Canton Cover-Up Part 132: Chris Albert Asked Father Of Teenage Girl Who Son Colin Called At 12:33 To Retract Statement To Help With Lawsuit Against Turtleboy


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The Alberts and McCabes have desperately been trying to prove that Colin Albert was not inside the house when John O’Keefe was killed, and in the process Chris Albert may have caught a charge of his own.

For months now I have been referencing in my reporting a 12:33 AM phone call that Colin Albert made on the night of January 29, 2022 to a 16 year old friend. The next day when she called him back Colin reportedly said, “never mind.” It was originally thought that Colin was looking for a ride home from Fairview Road, but now that we know that he was being driven home by Allie McCabe it appears as if he may have been looking for an alibi.

That girl’s father (Tom Beatty) knew a lot of the people involved in the coverup, as well as John O’Keefe. He did not know Karen well at all. According to Jen McCabe’s statement to police, on the morning that Jen McCabe and Karen Read went out looking for John’s body Karen asked Jen to call Tom in case John had gone to his house at some point, because Karen didn’t have Tom’s phone number. That’s why you see the phone calls to Tom Beatty on Jen’s call log before 6 AM.

However, since Karen’s arrest Tom Beatty has refused to participate in the coverup, despite being pressured to do so, and he and his daughter have only told the truth. For that he and his children have been socially ostracized, harassed, and have had horrible rumors spread about them around town. Jen McCabe and her friend Jill Harrison-Thomas (the woman I met outside of D&E Pizza last week) confronted Tom’s 16 year old daughter at a public event and told her that she needed to stop talking (about the call from Colin) and insert a penis into her mouth instead.

Based on new developments it has become apparent that the FBI may have geo fence data that is showing them who was inside 34 Fairview Road that night. We can surmise this because:

  • Allie McCabe had to testify in front of a federal grand jury and has since admitted to driving Colin home
  • Colin had to testify in front of a federal grand jury
  • Caitlin Albert has had to testify in front of a federal grand jury

None of those three were part of the official police narrative before. Colin was supposedly never at the house until recently. Allie McCabe wasn’t mentioned by anyone until last week. Caitlin Albert’s parents told police that she left the house with her boyfriend Tristin Morris at 12:15, conveniently right before Karen Read and John O’Keefe arrived.

Why would any of these three voluntarily come forward and involve themselves in a murder investigation after their parents told police they weren’t there? The only logical conclusion an unbiased person could reach is that they’ve been confronted with undeniable data from the FBI that they were inside the house. Michael Proctor intentionally chose NOT to ask Google for geo fence data that would show who was inside the house. The FBI could get that information very easily.

And if the FBI knows that those three were in the house, then they know that John O’Keefe was inside the house.

This is why Jill Daniels and others have been pushing the narrative that Colin Albert had left the house prior to John O’Keefe arriving. They can’t have Colin inside the house at the same time as John. Prior to this new development they didn’t talk much about when Colin left because it didn’t matter if John never made it inside the house.

It’s no secret that Jennifer Coffindaffer, Wendy Murphy, and other Albert/McCabe supporters have been posting about me getting sued for deformation due to the comments I’ve made about Colin Albert. The problem is that truth is the ultimate defense to libel and slander, and the facts are on my side.

But Chris Albert apparently has a plan for that. Within the last month he approached Tom Beatty and told him that he wanted to sue me, and seemed to be hinting that Tom could get caught up in it if he didn’t retract his truthful statement about the 12:33 phone call from Colin. If Tom did retract it then Chris believed that it would make a stronger lawsuit against me. Tom refused.

In Chris Albert’s mind this might’ve been a last ditch effort to save his son from prison. But in the real world this is what’s known as “witness intimidation.” Chris was threatening a potential witness against his son to change his testimony, and if he didn’t he risked getting sued himself. Let’s not forget that Chris has done this before. In April Chris had his attorney send over a dozen “random f***ing citizens” threatening letters, demanding that they retract their Facebook comments about his family’s involvement in the murder of John O’Keefe, or face an expensive and time consuming lawsuit.

“This letter is your one and only chance to resolve this matter prior to the filing of a lawsuit.”

Just a reminder, that no one who received this letter retracted anything, and no lawsuits were filed. But bullying and threatening people is what the Alberts have done their entire lives in order to get their way.

The fact of the matter is that I’m not scared of Chris Albert, Tom Beatty isn’t scared of Chris Albert, and the people of Canton are not scared of him either. These are desperate people who have become accustomed to getting everything they want by intimidating those who won’t comply, but now that they’re all getting subpoenaed and forced to lawyer up it’s become obvious that they know the end is near.

I don’t know who is going to end up going to jail over this, but it’s certainly not going to be Karen Read. Prior to this Chris Albert wasn’t in any real legal trouble with the authorities, but he may be now.



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