Canton Cover-Up Part 18: Surveillance Video From Read Home Shows Trooper Michael Proctor Lied By Saying Car Was Towed At 5:30 PM

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Yesterday the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office filed their opposition to Karen Read’s two recent motions that will be heard in Norfolk Superior Court tomorrow at 2 PM:

  • Motion for Brian Albert’s cell phone (to find out who he was communicating with before and after John O’Keefe’s murder along with his movements)
  • Motion for records from Canton Animal Control (find out where 6 year old family dog Chloe went in order to prove the German shepherd bit John O’Keefe’s arm)

Why would the DA’s oppose either of these things? It is not their job to protect Brian Albert, it is their job to get justice for John O’Keefe. If Brian Albert has nothing incriminating on his phone then this will only strengthen their case against Karen Read. If the dog is alive and re-homed somewhere and they believe the giant lacerations on John’s arm did not come from the dog, then getting ahold of the dog would strengthen their case. The fact that they are opposing these things tells us everything we need to know – the Norfolk County DA’s office does not seek truth or justice. They, just like so many other powerful people in this community, seek to protect the Albert and McCabe families.

It’s a long motion that we will be going over in its entirety tonight at 9 PM on the Turtleboy Live Show. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch.

It’s absurd, ridiculous, and quite frankly scary how determined Michael Morrissey and Adam Lally are to protecting a family of savages who murdered a beloved Boston Police Officer. For now I want to focus on the only piece of evidence tying Karen Read to John O’Keefe’s murder – the tail light fragments “found” at the scene of the crime, which were planted by family friend State Trooper Michael Proctor. Here are the facts:

  • At 6:04 AM Karen Read, Kerry Roberts, and Jennifer McCabe arrived at 34 Fairview Road, discovered the body of John O’Keefe, and McCabe called 911
  • When Canton Police arrived the only pieces of evidence at the scene were a broken cocktail glass and blood samples, which they put into red solo cups

  • No tail light evidence was found by Canton Police at 6:04 AM
  • At that point less than 3 inches of snow had accumulated

  • Trooper Proctor claims that he arrived at Karen Read’s parent’s house in Dighton at 4:30 PM and noticed the tail light shattered, and a large piece of red plastic missing

  • Twelve hours earlier at 5 AM, Karen Read was seen on Ring video backing into O’Keefe’s Chevy Traverse
  • This was 5 hours AFTER Read allegedly backed into O’Keefe, causing him catastrophic injuries and shattering her tail light
  • When Karen Read pulled out of John’s house at 5 AM it is clear that a piece of the tail light is missing, indicating that she had just hit his car, but no one would call this “shattered”


  • Trooper Proctor’s affidavit states that he had Karen’s car towed at 5:30 PM from her parent’s home to the Canton Police Department
  • This is a provable lie because her parents had surveillance footage from their home showing the car being towed at 4:12 PM

  • You can see Read’s right tail light in that video, and it’s clearly not “shattered”
  • This means that Trooper Proctor lied when he said he arrived at 4:30 and had the car towed by 5:30 because the car had already been towed by 4:12
  • The prosecution’s laughable response to this is that the Read’s did not update their camera for daylight savings
  • Daylight savings happened almost 3 months prior, and most everything that is run digitally automatically updates for daylight savings (it’s not kitchen oven)
  • That picture clearly shows that there was still daylight, but the sun set at 4:56 PM on January 29 so if Trooper Proctor had it towed at 5:30 PM it would be much darker

  • This means that both Trooper Proctor and Read’s vehicle were unaccounted for from 4:12 AM to 5:30 PM, and he would be able to do whatever he wanted with it
  • At 5:45 PM the State Police, led by Trooper Proctor, did another search of the scene where O’Keefe’s body was found
  • By that point over a foot of snow had fallen and plows had been through many times

  • Time time around the State Police magically found a piece of red plastic consistent with a brake light in the roadway (his body was discovered 12 feet from the curb on the grass), along with O’Keefe’s black Nike sneaker, a second piece of red plastic, and a clear piece of plastic consistent with a clear lens of a motor vehicle

  • None of these items were seen by Canton Police when they arrived at 6:04 AM, but all of them were found 12 hours later AFTER A FULL FOOT OF SNOW HAD FALLEN, and after Michael Proctor had access to the car for 1 hour and 18 minutes

Again, this is the only physical evidence tying Karen Read to her boyfriend’s death.

Tonight we’ll be reviewing everything in the Commonwealth’s opposition, because it is absurd. Tomorrow I encourage anyone who wants REAL justice for John O’Keefe to come to Dedham for 1 PM to peacefully protest outside Norfolk Superior Courthouse and show support for Karen Read. I would imagine her family would appreciate it, as up to this point she has been a woman fighting against all these powerful forces alone. I plan on being inside the courtroom for the 2 PM hearing and will be doing an impromptu live stream afterwards. My sources tell me that Jennifer McCabe and Kevin Reddington will both be there, so make sure you have subscribed to our YouTube channel by clicking here, and hit the notification bell so you can be alerted when we go live.

P.S. Michael Proctor intentionally misspelled the names of at least 4 women who were at Brian Albert’s house that night in his report. He is not credible, clearly corrupt, and his association with this investigation is grounds for dismissal.


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