Canton Cover-Up Part 140: Jen McCabe’s Attorney Kevin Reddington Told Turtleboy He Believes Karen Read Is Innocent


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Kevin Reddington is the high profile attorney representing Jennifer McCabe, who claims to be innocent but still felt the need to hire a man who has defended some of the most notorious criminal defendants in the state. When I first wrote about him in April we got off on the wrong foot, because he showed up on the Turtleboy Facebook page calling me “turd boy,” bragging about the murderers and rapists he got off, and calling me a low level sensationalist loser with a blog. He also said I didn’t want to dance with him.

On top of that he also claimed in a press release that Jennifer McCabe had passed a lie detector test. However, a further examination shows that Reddington has a history of making claims like this on behalf of clients, without providing the actual polygraph results.

When I met him in court on May 3 he seemed to have changed his opinion of me, as he shook my hand, said he did not want to dance anymore, and had come to respect my reporting.

Since then Kevin and I have had occasional back and forth message exchanges on Facebook messenger, starting on the 4th of July when he wrongly thought that I had blocked him, which violated the bro code.

He offered to meet for coffee but we never got around to it.

Reddigton showed up on my page again in mid-July to defend Judge Beverly Cannone, who has gone out of her way to protect his client from handing over exculpatory evidence that could exonerate Karen Read (even more than she’s already been exonerated). This was after I made a post about how Cannone was no longer the presiding judge in the main courtroom of Norfolk Superior Court. I predicted that she would use her seniority as Regional Associate Justice to boot the assigned Judge Daniel O’Shea from the courtroom, and reinsert herself into the case. Kevin assured us all that Judge O’Shea would be presiding, and Cannone would be out.

We now know that that prediction turned out to be completely wrong. However, the fact that an experienced attorney from the OTHER side of this case thought that it would be out of the ordinary for Cannone to appoint herself presiding judge in this case, shows how suspect Cannone’s behavior has been.

On the day of the Canton rolling rally, in which we went to his client’s house to peacefully protest her undeniable involvement in the murder of John O’Keefe, Reddington messaged me late night to not only tell me that he was amazed at my skills as an award winning investigative journalist, but to tell me that he believed Karen Read is innocent. He also told me that we had gotten off on the wrong foot, and that he could use my help defending his client Lindsey Clancy.

I thought about not showing this because it’s a private correspondence. However, I also believe that it’s newsworthy and I never agreed that anything was off the record. The defense attorney for Jennifer McCabe told me that he believes that Karen Read is innocent. If Karen Read didn’t kill John O’Keefe it means that he was killed inside the house where Jennifer McCabe stayed until 1:47 AM, until she went home and Googled “hos long to die in cold.” With this statement Reddington was all but admitting to me that his client was involved in a criminal conspiracy to murder a Boston Police Officer.  I’ve never heard of a defense attorney offering this sort of information to a reporter before, but the Karen Read case is full of lots of things that I’ve never seen before.

All Kevin Reddington did was say the silent part out loud. He told me what everyone else on the other side believes as well – Karen Read is innocent. He’s just the first to admit it.


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