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Canton Cover-Up Part 134: Commonwealth Repeatedly Lied About Hair Found On Karen Read’s Car After Testing Shows It Wasn’t Human Hair 


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Karen Read’s defense team filed a motion today asking to have her bail reduced, which contained new information that has debunked several lies from the Commonwealth. Read was originally held on $50K bail in Stoughton District Court when she was charged with manslaughter on February 2, 2022. In June of 2022 she was charged with murder (after a grand jury was convened in which the Alberts and McCabes provided new testimony that Read’s defense team could not cross examine), and bail was set at $100K. Judge Beverly Cannone reduced the bail to $80K in February, returning $20K to Read.

The new motion outlines the tremendous costs that Karen Read has had to pay for out of pocket, in order to hire experts to do the job that police are paid by the taxpayers (including Karen Read) to do.

One of the examples listed involves a singular piece of hair that Michael Proctor claims to have found on rear passenger quarter panel of Karen Read’s Lexus LX 570. According to the Commonwealth this hair allegedly:

  • Remained on Karen’s car after driving from Canton to Dighton in a blizzard, sat in her parent’s driveway while a foot of snow was falling, and was then towed from Dighton back to Canton
  • Was human hair
  • Was evidence that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe with her car

Even if the hair was John O’Keefe’s it wouldn’t prove anything. They lived together, so it wouldn’t be surprising to have a singular small piece of hair end up on her vehicle. Additionally, if she had struck him with her car, how did the John’s hair end up on the rear passenger quarter panel, which is located on the side of the car, if he was fully clothed?

In the original charging documents from June 2022 the “apparent hair” was mentioned for the first time.

This hair was used by Lally to argue for $500K bail. Cannone met the parties in the middle and set it at $100K.

On May 3, in their motion to oppose the defense access to Brian Albert’s cell phone, Lally stated stated in court that Forensic Scientist Maureen Hartnett, who is employed as a criminalist for the Massachusetts State Police, tested the hair and found that it was human.

David Yannetti made it clear at the May 3 hearing that they didn’t care much about the hair, and wasn’t worried about what the results would yield, so they didn’t need one of their experts to observe the testing.

Nevertheless, the Commonwealth wanted to have the hair tested for DNA to see if it was John O’Keefe’s, so Karen Read had to pay out of pocket for that as well.

However, it was revealed that the hair sample has been tested, and the Commonwealth has been lying this entire time. Not only is the hair not John O’Keefe’s, it’s not human.

The Commonwealth used this blatant lie about the hair in order to make it sound more believable that Karen Read struck John O’Keefe with her car in order to argue for higher bail. They had to do this because they have no actual evidence that KR ever struck JO with her vehicle. Either the Commonwealth was either lying when they stated that Maureen Hartnett confirmed that the hair was human hair, or Hartnett is completely incompetent and can’t tell the difference between animal fur and human hair.

Considering the fact that the Commonwealth has a long history of planting evidence, and lying in their reports (about the Canton DPW not plowing Fairview Road), I’m going to assume that Maureen Hartnett never told them the blatant lie that the hair was human hair. They just made that up like they did when they announced that Michael Proctor never went to 34 Fairview Road at all on January 29.

Even more egregiously on page 12 of their September 1, 2023 filing, the Commonwealth once again stated that the hair was confirmed to be human.

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This is significant because when they said the same thing on May 3 the defense didn’t have the test results back yet to show this was false. On September 1 they did. This means that the Commonwealth knowingly lied in a motion about a matter that they KNEW that the defense knew was untrue.

Over and over again we have seen throughout this process how easily the Commonwealth and State Police are willing to lie in court motions that they’re using to charge an innocent woman with murder. They don’t care how it makes them look because they believe they are above reproach and can plant and lie about evidence without repercussion. And why wouldn’t they feel this way? They have all the guns, so what are you gonna do about it?

The only hope at this point is that the FBI and US Attorney’s Office’s investigation into corruption is targeting the District Attorney’s Office, instead of the Alberts and McCabes.


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  1. Nothing is going to change. Nobody is going to jail. The Judge will keep on judging, The Cops will keep on planting and murdering pregnant girlfriends helping State officials and friends out and those without connections will cry foul and be laughed at behind closed doors.

    1. That’s certainly their goal. Take Karen Read to trial. Jury returns a defense verdict. Commonwealth will say “welp, we tried to convict the person who we think killed him, we respect the jury’s verdict, everyone should move on.”

      It does feel like the Commonwealth will escape accountability.

  2. I think it’s pretty clear to everyone what happened that night.

    Karen Read backed into a raccoon.

    That raccoon, upon regaining it’s senses, lashed out at the nearest person, John O’Keefe, who had just arrived to give the ungrateful rodent medical attention.

    A fight ensued. The raccoon got in some good scratches, but just when John was about to punt the little bastard into the street, he slipped and bonked his head.

    Case closed.

  3. This motion will force the Commonwealth to put more of its cards (if any) on the table. What else ya got, Lunchbox?

  4. Another backfire for the prosecution. What would be pretty hilarious is if Proctor lifted the hair sample off O’Keefe’s clothes to plant, but he actually grabbed a piece of Chloe’s hair. Given the levels of idiocy here, I would not be shocked.

    1. I’d be pushing like crazy to get samples from Chloe the dog to compare against Proctor’s hair. If they match he’s going to big boy prison.

  5. I still can’t believe they don’t just throw the whole case out. It’s so visibly clear that it’s a set up 🙄

  6. Can anyone confirm that Proctor has a pet? Probably came off his cloths while taken rear lense pieces off Reads car.

  7. I predicted Karen Reed will not only be fully exonerated, she’ll win a large multimillion dollar lawsuit against the Commonwealth by the time its all said and done.

    1. I absolutely agree Karen Read should be able to recover as much of the money she has invested into defending herself for crimes/felonies she should never have been charged with.

      At the same time, I disagree with the concept of hardworking taxpayers being held responsible for the corrupt piles of excrement that are Lally, Proctor, Auntie Bev, Lafferty, Trotta, Berkowitz, Jack Hahn, etc..

      I haven’t figured out the logistics, but everyone and anyone that played a role in this obvious coverup would be required to pay back Karen Read for her unnecessary and awful nightmare

  8. What a disgusting lying troll Lally is!
    He should not have a law license and should be prosecuted.
    Just look at him, he would not last a day in jail. He would be someone’s bride by lunch time.
    If I were him, I would be considering flipping on Meatloaf Morrissey. He is gonna retire on his boat at Marina Bay, while Adam Is Tossing Salads at South Bay.

    How can you flat out lie.
    At a minimum they should be paying for the cost of the experts that had to be hired to rebut these lies when they had the DNA that is was not human hair the entire time.

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