Canton Cover-Up Part 146: Norfolk Superior Court Erects Barriers In Preparation For Courthouse Protest Friday, Clerk Says Protest Still Allowed


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A fence was erected today outside of Norfolk Superior Courthouse in anticipation of our peaceful protest there tomorrow at 7:30 AM.

We have a right to peacefully protest on the courthouse steps, and on the sidewalk, so if this was an attempt to stifle our First Amendment rights I wasn’t going to stand for it. People were alarmed by this so I called up the clerk’s office today to ask them about why it was there, and what the implications were for the protest. The woman who answered the phone made it clear that the barriers were there to prevent people from walking into the street, not to prevent us from protesting.

This is a still shot from our last protest.

As you can see, the addition of a barrier doesn’t mean much. It will only obstruct Karen Read’s defense team from being dropped off, which I’m sure will be corrected once she arrives.

I would like to remind people to remain peaceful. I’m sure these thugs and their supporters will try to instigate violence in an attempt to make us look bad, so it’s important that we don’t take the bait. We are on the side of righteousness and justice, and if you believe in God you can bet that he’s on our side too. We will cheer on Karen and her family as they enter the courthouse, and we will voice our displeasure at those who are there to support the state sanctioned lynching of Karen Read.

The only people I ask you not to boo are John’s parents and brother Paul. Instead I will be inviting them to join our peaceful protest, since we’re the ones who are actually fighting for justice for John. If they choose to stand with the people who murdered their son and brother, and the people who are protecting his killers, that’s their choice. I won’t be booing them, and neither should you.

The protest begins at 7:30 AM and will be live streamed on our YouTube channel. Wear your Free Karen Read gear, bring your signs, and I look forward to meeting many of you tomorrow. I’ll be out and about all day and streaming quite a bit, so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here.



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