Canton Cover-Up Part 172: Canton High School Yearbook Project Reveals Why Brian Albert Never Worried About Dumping A Dead Body On His Front Lawn


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From day one it was impossible for the Canton Police Department, or the State Police Detectives assigned to the John O’Keefe murder case, to ever be impartial. Much has been made about the Albert and McCabe families and their ties to Michael Proctor’s family, but it goes much deeper than that. Almost everyone tasked with investigating the mystery was born and raised in Canton, or the neighboring towns of Stoughton and Norwood, and had some connection to the Alberts. Karen Read, on the other hand, grew up much further down the south coast, and went to high school in Taunton. To illustrate just how tight knit this community is we went through decades of Canton High School yearbooks to show how long these people have known each other, and how deep their ties are.

1975: Tom Theodore, Sean McDonough

Theodore oversees the Police Department and the DPW as Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, and recently decided to shut down all public comment at town meetings in regards to serious allegations of police misconduct.

Better known as “Sean on the Gulf,” McDonough is a former DEA agent, and one of the only clean cops in town, who has been a vocal critic of how the Canton Police and State Police bungled the crime scene.


1978: John Connolly

Connolly has been on the Board of Selectman for decades, and called concerned citizens who wanted answers for the botched police investigation into John O’Keefe’s death, “random f***ing citizens” on a hot mic. He supported the silencing of public speakers at meetings, donated money to Chris Albert’s campaign, and spoke at Ken Berkowitz’ retirement party. He’s known the Alberts for decades and in general favors not disrupting the status quo.


1982:  Nick Marathas

Marathas owns a carpeting business in town, and is believed to have replaced Brian Albert’s floor after John O’Keefe was killed inside the house. He now has the pleasure of dating Jill Daniels, and doesn’t care for homosexuals.




1983: Douglas Calvin Seaman, Michelle (Weeks) Reardon – oldest sister of Jennifer McCabe. 


Seaman is owner of “By The Yard,” the landscaping company that Michael Proctor claims was solely in charge of plowing 34 Fairview Road. Did not incorporate until a week after we began investigating the Karen Read case.

Reardon works in the Dedham Public Schools and is a member of the Albert and McCabe Facebook support group.



1984: Brian Wanless, Denise Weeks (Galvin), Lt. Paul Gallagher 

Denise is the sister of Jen McCabe, who reportedly threatened and harassed Karen Read’s attorneys and 20/20 producers outside of CF McCarthy’s last week.

Wanless is a recently retired Canton cop who owns an auto body shop, and has been accused of being involved in the destruction of Karen Read’s tail light.

Gallagher was the responding officer who used a leafblower to look for evidence at the crime scene. He found a shattered cocktail glass, but did not report finding a missing shoe or any pieces of red tail light.



1985: Charles Doody, Jim Marathas, Helena Rafferty, Dwight Seaman,Eric Wade CPD Detective. 

Rafferty is the Police Chief who said that it was illegal to peacefully protest the Alberts and McCabes. She has remained silent about the discrepancies between a Canton Police report claiming there was no tail light or a missing shoe at 34 Fairview Road, and a State Police report that says there were 4 pieces of red tail light and a shoe at the scene.

Doody is the Town Administrator and former Fire Chief whose daughter was inside 34 Fairview Road, and had her name intentinoally misspelled by Michael Proctor.

Jim Marathas is the former owner of Centerfields (now Waterfall), and friends of the Alberts. He assisted police in wrongfully arresting the Lopilato brothers in the early 2000’s after an incident at his bar.

Seaman is the older brother of Calvin Seaman, whose daughter Danielle is close friends with Colin Albert, and is a member of the Albert and McCabe Facebook support group.

Wade is a controversial Canton PD Detective who has known the Alberts for decades.


1986 Xaverian High School – Brian Albert. 

Brian originally attended Canton High School but at some point transferred to Xaverian, as did his brother Chris. The rest of the 6 Alberts went to Canton High School.



