Canton Cover-Up Part 181: Manhattan Based Nonprofit Announces Assembling Of Legal Team To Pursue Possible Lawsuit For Wrongful Arrest Of Turtleboy   


On Wednesday I was illegally arrested, illegally had my house and car searched, and illegally had my phone and computer stolen from me by the same corrupt cops I’ve been exposing. I thank everyone who has donated to our legal defense fund, as we have raised over $38K already. You can donate by clicking here. I am assembling a legal team that is best suited to defend this case aggressively in court, because I won’t allow them to do this to me.

Not only will I be aggressively defending myself in court, we will also be going on the offensive and suing many of the parties involved in this gross miscarriage of justice. Elizabeth Dembrowksy is the Executive Director of Good Counsel Services, a Manhattan based 501(c)(3).

She has agreed to lead strategy and assemble a legal team to support what may be a comprehensive civil lawsuit involving many of the people involved in my illegal arrest. This could includes but is not limited to:

  • Norfolk Superior Court Judge Daniel O’Shea, who issued a warrant to search my property and seize my devices despite a lack of evidence of witness intimidation
  • MSP Lt. Brian Tully, who applied for the criminal complaint against me for reporting on his involvement in the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder
  • The clerk magistrate who wrongly found probable cause in the criminal complaint filed by Lt. Tully
  • District Attorney Michael Morrissey, whose office agreed to hire a special prosecutor, who has never prosecuted a case before, to prosecute me for the crime of exposing corruption in his office

You might not like me personally or agree with my politics, but everyone should be outraged and terrified about how the Commonwealth is abusing its power to violate the civil rights of Karen Read, and now me. The only crime I have committed is being too effective at exposing corruption. They know that everyone is watching them, and they’re still this brazen to arrest and charge me with a crime that anyone with a basic understanding of the law knows I didn’t commit. They took free speech and free press and turned it into absurd, baseless “witness intimidation” charges. They used those baseless charges to obtain access to a person’s most private and intimate possessions – their home, their computer, and their phone. They have the ability to see every picture I ever took, read sensitive information about medical records, dox sources who reached out to me in confidence, and much more. They took apart every drawer and went through every bag and piece of luggage in my house. They have violated ALL of our privacy rights, in order to protect the individuals who covered up the murder of John O’Keefe.

I’m not putting up with it. It’s not enough to simply defend myself and be fully exonerated of these charges. They have violated my civil rights, and we will not allow them to get away with that.



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