Canton Cover-Up Part 183: Records Request Shows Disgraced FBI Agent Jennifer Coffindaffer Communicated With Michael Morrissey’s Office, Provided Doctored Evidence To Have Turtleboy Arrested 


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Disgraced FBI Agent Jennifer Coffindaffer makes a living by pretending to be an expert on a variety of topics that she knows little about, while begging to be on television panels. We’ve written about her before, since she inserted herself into the Karen Read story and accidentally revealed that she was getting information directly from the McAlberts and DA’s Office.

She has posted ridiculous theories on her Twitter account, which the Commonwealth has adopted days later. For instance, in early September she appeared to be doing PR for the DA’s Office when she said that Michael Morrissey wasn’t lying during his August 25 press statement, in which he stated that lead detective Michael Proctor wasn’t at the scene of Fairview Road, despite the charging documents saying otherwise. Coffindaffer claimed “the scene” was actually Canton Police headquarters and/or the McCabe’s house, and a week later the Commonwealth adopted this ridiculous story a court filing.

She also knew weeks in advance that the Commonwealth planned on saying that John O’Keefe was hit by Karen at 12:25 AM, despite statements from the McCabes that Karen didn’t leave until 12:45.

She’s long denied being a mouthpiece for the Commonwealth, and claims that she’s just doing this out of love for the Albert and O’Keefe families. But now after a records request was conducted we know for a fact that they are working together.

On September 1 Norfolk County DA Spokesman David Traub sent an email to Morrissey, Sgt. Yuriy Bukhenik, Lt. Brian Tully, and Lt. John Fanning (all of whom are tied to covering up the Sandra Birchmore and O’Keefe murders were present during the illegal raid of my house), promoting Coffindaffer’s Twitter account.

That was in reference to an August 31 tweet, in which Coffindaffer claimed that when it said Proctor arrived at “the scene,” that it didn’t mean he was at 34 Fairview Road.

Traub makes it clear in the email that Jennifer Coffindaffer is useful to him and other co-conspirators because of her “enormous Twitter reach” and her ability to “push back” against “easily debunked aspects of the social media blitz.” In other words, they liked her because she had 70,000 Twitter followers, and could be useful in promoting their ridiculous lies. Unfortunately for them she’s not good at pushing back on anything, as all she’s done is make herself look incompetent and ridiculous.

Later that night Morrissey forwarded that email to two troopers who were kept off Traub’s initial email – Michael Proctor and Nicholas Guarino.

Keep in mind, this was a tweet in which Coffindaffer tried to provide cover for both Proctor and Morrissey, both of whom are under federal investigation for corruption.

But there was no evidence that Coffindaffer actually communicated with the DA’s Office, until now. On September 7 she left Traub an email at 3:46 PM.

Why is Jennifer Coffindaffer in direct communication and contact with the DA’s Office? Why are they promoting her Twitter account? Oh right, they can’t find any other legitimate member of the media to peddle their lies for them, so she’s the best they could come up with on short notice.

We have submitted another record’s request to see what the attachment was, and we will hear that voicemail. However, the very next day Coffindaffer tweeted out that the non-human hair found on Karen Read’s vehicle had to undergo mitochondrial testing. A few days later the Commonwealth put that in their filings.

Coffindaffer is more than just a mouthpiece for them – she is telling them exactly what to say and do. She is indirectly taking the lead of Karen Read’s fraudulent prosecution.

We also discovered that Traub referred Boston Magazine reporter Gretchen Voss to Coffindaffer on August 2, with the message “the party we discussed.”

Why were they discussing Jennifer Coffindaffer? What does she have to do with the Karen Read case? It appears as if the DA’s Office was unable to come up with a lie to tell Voss for her story, so they referred her to Coffindaffer to be their spokeswoman.

When I spoke with Gretchen Voss she told me that Kerry Roberts, the McCabes, and Alberts, refused to participate in her story if “the blogger” was allowed to be interviewed. Instead they referred to third parties to speak for them. Clearly that person was Jennifer Coffindaffer.

No legitimate journalist would agree to these conditions, but Gretchen Voss isn’t a real reporter. While she was at my house she complained about her ex-husband and her divorce and how she couldn’t make any money and was going to lose her house in Concord. I felt bad for her, but I understand why she’s in this predicament now.

Keep in mind, this is the same DA’s Office who wanted the defense gagged because they were tainting a potential jury pool by sharing information with the media that proved Karen Read was innocent. This is also the same DA’s Office that is charging me because I’ve made statements about how I wanted to educate a potential jury pool through my writing and online shows. They were doing the exact same thing with Coffindaffer the entire time – using her “enormous Twitter reach” to taint a jury pool with lies and misinformation about Karen Read.

These people are pure evil.

Jennifer has me blocked, so I missed it last week when she celebrated my arrest by tweeting out a completely fabricated lie that I sent her an email threatening her children.

She also stated that she contributed to my arrest by providing the Commonwealth with the allegedly threatening emails, which I never sent her.

In other words, she fabricated evidence and presented it to the DA’s Office to have me falsely charged with a crime I didn’t commit. There’s a good chance that a grand jury is currently being convened in Norfolk Superior Court to charge me there, where each of the 8 counts of witness intimidation would come with a 10 year prison sentence. Coffindaffer’s fake email threats could be presented as evidence.

This is hardly the first time Coffindaffer has made up a blatantly defamatory lie about me either. Two weeks ago she said that I was “known for being an addict and spreading lies and contempt” after sharing a video of me blowing my nose into a tissue during a live stream.

This is the definition of libel. If any attorneys are interested in suing her on my behalf I’m interested in talking. I have a lot on my plate right now, but it’s clear that this woman isn’t just defaming me online, she’s fabricating evidence to have me arrested. Email me at [email protected].

On September 25 Jennifer also tweeted that I would be arrested for witness intimidation.

Because she’s been working with them this entire time.

The Norfolk County DA’s Office is run by criminals who protect other criminals. They can’t find anyone legitimate to spread their lies, so they rely on attention starved Real Housewives of Twitter to do it for them.




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