1987: Bill Burr also graduated from CHS that year but had nothing to do with the murder. 


1988: Tom Keleher Jr., Nicole (Weeks) Albert

Keleher is the Deputy Police Chief in Canton, whose father was also a Canton Police Officer and graduated from Canton High School. Keleher Jr. reportedly survived shooting himself with his father’s service weapon at an earlier age.

Keleher Jr. lived across the street from Nicole Albert, who he knew since high school. He told Michael Proctor that none of his 3 Ring cameras pointed at the street picked up Karen Read allegedly backing into O’Keefe at 24.2 mph from 62 feet ahead, which would’ve been parallel with his front door. Nicole Albert never came outside after answering her sister Jen’s phone call at 6:07 AM, alerting her that a dead body was on her front lawn.



1989 Chris Albert (believed to be Xaverian High School). 

No comment from Xaverian High School about whether or not they will be giving a refund to the Albert family, since Chris Albert’s tuition was one of the worst investments in the history of mankind.


1989: Steven Saraf, Michael Loughran, Scott Brown (CPD K9 officer, brother of Kati Brown)

Saraf was one of the first two responding officers to 34 Fairview Road. He knew the Weeks and Albert families for decades, and would’ve been the first officer Jen McCabe tried to manipulate. He does not mention anything about what McCabe said to him on scene, but said Karen was screaming “is he dead?”

Michael Loughran is the older brother of Lucky Loughran, and serves on the Board of Selectman.

Brown is the uncle to Colin Albert’s cousin Kevin, who is seen partying together in many pictures.


1990: Michael Lank, Brian “Lucky” Loughran

Lank was off duty when he was contacted at home by Sgt. Sean Goode, who for some reason needed him to report into work on his day off. He arrived at 34 Fairview Road at 6:24. Lank knew the Alberts for years and had wrongfully arrested the Lopilato brothers in the early 2000’s at the behest of Chris Albert, who had just gotten into a fight with them. As a result they were acquitted and the town was sued. Lank has been promoted twice since then. He admitted to going inside 34 Fairview Road at an undisclosed time, where he spoke with Brian and Nicole Albert, and Matt McCabe. It does not say in his report when Matt McCabe arrived at the scene (Jen called him at 6:35 according to her call log.) Jen McCabe told Lank that Karen’s car was outside the house for at least 15 minutes – something the Commonwealth now claims never happened because Karen struck him with her car at 12:25. Jen McCabe also told Lank that she gave Julie Nagel a ride home at 1:30, but intentionally chose not to mention that Sarah Levinson was in the car too. Brian Albert also left out Levinson’s name when he spoke with Lank, indicating that he and McCabe gave her their assurance that her name would be left out of it. At no point did Lank ask any of the witnesses if they saw a body in the yard or heard someone being hit by a car.

Lucky Loughran plowed Fairview Road at 2:30, told multiple reporters, PI’s, and LEO’s that there was no body on the front lawn, saw a Ford Edge parked where the body was later found, and was intentionally not interviewed by Detectives Bukhenik and Proctor until August 10, 2023.



1991: Kevin Albert

Detective Kevin Albert is a Sergeant in the Canton Police Department, whose boss Ken Berkowitz found more of Karen Read’s tail light pieces while in a moving vehicle a week after John O’Keefe’s death. He is rumored to own a Ford Edge.


1992: Keith Albert

Impregnated Kati Brown. His son is close friends/cousins with Colin Albert.


1994: Brendan Albert, Julie (Daniels) Albert, Meg (O’Toole) Kennedy, Mary (Teague) Albert, Jen (Weeks) McCabe

Brendan is the 7th of the 8 Albert children.

Julie married Chris Albert and assumes much of his substantial debts. She told police that Jen McCabe called her at 4:55 to tell her that John O’Keefe was dead, over an hour before his body was discovered.

