Canton Cover-Up Part 187: State Police Facilitated Witness Intimidation Against Karen Read’s Attorney David Yannetti By Leaking Private Text Messages From Turtleboy’s Phone



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The State Police arrested me on October 11 at 8:35 AM, and had possession of my phones within minutes. By 9 AM I was en route to the Holden State Police barracks for booking, where they made it clear to me that I would not be able to call for a ride or bail without giving them access to my phone, since I didn’t know my parent’s cell phone numbers. I did not want to give them my passcode, but the alternative was spending the night in jail and not being able to alert anyone that I had been arrested. They could have easily driven the phones to the Holden State Police barracks, which was just 10 minutes away. But they chose not to. It was a coercive move that we will be challenging.

But most concerning was that at 10:16 that morning Karen Read’s attorney David Yannetti received a threatening Twitter DM from a woman who acts as the spokesperson for the Alberts and McCabes, telling him to “buckle up buttercup” because she had access to text messages between David and I, which she claimed implicated him in witness harassment.

Notice how she didn’t allege that I had communicated with Attorneys Alan Jackson, Elizabeth Little, or Ian Henchy. I have contacted all four of Karen’s attorneys using email and phone for quotes on stories I was working on. Sometimes they are able to answer my questions, and sometimes they can’t. But the only one I ever communicated with via text message was Yannetti. The others were email or phone calls.

I don’t remember the context of all of my conversations with David because the police stole my phone and won’t allow me to access it. But one thing is clear – the only people who could see my text messages with Yannetti were the Massachusetts State Police investigators with access to my phone. This woman who messaged Yannetti, who was at my arraignment and spoke as a representative of the McAlberts with Gretchen Voss for her story in Boston Magazine, could not have known about the fact that I had texted with David in the past. None of the other attorneys received messages like this. She has harassed and made ominous statements towards Yannetti on Twitter several times before, but never mentioned the existence of text messages until 2 hours after the State Police took my phone. If she had possession of screenshots of our messages (which would be impossible) then she had ample opportunity to show them. Instead she waited until 2 hours after State Police took my phone.

The woman who sent Yannetti the message also happens to be the admin of a private Facebook group called McCabes, Alberts, Proctors, and O’Keefe’s, which Elizabeth Proctor is a member of despite claiming to not know any of these families personally. Elizabeth’s husband Michael is one of the MSP investigators with access to my phone.




The State Police and DA’s Office know that they have no chance of convicting me of anything. They arrested me and raided my home for two main reasons:

  1. To obtain a stay away order, which would make it harder for me to report on widespread corruption in the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder.
  2. To gain access to my phone, computer, and notes inside my house, in order to find out who I had been communicating with, and what information I had on them.

There is no other way this individual could have known that I had texted with David Yannetti unless the State Police leaked that information. The woman who messaged Yannetti said that our messages had been “making the rounds,” so they’ve shared it with many people. This same woman was at my arraignment, despite being just feet away inside the courtroom from the daughter of a Boston Police Officer who has a restraining order against her. After the arraignment she made statements claiming that she was there to have a meeting with Special Prosecutor Ken Mello, and was not in violation of the order. (although this individual has a long and documented history of lying, so there is no way to verify that)

Sources tell us that another criminal complaint has been issued against her as a result, just days before her trial in Boston.

In summary, the State Police, District Attorney, and Special Prosecutor have aligned themselves with, and are leaking information about the contents of my phone, to a woman who lost two of her children permanently to the state, has a trial this week in Boston for stalking and violating a harassment prevention order, and has a long and documented history of fabricating evidence in an attempt to have me arrested for various crimes I didn’t commit. The State Police have shown that they are abusing the search of my devices and facilitating harassment and intimidation of a witness/lawyer.

I’ll be in court next week at a date and time to be announced.



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