Canton Cover-Up Part 136: Michael Proctor Was Forced To Interview Colin Albert, Caitlin Albert, Brian Albert Jr, Allie McCabe, Lucky Loughran In Last Month After They Spoke With FBI


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The coverup of the murder of John O’Keefe doesn’t just involve the conspirators getting their story straight, it more importantly involves preventing police from speaking with witnesses who might compromise the coverup. No one from the State or Canton Police ever interviewed the following people who were either inside 34 Fairview Road the night John O’Keefe was murdered, or drove by when John’s body was supposedly on the lawn:

  • Colin Albert
  • Caitlin Albert
  • Brian Albert Jr.
  • Allie McCabe
  • Lucky Loughran

They attempted to hide Sarah Levinson’s identity for almost a year, despite the fact that she was one of the last to leave with Jennifer and Matt McCabe. They knew that Julie Nagel was there the entire time, and suspiciously told her brother Ryan to go home after calling him for a ride, but Proctor waited 9 months to even question her about what she saw.

But thanks to a motion filed today in the Karen Read murder case, we are now learning that Proctor suddenly has decided to question all of these witnesses.

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According to the filing Proctor interviewed Caitlin Albert and Brian Albert Jr. on July 6, Colin Albert on July 18, and Lucky Loughran on August 10. His boss Yuri Buhkenik interviewed Allie McCabe just over a week ago on August 25.

They KNEW that all five of them were witnesses at a murder scene, and chose not to interview them. This is why you should dismiss anyone who suggests that a conspiracy would be impossible because too many people have to get their stories straight. It’s easy to get your stories straight when no one is ever questioned by police.

We have not seen those interviews as they have not been entered into evidence, but we can infer that Proctor didn’t just suddenly decide that it was time to interview key witnesses in a murder investigation. There is only one plausible explanation for why four members of the younger generation of Alberts and McCabes suddenly decided to come forward and speak with police – they were questioned by the US Attorney in front of a federal grand jury investigating corruption in the Norfolk County DA’s Office. Something was likely shown to them, or asked of them, which proved they were inside the house that night when John O’Keefe arrived there, and they couldn’t lie anymore.

Remember their original stories:

  • The DA’s office initially said that Colin Albert was never there, before changing their story to him leaving before Karen and John arrived
  • Brian and Nicole Albert told police that Caitlin Albert was picked up by her boyfriend Tristin Morris at 12:15
  • Brian Albert Jr. was admittedly inside the house the entire night and next morning and was never questioned by police
  • Allie McCabe’s presence at the house was not even known until last week when she admitted to driving Colin home
  • Loughran’s name was never mentioned by anyone until we first reported that he had plowed Fairview Road that night because Proctor’s report stated that a company called “By The Yard” was responsible for plowing that street

Aside from Lucky Loughran, they have all lawyered up. Their attorneys likely advised them that if they had their phones on them that night then the FBI knows when they were there and when they left. You do not want to lie in front of a federal grand jury, because then the US Attorney will own you. He can threaten to prosecute you for perjury if you don’t completely cooperate.

The fact that Proctor is suddenly interviewing these witnesses is a sign of weakness and desperation. He knows by now, thanks to my interview with Lucky Loughran, that the FBI got to Loughran before he did. That’s why he interviewed Lucky two days after I published my story that included an interview with him – he knows the feds are reading our reporting, and watching him. He knows that as the lead investigator it would be suspicious if he didn’t interview an eye witness like Loughran. He figured that he could play dumb and blame Michael Trotta for telling him that the Canton DPW doesn’t plow Fairview Road, which would excuse his failure to interview Canton DPW plow drivers like Loughran.

Most importantly Michael Proctor wanted to see what the feds were asking Loughran. How much did they know about that night? Proctor is shitting his pants.

This is why I believe that the targets of the feds investigation are Proctor and DA Michael “are you gonna eat that last meatball?” Morrissey – they’re both being left in the dark. Neither Proctor or Morrissey have been subpoenaed to testify in front of the federal grand jury. I believe that they’re calling all the other witnesses who were actually there for the murder in order to find out information about Proctor and Morrissey.

It is highly unlikely that the McCabes and Alberts are targets of the US Attorney’s investigation. The U.S. Attorney’s Office doesn’t investigate murders, they investigate corruption of those with institutional power. This is not their jurisdiction, and they don’t prosecute murders in Norfolk County – the Norfolk County DA does. The problem here is that the Norfolk County DA’s office violated the public trust by helping to coverup a murder, and violated Karen Read’s civil rights by prosecuting a woman they know to be innocent.

Michael Morrissey might believe that he is untouchable in Norfolk County because he is the head law enforcement official, and to some extent he is. But the US Attorney’s Office exists to go after people like him. Michael Proctor would be wise to start blaming this all on him if he has any hope of saving himself.

This doesn’t mean the McCabe and Alberts are going to get away with murder. What will likely happen is the Attorney General’s Office will take over the case and delegate a special prosecutor in another county to investigate, charge, and try those responsible for killing John O’Keefe.

I don’t know when the end is gong to come, but I do know that the Norfolk County DA’s Office will NEVER drop the charges against Karen Read, because doing so would be an admittance that they’re all corrupt. But the feds are not launching this grand jury investigation for shits and giggles, and I believe the end is coming soon. Karen Read deserves that after 20 months of Hell.


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