Meg Kennedy is a Stoughton guidance counselor who never reported that Sandra Birchmore had been sexually abused and groomed by Stoughton Police Officers in the school sanctioned Explorers program. She is an adamant supporter of the Alberts and McCabes to this day.

Mary Albert is the wife of Kevin Albert, and a member of the McCabe and Albert Facebook support group.

Jen McCabe Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM, despite telling officers that she assumed John O’Keefe was in bed at home. She called Sgt. Lank back at 9 AM to tell him that she suddenly remembered Karen Read telling her “I hope I didn’t hit him” as soon as she discovered John’s body.


1995: Tim Albert

Tim posted a meme threatening anyone who messed with his family, shortly before filling in the family pool they had used all summer of 2022.



1996: Lisa Crisilio

Impregnated by Tim Albert, and oversaw filling in of family pool shortly after Albert family was accused in open court of conspiring to murder John O’Keefe. Is an admin in the Albert and McCabe Facebook support group.


1997 Norwood High School – Adam Lally. 

Long before his prestigious career of reading off notebook paper and framing innocent women, Lally was President of the Norwood High Friendship Club. Apparently they let you join even if you don’t have any friends.


1998 Stoughton High School – Lt. John Fanning, Lt. Vincent Noe

Fanning is the Lietuenant who oversaw the botched Sandra Birchmore “suicide” investigation.

Noe was Fanning’s best friend in high school, and has gone on to have almost the exact same position in the exact same job


1998: Sean Goode, Jill Daniels, Courtney (Proctor) Ellburg, Kati Brown (Keith’s BM, son Kevin)

Goode was the supervisor who dispatched Officers Mullaney and Saraf to 34 Fairview Road and called in Sgt. Lank while he was off duty. He wrote in his report that he was “introduced” to Jen McCabe that morning, despite running in the same social circles as her for decades. McCabe told him something she didn’t tell any other officer – that she saw O’Keefe open the passenger side door of Karen Read’s car. When he asked Karen Read how John O’Keefe ended up dead on Brian Albert’s lawn she told him, “I don’t know,” which is in direct conflict with “I hit him.”

Proctor Ellburg is lifelong best friends with Jill Daniels, and the uniter of the two families. She still lives in Canton, near Fairview Road, and kept up incriminating pictures on Facebook for months showing a direct link between her brother Michael Proctor and the Albert and McCabe families.

Jill Daniels dreamed of one day dating the most eligible bachelor from the Canton High School Class of 82 after being passed around like a used Camry, although she may have her eyes on a certain award winning journalist.

Kati Brown works at Canton High School and procreated with one of the Albert boys (Keith). Her son is Colin Albert’s good friend and cousin.



1999 Norwood High School – Nicholas Guarino. 

Guarino became the forensic expert for the Norfolk County DA’s Office after attending a 4 day class and graduating from Westfield State. They failed to teach him that deleted messages can be retrieved, which allowed him to be deceived by Jennifer McCabe.


2000: Michael Proctor

Corrupt trooper and crossfit buddy of Kevin Albert who called himself “Bear” and went on to play baseball at Anna Maria. Despite reportedly being off duty on January 29, 2022, he called the Canton Police some time after 6:38 AM that morning and responded to the scene. Michael Morrissey would later came he was never there.


2002 Stoughton High School – Yuriy Bukhenik. 

Yuriy was part of Robert Devine’s grooming “Explorer’s” program, which was mostly used to explore vulnerable young girls like Sandra Birchmore. He is 100% complicit in Michael Proctor’s illegal activities, and is believed to have gone to school with Matthew Farwell – who admittedly had sex with 15 year old Birchmore and was the last person to see her alive.



2003: Tim Taylor (CPD Detective), Ensley Cotard, James Galanis

All of these men are Canton Police Officers, but none of them are involved in the Karen Read case. I’m just including them to show you how many people in Canton never leave Canton. It seems at least half of the CPD force grew up in town and attended school there.



