Canton Cover-Up Part 135: New Motion Shows Commonwealth Lied, Forensic Expert Hired By Prosecution Confirmed Jen McCabe’s Google Search Happened At 2:27


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Although the Karen Read case had been going on for 15 months, I hadn’t paid attention to it until I saw the April 2023 news report that her attorneys wanted the murder charges against her dismissed based on an exculpatory Google search by someone named Jennifer McCabe. When I first read that the sister in law of the homeowner of a house where a dead body was discovered in the cold had Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM, despite allegedly having no knowledge that John O’Keefe or anyone she knew was lying in the cold, I figured the charges would be dropped before I had a chance to write about it. After all, Richard Green was an unbiased forensic expert who used Cellebrite – the industry strandard – to find the deleted Google search.

But the moment I realized just how corrupt the Norfolk County DA’s Office is, was when Michael Morrissey’s spokesperson David Traub announced that they would not be dropping the charges because the defense was wrong about the Google search. If Karen Read had done that Google search I wouldn’t be defending her, and the DA’s office wouldn’t be arguing that it’s inaccurate. That’s because I seek truth, and they seek the lynching of an innocent woman.

The DA’s office claimed to have bombshell evidence that the Google search didn’t happen at 2:27, and to determine who was telling the truth an evidentiary hearing was scheduled for May 25. Three days before it was scheduled the Commonwealth inexplicably filed a motion to cancel the hearing, which was allowed by Judge Cannone. For that reason they have been able to keep repeating the same baseless lie that the search didn’t occur at 2:27 AM, despite overwhelming proof that it did.

The original forensic expert for the Commonwealth was Trooper Nicholas Guarino, who handed over what he claimed to be a fully extraction report from Jen McCabe’s cellphone over a year ago. This extraction did not mention anything about a deleted 2:27 Google search, or over a dozen deleted phone calls made by McCabe between 5 and 9 AM on January 29, 2022.

In order to further push their lie that the Google search didn’t happen at 2:27 AM, the Commonwealth claimed that they hired their own forensic expert named Jessica Hyde, who concurred with Guarino that the 2:27 search wasn’t real.

In a long-winded speech in court Adam Lally attempted to explain how it came up by claiming that Jen McCabe was looking at her kid’s basketball team’s website at that time. But Attorney Alan Jackson showed that the basketball website only was propagated after McCabe deleted the tab for the 2:27 search.

The Commonwealth is clearly lying, as they have throughout this attempted lynching of Karen Read, because they don’t care what the public thinks.

Karen Read’s defense team filed a motion today asking to have her bail reduced from $80K to personal recognizance, which contained new information that has debunked several lies from the Commonwealth. The new motion outlines the tremendous costs that Karen Read has had to pay for out of pocket, in order to hire experts to do the job that police are paid by the taxpayers (including Karen Read) to do.

Richard Green is the foremost expert in his field, and does not work for free. Thus it was Karen Read’s burden to pay him for his extensive services, in order to find what Jennifer McCabe had deleted from her phone. She also had to pay to fly him in for the May 25 hearing that he never got the chance to testify at. Although this is the Commonwealth’s job to do, it nonetheless appeared to be money well spent because Richard Green’s findings completely exonerated her.

But they weren’t done bleeding Karen Read of her money and resources.

The Commonwealth claimed that Jessica Hyde’s forensic audit of McCabe’s phone concluded that the 2:27 AM search didn’t happen at 2:27. But for the first time we are seeing the results of her testing, which actually CONFIRM that the search happened at 2:27. She wrote in her report that the definitive reason why the report says that the search happened at 2:27 is unknown, but it did indeed happen at 2:27 AM.

The defense’s motion today included a screenshot from Hyde’s report, showing the data she extracted.

The top search at 2:27 for “hos long to die in cold” is right at the top. It happened, and it’s undeniable.

Rick Green’s Cellebrite report found that McCabe didn’t delete at 6:23 search for “how long to digest food,” or a 6:23 and 6:24 search for “how long ti die in clkd” and “hos long to die in cold.”

The defense has asserted that McCabe realized what a mistake the 2:27 search was, and in an attempt to hide that she searched for the same thing, using the same misspelling, at 6:24. The 6:23 version of “how long ti die in clkd” was not spelled the same way as the 2:27 search, which is why she did it again at 6:24.

But we’ve learned something new from Jessica Hyde’s report. The 6:23:49 search for “how long to digest food” came up as an Apple suggested term.

Many have long speculated about why she would search for this, and now it’s clear – she likely wrote “how long to di,” while attempting to write “how long to die in cold,” before the device autosuggested she search for “how long to digest food.” This is further backed up by the fact that she searched for “how long ti die in clkd” just two seconds later.

Also incriminating is that the 6:24 search for “hos long to die in cold” came up as “recent web searches.”

In other words, her device remembered that she had searched that exactly misspelled question sometime earlier.

The Goole search happened, and Karen Read has had to pay over $100K out of her own pocket to prove that. How long will they be allowed to lie like this before the FBI steps in and starts charging Michael Morrissey with obstruction?


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