Canton Cover-Up Part 145: Michael Proctor Can’t Produce Pictures Of 30 More Piece Of Tail Light He Found At Fairview Road On 5 Undocumented Trips


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In the final motion filed before Friday’s hearing in the Karen Read murder case the defense outlined more evidence that the prosecution is refusing to hand over to them, as well as new information showing that conflicted detective Michael Proctor likely planted tail light evidence 5 more times.

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The defense still has not been able to inspect 62 pieces of evidence, including samples from John O’Keefe’s clothing and body and clothing.

Karen Read has a constitutional right to inspect any evidence being used against her in a murder trial, but Adam Lally has been violating her rights because he apparently believes that the State Police’s lab policies supersede the Constitution.

The Commonwealth says they are conducting DNA evidence from John’s body and clothing, but this will be useless unless the people inside the house also submit DNA samples, because it will be impossible to know whose DNA is found on John’s body.

Lally has denied the defense access to the Lexus Infotainment and Telematics system, as well as the black box that they claim incriminates Karen Read. His excuse is some Lally-splaining nonsense, using big technological words meant to confuse the average reader until they get a headache and stop listening.

The defense still has not received John O’Keefe’s original death certificate from the City of Brockton. Lally said in an email that there was no other death certificate, but the death certificate that the Commonwealth has provided says it “amended” in April of 2022 (the month the grand jury began which led to murder charges against Karen Read).

Trooper Proctor has interviewed dozens of witnesses, and included their testimony in his reports, yet he has not taped any of these interviews or provided any of his notes.

But the biggest piece of news in this motion was that Proctor entered into evidence over 30 pieces of tail light, which he claims to have found on 5 separate occasions in February of 2022. Not one of these trips to 34 Fairview Road was documented in any reports, and the only reason the defense found out about them was because the Commonwealth kept the tail light fragments in bags that had the dates they were discovered written on them.

Lastly, the Commonwealth has not taken any photographs of where these pieces of tail light were allegedly fund at the crime scene.

The defense asked the Commonwealth to give them a map showing exactly where every piece of tail light was found. They got this.

The sneaker that State Police found appears to be twice the size of the SUV parked in the driveway. They couldn’t even be bothered to zoom in to where his body was actually found.

My head hurts reading the email exchanges between defense Attorney Elizabeth Little and ADA Lally, as she attempted to obtain this evidence from him.

Adam Lally’s job is to lie, delay, and protect the Alberts and McCabes so that Michael Morrissey’s office can lynch an innocent woman. Michael Proctor planted tail light evidence for weeks after John O’Keefe’s death in order to further frame Karen Read, and they’ve been doing this the entire time. We won’t stop reporting on this and peacefully protesting until Karen Read is fully exonerated and the people who killed John O’Keefe are held responsible.


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