2014: Katie McLaughlin, Stephen Mullaney, Caitlin Albert

McLaughlin was the firefighter who Proctor claims told him that Karen Read said, “I hit him, I hit him,” in direct conflict with reports from all Canton Police Officers. She is good friends with Caitlin Albert.

Caitlin Albert’s parents told police that she had left at 12:15 after being picked up by her boyfriend Tristin Morris. She has since been subpoenaed to appear in front of a federal grand jury, which indicates that the FBI has evidence that she was there much later than that. She was not interviewed by Michael Proctor until July of 2023.

Mullaney was one of the first 2 responding officers at the scene of 34 Fairview Road. All his report says is that Karen Read was distraught and couldn’t tell him what happened. This directly conflicts the narrative that Read was screaming “did I hit him?”


2016: Julie Nagel, Sarah Levinson

Nagel was coached to intentionally mislead police 9 months after O’Keefe was murdered by telling Proctor that she saw a “shadowy figure” on the front lawn of 34 Fairview Road when she left that night. They needed someone to suggest that they at least might have seen a body on the front lawn, but couldn’t actually say that she saw one because the next question would be “why didn’t you call police?” Nagel had previously called her brother Ryan for a ride home, but told him she was going to sleep over when he arrived. An hour later she left anyway with Jen McCabe. Her name was misspelled intentionally in Proctor’s report.

The Alberts and McCabes went out of their way to make sure police did not know Levinson was at the house and remained there until Jen McCabe gave her a ride home. She is currently a nurse in Milton. Her name was misspelled intentionally in Proctor’s report months later.


2017: Brian Albert Jr, Kathryn Doody, Emily Fabbiano, Mary Kent

Albert Jr was inside the house the entire time but never spoke with police until being grand juried this summer. His birthday was the reason there was a gathering at the house in the first place.

Doody’s name was misspelled intentionally in Proctor’s report. Her father is the Town Administrator, and previously was the Fire Chief. She reportedly left Fairview Road before O’Keefe arrived.

Fabbiano’s name was misspelled intentionally in Proctor’s report. She reportedly left Fairview Road before O’Keefe arrived.

Mary Kent’s mother is close friends and a vocal supporter of the Alberts and McCabe’s. She reportedly left Fairview Road before O’Keefe arrived.


2019: Brendan Albert 

Brian Albert’s middle son, currently a 5th year senior at Bridgewater State and captain of the football team.


2021: Kayla Albert, Jack Albert

Kayla and Jack Albert were not home on the night John O’Keefe was killed, although their whereabouts are unknown. They are the youngest twin children of Brian and Nicole Albert, and their cousin Tommy Galvin was the high school lacrosse coach. All are members of the Albert and McCabe Facebook support group.


2022: Allie McCabe, Colin Albert

Allie McCabe is Jen’s oldest daughter, who was recently revealed to have been Colin Albert’s ride home after O’Keefe was murdered. She claims she never went inside the house, and was just there to pick Colin up.

Colin Albert was inside 34 Fairview Road when John O’Keefe arrived, but was never questioned by police. He was the only person in the house with previous animosity towards O’Keefe. The two of them are not related, and do not date, but pose for bizarre pictures together.


Ken Berkowitz is also reportedly born and raised in Canton, but it’s unclear when he graduated. Berkowitz not only “found” tail light evidence implicating Karen Read a week after his department was no longer in charge of the investigation, he also asked a reporter not to mention that the incident took place on Brian Albert’s property because Albert was a “pillar of the community.”

If a dead body was found on the lawn of Brian Albert’s house, it’s fair to say that it would be impossible for the State Police or Canton Police to remain unbiased in the investigation, considering the substantial, decades long ties to the community that his family has. There is no way that a man with these kind of connections could ever be fairly and impartially investigated. They knew that and Brian Albert knew that, which is exactly why he felt so comfortable dumping a body on his front lawn and remaining inside when first responders arrived in the morning.


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