Canton Cover-Up Part 162: Brian Albert’s Attorney Greg Henning Says His Client Is Oppressed For Being Asked To Hand Over Phone, Having His Picture Taken In Public


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Brian Albert’s Attorney Greg Henning filed a motion with the Supreme Judicial Court to oppose Karen Read’s appeal of Beverly Cannone’s denial to give her attorneys access to Albert’s cell phone, even though he claims there is nothing incriminating on it. The motion starts off with a lie that Karen Read confessed to her involvement in killing John O’Keefe.

Karen Read confessed to nothing. If the police believed that the statements she was making outside 34 Fairview Road after discovering John’s body lying in the snow were tantamount to a confession, then she would have been arrested on the spot. Instead she was allowed to leave, with the alleged murder weapon, and go to her parent’s home in Dighton. Additionally, Jen McCabe told her close family friend – Detective Michael Proctor – that she claimed that Karen Read had asked her, “could I have hit him?”, which is not even remotely close to the same thing as a confession.

Greg Henning is a liar.

Brian also claims that he has suffered “substantial harm and harassment,” because Karen Read is defaming him, and that he has his picture taken when he goes out in public. He also feels for his family’s safety.

Karen Read is using a third party culprit defense, which by definition means she’s going to blame someone else. There is a substantial amount of evidence pointing to Brian Albert’s involvement in the murder of John O’Keefe, including the dog scratches on his arm, the fact that John ascended and descended stairs inside the house, and the black eyes indicating that he had been punched in the face. He also failed to come outside his house when a dead body was found in his yard, made his family dog disappear, got rid of the basement floor for the second time in 4 years, and sold his family home for $50K less than asking price. Not once was he ever treated as a suspect, had his home searched, or been asked by police to hand over his phone for inspection. There is absolutely nothing defamatory by accusing him of being a murderer, and if there was then why hasn’t he sued Karen Read for defamation?

Hearing Brian Albert complain about harassment after he lied repeatedly to police in order to get them to focus on Karen Read is laugh out loud funny. Here is what the “victim” Brian Albert was doing days after Karen Read was upcharged and indicted for murder.

Days before that he was a guest at Ken Berkowtiz’ retirement party, where he rubbed elbows with his friend District Attorney Michael Morrissey, Chief Helena Rafferty, and many other highly connected individuals in politics and law enforcement.

Albert knows fully well that Karen Read did not kill John O’Keefe, yet he is contributing to her state sanctioned lynching. The mental Hell she is being put through so that he can stay out of jail is infinitely worse than any “harassment” Brian Albert has had to face, as he chooses to hide like a coward at his son’s football games every time someone takes a selfie.

But the funniest part of the motion is that Henning also claims that his client is oppressed.

The face of oppression.

Poor Brian Albert! He used to be able to go to any bar in West Roxbury and have his ass kissed by the locals as they treated him like a golden God. Sure, he’s been allowed to remain free for almost 2 years after being involved in the murder of a Boston Police Officer, but he’s also oppressed because no one wants to take selfies with him anymore!

The man who got special treatment from police by not being treated as a murder suspect after a dead body was found on his lawn, is oppressed. The man who had Police Chief Ken Berkowitz act on his behalf and demand that a reporter take down a tweet mentioning the existence of a dead body on Brian’s front yard, is oppressed. The man who got to live his life normally for over a year while an innocent woman who he framed for murder lost her job, her right to drive, and was forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to prover her innocence, is oppressed.

It’s also ironic that Greg Henning would complain about Karen Read’s use of the press to win over the public, considering Greg is the legal analyst for WCVB, the most highly viewed local news statin in Boston.

WCVB is the only media outlet that has never published the words “Brian Albert” or “Jennifer McCabe” in any of their stories. After Michael Morrissey gave an outrageous press release filled with lies, and demanded the public stop asking questions of Brian Albert’s family, WCVB’s headline made no mention of the lies, or the outrageous fact that an elected official was demanding that citizens stop protesting their government. Their headline was this:

DA issues rare statement condemning ‘harassment,’ ‘innuendo’ surrounding Karen Read case

They simply regurgitated his statements, failed to challenge the disinformation, and became complicit in the lie that Brian Albert or anyone else involved in the murder of John O’Keefe was being “harassed.”


Greg is right about one thing though – it is highly unusual for a defendant to go on a press tour and accuse witnesses of being murderers.

It’s also highly unusual for the lead detective on the case to fail to disclose that he is a close family friend of the most important witnesses in the case.

It’s highly unusual for State Police to find 35 missing pieces of tail light and a size 12 shoe that the Canton Police Department didn’t see prior to a foot of snow falling from the sky.

It’s highly unusual for the lead detective to fail to interview the plow driver who went down the street at 2:30 AM and told anyone who asked about it that there was no body on the lawn.

It’s highly unusual for Brian’s sister in law to Google “how long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM if she had no reason to believe that someone was dying in the cold.

It’s highly unusual not to come out of your house when a dead body is discovered on your front lawn.

It’s highly unusual for a police officer not to fully cooperate with a murder investigation into one of his fellow officers by refusing to hand over evidence that would rule him out as a suspect if he was innocent.

It’s highly unusual for “witnesses” in a murder case to be approached by FBI agents with a subpoena to appear in front of a federal grand jury.

It’s highly unusual for the Commonwealth to repeatedly change the facts of the case after their initial statements used to indict the defendant were proven to be inaccurate or outright lies.

It’s highly unusual to get rid of your family dog, then lie about the dog never attacking human beings when you know for a fact it has.

It’s highly unusual for a Ford Edge to be parked in front of your house at 3 AM directly next to where the dead body of a cop would be discovered 3 hours later, and even more unusual that State Police would do nothing to try to find the driver of that vehicle.

Greg Henning ran for Suffolk County District Attorney in 2018 against Rachael Rollins and 4 other candidates. He was so transparently corrupt and fake that he lost to a communist after being hand picked and endorsed by the departing DA, Dan Conley.

He was the only candidate who said he would not appoint a special prosecutor to investigate police shootings, because he believed the Suffolk County DA’s Office could be trusted. He was the only candidate to receive more than $60K in political contributions from police officers. He said during a debate that he would hold police officers accountable for misconduct, but was the first Attorney Brian Albert thought to call for representation the second he was accused of misconduct.

But please, tell me more about how oppressed your client is, Greg.



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