Canton Cover-Up Part 142: Free Karen Read BillBoard Goes Up On Route 1 Outside Gillette Stadium In Foxborough, Two More To Follow


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Thanks to the generous donations from turtle riders, this Free Karen Read billboard on Route 1 in Foxborough will now be seen by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of motorists who travel by Gillette stadium for the next month.

The Patriots play the Dolphins at home Sunday night, and every person who goes to that stadium will see this. Billboards will also be going up soon on Route 3 in Weymouth and I-93 in Boston.

Thank you to Nick and Jenna Rocco, who organized the fundraiser for these billboards (which I believe cost $15K) in a matter of days. They are admins in the official Justice for John O’Keefe and Karen Read Facebook group. If you joined the previous group, we had to abandon that one because of a power hungry admin who wouldn’t allow the Roccos to raise money for these billboards. Please join the new group by clicking here.

Thank you to everyone who donated as well. Although millions of people know about the injustice that is happening in Norfolk County, I would bet that over half the population of Norfolk County has never heard of Karen Read before. That will change because of this 3-pronged billboard blitz. It’s really important for people in Norfolk County to know about this story because that is where the jury pool would be chosen from.

Meanwhile I’ve been continuing to use my platform and networking to spread the truth about this case, which is necessary due to the misinformation being spread by liars like Jennifer Coffindaffer on Court TV. Last night I was on the Chrissie Mayr Podcast, and the day before I went on with Larry Forman “The DUI Guy” (a defense attorney from Kentucky). They both have large platforms and knew the basics of the case, but not all the relevant details that make this story so important.

I will never stop doing what I’m doing until Karen Read is free, and the people who killed John O’Keefe and covered up his murder are held responsible. I will be on the steps of Norfolk Superior Courthouse at 7:30 AM on Friday to lead a peaceful protest before Karen’s hearing, and I hope you will join me.

If you’d like to donate to the Karen Read defense fund please click here. Karen Read’s fight is OUR fight. If they can do this to her they can do this to anyone.


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