Canton Coverup Part 190: Charging Documents In Turtleboy Case Claim Colin Albert Was Present With John O’Keefe On Night He Was Killed, Dropped Out Of Bridgewater State Due To “False Allegations” By TB


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According to the 70 page statement of facts charging me with 8 counts of witness intimidation, Colin Albert was “present with John O’Keefe” leading up to his death and the discovery of his body.

The Commonwealth has repeatedly claimed that Colin Albert did not see or interact with John O’Keefe on the night he was killed. The only “evidence” they have to back up their claim is this screenshot of a text message exchange between Colin and Allie McCabe, which they claim is proof that she drove him home before O’Keefe arrived at Fairview Road around 12:20.

Although this image is good enough to dupe easily fooled “reporters” like Gretchen Voss at Boston Magazine, this message could easily be interpreted as Colin asking Allie to pick him up at his house and bring him to 34 Fairview Road. It also appears that text messages between January 28 and February 20 were deleted, unless we are to believe that the two of them never spoke about the police officer who was murdered at his uncle’s house 15 minutes after he allegedly left there.

Either way, with the new charging documents in my case the Commonwealth is officially going on record as saying that Colin Albert was present with O’Keefe prior to his death.

Colin Albert was inside 34 Fairview Road when John O’Keefe arrived, but even if he wasn’t the Commonwealth doesn’t dispute that he was there that night. If the police did a proper investigation then Colin would have been questioned about what time he left and how he got home. Instead police did not speak with him until July 18, 2023, a full year and a half after the murder.

The only reason they spoke with Colin on July 18 was because he testified in front of the grand jury just days prior, after being served with a subpoena by FBI agents in his Bridgewater State dorm room.

The interview (like almost all other interviews) was not recorded, and the report has not been made public. But the two detectives who interviewed him – Yuri Bukhenik and Michael Proctor – only did so days after he testified in front of the federal grand jury in order to find out what sort of questions they asked him. Bukhenik and Proctor likely suspect that they are targets of the investigation, since they have not been called to testify, and thus they would be very interested in hearing from Colin about the questions he was asked. They did the same with Allie McCabe, Brian Albert Jr, Caitlin Albert, and Lucky Loughran immediately after finding out that they were also visited by the FBI.

According to the charging documents in my case, Colin Albert was questioned by Bukhenik again 8 days later on July 26 – the day after I confronted Bukhenik in the bathroom of Norfolk Superior Courthouse during the Karen Read hearing. Except this time Colin wasn’t there to be interviewed about John O’Keefe, he was there to be interviewed about being a victim of Turtleboy.

The charging documents authored by Lieutenant Brian Tully state that I “alleged” that Colin Albert has a propensity for violence. But it was Colin himself who revealed this propensity for violence with the videos he publicly posted on social media, threatening physical harm on others.

Colin’s social media posts frequently show him with cuts on his knuckles and black eyes, indicating that he had been in a fight, and come with menacing captions like “last 2 I’d f*** with.”

The charging documents against me state that I had posted “personal information including where Colin will be attending college.” But the fact that Colin attended Bridgewater State wasn’t personal or confidential information, since he was listed as a BSU football player, and Colin himself retweeted posts listing him as a member of the team.

The charging documents against me claim that I have made Colin a “target of harassment and intimidation on social media” as a result of my reporting. But this lame attempt to censor my reporting has been struck down in court after court, as I am not responsible for any alleged harassment Colin Albert has received as a result of my factual reporting.

Most egregious was the last line, claiming that BSU officials received emails from people “who copied Kearney’s false allegations.”

Nothing I reported was false, and the allegations I reported were already published by Karen Read’s attorneys in public court filings. They are not guilty of witness intimidation, and neither am I. More importantly, the police have never investigated Colin or treated him as a suspect, so they would have no idea if the allegations against him were false because they haven’t looked into any of them.

The charging documents also make the bold claim that my reporting has made Colin Albert sad and in fear of physical harm, and as a result he had to withdraw from the school due to the harassment. It also claims that I committed witness intimidation because I said that I “kind of like” am trying to to destroy Colin’s life.

Kind of like, but not really.

The fact of the matter is that the police don’t know for sure why Colin withdrew from Bridgewater State. They only have what Colin told them, and since they blindly treat him as a witness/victim rather than a suspect, they take his word as fact. The much more likely reason that Colin withdrew from BSU was due to the fact that FBI agents visited his dorm room, or perhaps his deadbeat parents didn’t pay his tuition bill.

The two most protected individuals in this saga are Colin Albert and Elizabeth Proctor. Both are aggressive bullies who have been harming others for years because they know that the most powerful people in town have their backs. Both now have the DA’s Office and State Police working as their personal attorneys, who have arrested, charged, and attempted to silence an award winning journalist for reporting on their egregious behavior. But for the first time the Commonwealth is officially on record as stating that Colin Albert was with John O’Keefe on the night he was murdered.


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