’re all screwed cuz the prison gates are gonna swing open. What a disgusting display by all those who have touched this case, heads should roll and pensions should be lost!! Fire Proctor for intentionally destroying a murder investigation and make him fight for his job. Fuckin bastards

    1. Proctor should not be in the field. The people of Massachusetts deserve better. People have been put on leave for much less. His bosses are now complicit. They know he’s dirty and they leave him there. Get him off the streets.

  8. As a person that reads your articles religiously, please consider not saying “award winning journalism/journalist as much!, I almost said blog, or story, but this is more than a blog or a story, you truly are an investigative journalist, especially regarding the State Vs. Read. We know about your awards, we are proud of you, and you should be as well, we continue to come to this site BECAUSE of YOUR investigative journalism. The way you continue to push the awards isn’t a good look, imagine Walter Cronkite saying, “he regularly reads our award winning news stories”, or, “your favorite local award winning journalist”, in every article or news story he did. Remember, self praise is no praise, the fact that pretty much everyone at a minimum knows the 🐢, and most have at least read the 🐢 at least once, including Judges, DA’s, investigators, and lawyers in a murder case is praise enough. Aiden, keep up the great work, you deserve another award for your work uncovering and reporting on this story!

    1. Is part of his “act” for lack of a better term. It’s tongue-in-cheek. Even though it’s true, he plays it up with humor. I thought we all knew that.

      1. I didn’t, but know that you mention it makes sense. Thanks for an explanation, instead of an attack, and they say turtle riders aren’t capable of civilized discussion 🤣

  9. Go go gadget GPS blocker! When the town plow drivers sit at dunk’s or take naps for a few hours while still getting paid. Maybe the boss does it for them so they can pad their pay checks. I wouldn’t read into a bigger conspiracy on this one.

  10. If I’m reading this correctly, and I’m pretty sure I am, that Ford Edge showed up after 2:30. Which was some time AFTER Colin went home.
    Doesn’t take a Rocket Surgeon to figure out who drove it there.
    One or two people are responsible for this murder. But there is long list of “aiding and abetting”, “conspiracy to destroy evidence”, “conspiracy to interfere with an investigation “, the list goes on with the crimes after the fact, ALL FELONIES, that stand on their own.
    Proctor giving himself lead poisoning is only a matter of short, very short, time.

  11. I realize not many people subscribe to newspapers these days, but what papers get delivered in Canton and has anyone investigated/interviewed who delivers on that street? This all went down right around delivery time in the early AM hours.

    Also, do any other neighbors have their driveways plowed? Any of the driveway plow guys see a body with Lexus injuries (ie. arm scrapes, head wounds and other injuries exclusive only to people hit by Lexus SUVs with advanced safety systems) after 12:30?

  12. I have no knowledge on fleet GPS systems, but what the DPW director is saying might be technically correct- “the GPS system was down”. That could just mean the portal the DPW uses to access the data was down (someone didn’t pay the bill, the password was locked out, , website was not responsive, etc). However, that doesn’t mean the data isn’t on the GPS devices installed on the individual trucks, or that once the portal was back up and running the data wasn’t ingested or accessible after the fact. Dr TB should go back to the DPW director and question his definition of the GPS system being “Down” and exactly what that constitutes.

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