Canton Cover-Up Part 155: Colin Albert Is So Close To Michael Proctor’s Family He Took Professionally Done Photos With Proctor’s Nephew


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The Commonwealth is still pushing the false narrative that Michael Proctor had no connections to the Albert family that would have prohibited him from being the lead investigator into a murder that happened at the home of Brian Albert, where Colin Albert was admittedly present. We’ve shown a plethora of images shared on social media by Courtney Proctor, showing her brother with Jen McCabe’s two youngest daughters, and showing the Albert children at Proctor family events as personal as weddings and birthday parties. If the Commonwealth insists on denying this relationship then we will insist on showing more evidence that proves otherwise.

To that end, here is a recently discovered two year old image from Michael Proctor’s mother’s page, depicting Courtney Proctor’s son (Michael’s nephew) with Colin and Dillon Albert.

As I mentioned on the Live Show Saturday night, the Proctors and Alberts have a relationship where they refer to themselves as a “second family,” but it’s also so close that it’s kind of weird. I have young children, and I have close friends who have teenage children. That is the relationship with Chris Albert and Courtney Proctor – he has teenagers while she has young kids. But at no point in my friendships with close friends who have teenage children did I ever suggest having our children go down to Sears to get some professionally done photographs together.

Do any readers out there have a relationship with a friend that is THIS close? If I’m going to get professionally done photos it’s going to be just of my children. I don’t need pictures of my 6 and 8 year olds with the captain of the Doherty High School football team, regardless of how close I am with the football player’s father.

The Albert and Proctor families became close in the 90’s, not through Chris or Julie Albert, but through Julie’s colorful and perpetually sober sister Jill Daniels. Jill and Courtney Proctor both graduated from Canton High School in 1998 and have been best friends since they were children. They were so close that their families became best friends, which is how the close relationship between Chris Albert and Courtney Proctor began.

We’ve seen the image before from Courtney Proctor’s wedding, showing Colin as the ring bearer, Jill Daniels as the Maid of Honor, and Michael Proctor as a groomsman.

The ring bearer in my wedding was my best man’s 3 year old son. Colin would not be at this wedding if his family was not extremely close to the Proctors since the day he was born. Chris was there as well.

Chris also offered condolences to Michael Proctor directly, in a 2009 obituary for Diane Barsamian, the maternal grandmother of Michael Proctor.

Yet Proctor said in a police report that he made formal introductions with them last year.

While at Chris Albert’s house Proctor intentionally chose not to interview Colin Albert, despite being inside the home where a murder occurred, and despite being a next door neighbor of the decedent. Thus Colin never had to explain what time he left, how he got home, or his history of animosity with John O’Keefe. As a result Colin was never examined or photographed to see if there were signs that he had been in a physical altercation. His phone was never examined, his clothes were not entered into evidence, and no DNA was taken off his body. All of these things could have eliminated him as a suspect if he was innocent, but instead Proctor chose not to speak with the boy he knew since he was born.

Three months ago, long after we began writing about the Canton Coverup, Jill Daniels commented under a picture of Courtney Proctor with her children, including the boy who took the professionally done photos with Colin and Dillon Albert.

They’re that brazen and arrogant. They know the system exists to protect them.

Michael Proctor, like many cops, doesn’t have a social media account. Thus it’s hard to get images of him with the Albert children, other than the images Courtney has shared on Facebook. But there is no way that Courtney Proctor and her mother Carol could be this close with Chris Albert’s family, without Michael Proctor knowing that.



Chris Albert has 3 sons – Chris Jr, Colin, and Dillon. But the Proctors especially shower their love and admiration for Colin, more so than the two other brothers. Courtney Proctor sent Colin money on Venmo on his 14th birthday (because for some reason a 13 year old had a Venmo account), with the message “Happy birthday to one of my favorite all time kids.”

The Proctors love Colin Albert as much as they love their own children. They love him more than his brothers. There is no way if Colin was in real trouble that they would not ask Michael Proctor to use his powers as a MSP homicide detective to protect Colin from having his life ruined, over what they likely considered an accident. They rationalized that Karen Read would plea to manslaughter, and get a slap on the wrist. Maybe she’d do a few months in jail, but that was better than Colin doing life in prison over a one time mistake.

P.S. Julie Albert talking about a hit and run in her yearbook before marrying a man who killed someone in a hit and run is wild.


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