Canton Cover-Up Part 188: Attorney Timothy Bradl Issues Scathing Press Release Demanding Charges Be Dropped Against Turtleboy, Announces Hearing Thursday In Dedham


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Attorney Timothy J. Bradl issued a scathing press release last night regarding his upcoming defense of Turtleboy and the First Amendment.

The Law Office of Timothy J. Bradl, PC is pleased and privileged to announce that we have been retained by Aidan Kearney, a/k/a Turtleboy, in connection with the scurrilous prosecution mounted against him by the Norfolk County District Attorney.  Attorney Bradl will represent Mr. Kearney, along with a talented team of investigators and forensic experts.    

In unleashing its unprecedented, retaliatory, misguided prosecution, the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office and the Massachusetts State Police have opened up a new, dark chapter in the annals of censorship and suppression of those on the front lines of investigating and criticizing the government. We call on the MSP and the NCDAO to immediately halt this prosecution and bury these censorious tactics. We cannot allow the government to selectively weaponize criminal statutes to suppress the legitimate voices of its political enemies. 

Fighting Back

They have trampled on Turtleboy’s civil rights, stolen his ability to earn a living, and upped the ante to new levels in the multi-front censorship war on the public’s entitlement to good government and our right-to-know. This will not stand. 

To date, we have demanded that the MSP cease and desist any further searches until we can litigate the appointment of third parties to screen and protect Turtleboy’s privacy and unrelated sources. The special prosecutor has just agreed to halt the further pillaging of Turtleboy’s electronic devices until this point is litigated. 

We have appealed the District Court’s overbroad stay away orders to the Norfolk Superior  Court.  The hearing will be this week. 

We have demanded the return of Mr. Kearney’s phones and computers, the tools of his trade.  We have requested early production of all search warrants, discovery and exculpatory evidence. 

The pretrial hearing is set for December 5.  

What is at stake here?

Time-honored journalistic tactics aimed at getting to the truth cannot be twisted into felonies. Journalists cannot be arrested and their homes invaded when they discover and publish truths the government or its favored friends find uncomfortable or inconvenient. Investigating government corruption requires sharp tactics and relentless methods, all of which fuel the discovery of truth. 

The defense and preservation of freedom of speech should bring together patriots from all political corners to urge the Norfolk District Attorney and the State Police to abandon these tactics, dismiss these cases and apologize for their abuses of power.     

We intend to honor these principles by securing victory for Mr. Kearney which will be a victory for the first amendment and for all of us.

I am in good hands. There are so many great points and powerful quotes from that statement.

The prosecution is “unprecedented” and “retaliatory,” because the people who arrested and charged me are the exact same people I’ve been investigating and criticizing for the last 6 months.

The MSP and NCDAO have “opened up a new, dark chapter in the annals of censorship and suppression,” against someone who has been “investigating and criticizing the government.” Only oppressive dictatorships sit by and allow the people with all the guns to censor and imprison those who criticize and investigate the government.

The MSP and NCDAO or “selectively weaponizing criminal statutes to suppress the legitimate voices of its political enemies.” Key word there is “selectively.” For decades reporters have used the same tactics I have to question subjects of stories by going to their homes, asking them questions in public, and participating in public protests. Only I am being charged, because my voice is too effective. I clearly have not violated the witness intimidation statute, yet it is being “weaponized” against me. They are doing so because I am a “political enemy” of Michael Morrissey, and have repeatedly announced that I would support any candidate who ran against him.

By unlawfully arresting and charging me the government has violated my civil rights. By taking the tools of my trade they have made it difficult for me to earn a living.

The have launched a “multi-front censorship war on the public’s entitlement to good government and right to know,” by arresting me for educating the public on the facts of the Karen Read case, and framing it as “tainting a jury pool.” I am quite literally being charged with witness intimidation for saying that I like the Karen Read billboard outside of Gillette stadium, because potential jurors could see that and learn the facts of the case. Education is not a crime. But they want the citizens of Norfolk County to only be exposed to the lies that Adam Lally repeatedly spews in court about Karen Read.

Attorney Bradl has already scored one victory as he got Special Prosecutor Ken Mello to agree to cease and desist the “pillaging” of my cell phone, after Mello initially refused to do so. Looking through my phone and messages gives the State Police access to the sources who reached out to me in confidentiality, and puts them all in danger of similar retaliation.

As Attorney Bradl pointed out, the things I am being charged with are “time-honored journalistic tactics” that the Commonwealth has turned into felonies. Because I criticized the government and selected “witnesses” who they believe cannot be asked questions, the government sent men with guns to invade my home to find out what other information I had on them. My tactics are relentless and make some people feel uncomfortable, but they are all in the pursuit of the discovery of truth.

Attorney Bradly has called for the NCDAO and MSP to drop the charges immediately and apologize for abusing their power. I won’t hold my breath, but it’s in their best interest to do so. Is that “witness intimidation” on the part of my attorney? Because I’m being charged with witness intimidation for saying that I don’t want the Karen Read case to go to trial. Apparently in Norfolk County you are not allowed to oppose a fraudulent prosecution from proceeding.

I will be in Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham on Thursday at 9 AM for a hearing on a motion to review the terms of bail. The hearing is open to the public and will be heard in front of Judge Krupp. As it currently stands there are 8 individuals, all of whom I have reported on, who I am not allowed to contact or question. I must “stay away” from them as well. It does not say how far I must stay away, and Judge O’Malley said that it was “overly broad on purpose.” The law does not permit him to do that. I have the right to report on and question these 8 individuals, and I should not have to worry about being sent to jail for 90 days if the same corrupt detectives who took my comments on YouTube out of context in order to charge me, take future comments I make out of context in order to to violate my bail.

We will have more motions to come next week, as we have only begun the fight to protect the First Amendment and stand up to government suppression and censorship. Hope to see some of you there on Thursday, where we will be speaking on the courthouse steps afterwards. If you’d like to donate to the defense fund you can do so by clicking here.



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