Canton Cover-Up Part 175: Commonwealth Says State Police, Canton Police Have No Notes About How Karen Read’s Tail Light Pieces Were Discovered At Crime Scene


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The primary “evidence” against Karen Read are the pieces of tail light that the State Police SERT team found at 5:45 PM on January 29, 2022, after more than a foot of snow had fallen. These pieces of red tail light were not found by Canton PD officers Lank, Gallagher, and Goode during a search of the scene at approximately 6:30 AM, when less than 2 inches of snow had fallen. The details regarding how, where, and when these items were discovered are vital to both the Commonwealth’s case, and to Karen Read’s defense attorneys. However, according to the most recent court filings the Commonwealth does not have any notes from either the Canton PD or the State Police about how the tail light fragments were and weren’t discovered.

They didn’t take pictures of the ONLY evidence connecting Karen Read to the alleged crime scene. All we have is this image of a large chunk of tail light on top of snow.

They didn’t take notes on why they waited until 5:45 to conduct a search, long after sunrise, and knowing that it was going to snow over a foot that day. They didn’t put crime scene tape up to preserve the crime scene, or take notes about why they chose not to. They allowed people to walk their dogs along the exact path where Karen Read would have left tire marks while accelerating to 24 mph in reverse. They didn’t take notes on how far under the foot of snow the tail light pieces were discovered, nor did they indicate the exact spots on the lawn where the tail light pieces were discovered. If they did then the next logical question would be, “how did three veteran Canton Police officers with close to 80 years of service not see those big chunks of tail light, or John’s other missing shoe?” The exact location of where the tail light pieces are essential for Karen Read’s team to see if it was even possible for tail light to end up there.

If this were treated like a real murder case then the lead investigator would have documented everything. Michael Proctor and Yuriy Bukhenik have done this with cases before. The death of a police officer especially should’ve required extra attention to detail, so that the person who killed John O’Keefe wouldn’t be acquitted on a technicality involving insufficient police work.

But the whole point of the coverup was to NOT investigate the real people that Michael Proctor knew murdered John O’Keefe. The framing of Karen Read was 10% what they DID do (planting evidence, making other evidence disappear), and 90% what they DIDN’T do (search the house, obtain cell phone records, identify, and record interviews with everyone present inside separately, obtain surveillance video from all homes with Ring cameras, find the 2 minutes of missing Canton Library tape, interview Lucky Loughran, track down the owner of the Ford Edge parked where John’s body was found at 3 AM, quickly and carefully test John’s clothing and tissue samples, preserve the crime scene, etc).

This is why there are no notes about how the Commonwealth obtained the most critical pieces of evidence. They know that this is going to create more than reasonable doubt with a jury, but they don’t care. They have no intention convicting Karen Read, and would rather turn her into Casey Anthony. They want to throw their hands up at the end of this and blame the jury for getting it wrong. The Alberts, McCabes, O’Keefes, and Dugals will just say that Karen Read got away with murder. (It will be easier for the Alberts and McCabes to sleep at night knowing that an innocent woman isn’t doing life in prison for something they did.) The whole point of this isn’t to send someone to jail; it’s to protect the Alberts and McCabes from going to jail.

This is why the Commonwealth continues to lie to the public and to John’s family about “bombshells” yet to come – they have to give them hope that they actually have something. Luckily they found one of the most useful idiots ever in Paul O’Keefe, who embarrasses and humiliates his brother’s legacy by asking no questions, and watching with approval as the Commonwealth guarantees through their willful incompetence that no one will be convicted by their office for his brother’s gruesome murder. He’s going to feel very stupid at the end of this, as he should. His continued support for this sham prosecution disgraces his brother’s memory.


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