Canton Cover-Up Part 184: Lt. Brian Tully Maliciously Left Out Critical Quotes From Turtleboy In Charging Documents To Obtain Illegal Search Warrant, File Criminal Complaint, Obtain Stay Away Order


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I’ve gotten hundreds of messages from people offering to volunteer to go through all the Live Shows and videos and find quotes that can be helpful to my defense. Unfortunately I’m just one person and I haven’t had any time to read or reply to messages. To that end I am going to direct anyone who wants to help to join the Justice for John O’Keefe and Karen Read (Turtleboy Official) Facebook group, where posts will be made by team leaders as to assignments. There are two primary things we need to document:

  1. Find as many examples as possible of me saying things that suggest that I am not threatening or intimidating the “witnesses,” and that I am merely attempting to ask them questions. They are trying to present me as a dangerous, unhinged person, who harasses cooperating witnesses in public for the purpose of preventing them from testifying. I need to find as many quotes in which I make it clear that I come in peace, that I am not a threat, that I simply wish to ask questions, and that I merely want witnesses to tell the truth
  2. Analyze the quotes that are listed in the charging documents and provide context. More than 90% of the charging docs are quotes from the YouTube streams, which are designed to make me look bad. All of these quotes are taken out of context or have words and phrases that are deliberately left out in order to misrepresent my statements and overall message. A YouTuber called The Glarer did a great job analyzing this recently on a stream. Start watching at the 1:20:25 mark when he reads a quote from the charging documents using a sinister tone that the quote is supposed to convey, and then plays the actual clip to show how they’re misrepresenting my message.

Here is the quote from the charging document:


The actual context from this quote is that on July 15 two women went to the Waterfall Bar, one of whom was wearing a Free Karen Read shirt.

Inside she saw Chris Albert, who was staring at her because of the shirt she was wearing. The woman took his picture, which upset Chris Albert, so he made sexually derogatory comments to her.

On their way out of the bar Albert, who is an elected official and public figure, began to yell at her, and the woman filmed the conversation, making Albert look silly and unhinged.

My quote in the charging documents was not threatening Chris Albert, it was telling him that if he chooses to go out in public this is going to continue to happen. It is beyond my control, because I did not send this woman to the Waterfall Bar to confront him. If I were him, I would keep a low profile, but he can do as he chooses. Clearly he’s gone a different route.  But what I said was a simple statement of fact that life as normal is over, as it is for many people, especially Karen Read. When a dead body is found on your front yard, your life will change. That’s not a threat, it’s factual commentary on an ongoing matter of public concern. Watch starting at the 7:30 mark to see just how intentionally they tried to misrepresent my words.


The charging documents say that I said:

“You guys should just stop going out in public,” “It’s only going to get worse from here.”

But they left out really important phrases:

“You guys should just stop going out in public, that would be my recommendation. It’s only going to get worse from here. I did not direct this person to do this, I can’t stop them. They’re everywhere, they don’t like you.”

When you play the whole quote it shows that I was actually offering him friendly advice about how to avoid confrontations like this. I made it clear that I did not direct anyone to do this, but that I’m powerless to stop it. People dislike Chris Albert independent of me.

Leaving out those phrases was intentionally and maliciously done by the State Police in order to apply for a warrant to invade my house, steal my personal devices, and charge me with 8 felony counts of witness intimidation. Every single quote they listed does the same. I can’t even begin to describe how violating that is, not only for me, but for the thousands of people who have messaged me in confidence. We do not live in a country where law enforcement officials can seize the property of journalists (or anyone) because they intentionally misrepresented words that were said on a YouTube stream.

I have put together 6 Google Docs that contain transcripts of every live show and video I’ve made fro the last 6 months about the Canton Coverup. One of them is for quotes from the charging documents only. The rest are chronological transcripts of every live show and video I’ve done. These documents allow anyone with access to keyword search for anything you want to clarify. What I need from turtle riders is to go through those documents and:

  1. Find useful quotes that can disprove the Commonwealth’s narrative about my statements.
  2. Find the exact time stamps and write them down.
  3. Screen record (or record any way you want) the quotes.
  4. Send those recordings to team leaders to document.

This would take me hundreds of hours to listen to, but working together we can get it done rather quickly. I need your help to not only exonerate myself, but to be able to continue to report on the Karen Read case in the effective manner I’ve been able to throughout this ordeal. If they can do this to me, they can do this to anyone. The bad guys don’t get to win, and it will take a team effort to make sure that happens. Please join the Facebook group if you’d like to help.


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