Canton Cover-Up Part 171: Michael Proctor Is Not Listed As A Certified Police Officer On Updated POST List


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The newly formed Massachusetts POST Commission forces officers in this state to re-certify every 3 years, which they can’t do if they’re being investigated for a crime, have an order out against them, or have been suspended from the job. It’s noteworthy that the list released yesterday did NOT include Michael Proctor’s name anywhere on it.

I did include Yuriy Bukhenik, who certified last year, since his last name begins with A-H. Proctor was required to re-certify by July 1.

When officers are not certified they are still included on the list, with  “not certified status,” and a reason why.

The only one I could find on the list who was not certified and had resigned was former Springfield Police Officer James Cooney, who resigned in 2020 after a domestic assault arrest. Officers who resigned are only on the list if they have been charged with a crime, in order to prevent them from obtaining employment with a different police department. If Michael Proctor resigned before being charged with a crime then his name would not appear on this list. Brian Albert is even included.

It’s unclear what happened with Michael Proctor, but as of July 1, 2023, he was not listed as a certified police officer in Massachusetts. However, after that date Proctor did conduct interviews with several people who were inside 34 Fairview Road on the night John O’Keefe was murdered, including Colin Albert, Caitlin Albert, and Brian Albert Jr. The last documented interview he conducted was on August 10 with Lucky Loughran, in response to the story we published two days prior about the plow driver not seeing a body on Brian Albert’s lawn.

There have been several clues that lead us to believe that Proctor may not be involved in the Karen Read investigation any longer:

  • Proctor did not participate in the interview with Allie McCabe on August 25
  • Proctor’s car is always at his house now
  • Jen McCabe and Kerry Roberts both were seen parked at his house last week, indicating that the conspirators are no longer speaking on the phone
  • The Commonwealth began amending reports he had written, claiming that he had made errors
  • Yuri Bukhenik has a new partner who he is using to interrogate, threaten, and intimidate people he believes are giving information to Turtleboy about the Alberts and McCabes
  • Rumors of a duty status hearing taking place two weeks ago at MSP headquarters in Framingham were prevalent in our inbox

If Proctor isn’t a certified officer, then how long has the DA’s Office known that Michael Proctor is no longer listed as a Massachusetts State Trooper? Why have they not revealed this to Karen Read’s defense team? Why haven’t they been transparent about the reasons why he’s off the case, if in fact he is off the case? Is their plan to throw Proctor under the bus in an attempt to salvage this case?

Either way, the charges against Karen Read need to be dropped immediately if in fact the lead investigator in her case is no longer an officer of the law.

P.S. You’re next Yuriy. Keep spending your remaining days on the force harassing random dispatchers and courthouse workers. It won’t save you. I am the trooper now.



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